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  1. The dust deputy’s are great. Keeps the filters cleaner. Downside is you may experience some loss in the CFM but I’ll let others chime in on that topic. I have a the smaller DD for my HEPA shop vac, which provides more than enough suction for its applications. I did try one of those black plastic trash can lid separators (I won’t use the word cyclone) for my HF unit and it did just a fair job. I think the larger DD would have provided better results with less of a CFM loss. And I’d recommend that HF unit. I got a good 4 years out of mine before picking a larger used cyclone. Otherwise, $375 will get you good results... HF unit $180, the Powertec filter bag $25, DD cyclone $170.
  2. I have an 18” Laguna (Asian, LT 3000) and bought it because I work with a lot of reclaimed lumber, too. It’s just the right size for my needs since I’m rarely resawing more than 12”. I’d recommend you look into the 1” resaw king rather than the 1.25” by the way... I don’t know that your targeted saw couldn’t handle the extra .25” but I also don’t think you’ll need it. Changing the blades doesn’t take too long, but I tend to favor my jigsaw when I just need to make a few tight radius cuts. Keeping the resaw king blade on my BS makes safe ripping more convenient and I find most reclaimed lumber needs to start out on the BS
  3. Yep. My Ridgid shop vac is heirloom material but near everything else Ridgid has been replaced edit: Ridgid generally offers a good value and I've owned a half dozen or so of their tools. I just always end up wanting more performance than I paid for.
  4. Thanks for the 'heads up'. My 735x is arriving this week from Farm and Fleet for $533 w shipping. A stand would be nice to have but my thoughts are that for the floor space required, I'd do better building one that flips and mounting a second tool. I don't use my miter saw that often enough for dedicated stand so maybe that will share the stand. The 735 is replacing a Ridgid planer I've had for 4 yrs. I should have just bought the 735 in the first place.
  5. Laguna has this T5S industrial TS that's always looked pretty beefy to me. Retail price is $3,999 but they've had some demos on sale for $3,400 or so from time to time. It's got a 5hp motor, 3/4 hp scoring unit, 14" blade capacity...nice looking saw IMO. I'd think that it has enough features to compete with the Sawstop ICS and Powermatic but I've never heard of (read about) anyone using it. I've got an 18" Laguna BS (Asian) that I've been real happy with
  6. I bought mine used about 5 yrs ago. It came with a fixed and plunge base. The plunge base doesn't work so well at this point but he motor itself has been great. Worth my $125.
  7. My two cents... grizzly 490 jointer. 8" jointers are handy. If you feel a 6" jointer will be sufficient look for a used one. I suspect the quantity of used 6" jointers comes from a later discovered need for 8" or more. I've used my 490x for 4 years now and I'm glad that I didn't spend more. But...not everyone has the same experience with Grizzly. Not sure you can use this without a dust collector Consider harbor freights 2hp unit for $169. Even though you're working outside, keeping the chips out of your jointer and planer is important for accuracy. I'd also recommend you consider the Grizzly hybrid saw but I don't have experience with it or the other TS mentioned. I suspect their hybrid saw would keep you satisfied longer than a contractors saw...but that's just speculation. Add the Dewalt 735 planet and I think that you would still be under $3k
  8. 'Good' prices for cabinet saws vary by regions due to the cost for shipping. I think you'd be better off using a Grizzly 1023 ($1300 or so) as your mark. You can watch the classifieds for several months to get an idea of what the going list prices are in your area. Or, If you can find a used delta or PW, compare its price to the new 1023 and make your choice. In my area where Deltas run $1k and PW a little more, the 1023 makes sense.
  9. For what this is worth, if you're looking for a 4" belt sander that won't be used frequently- Its $70 (without the 20% off coupon). I purchased mine 5 yrs ago when I had several hundred bf of reclaimed barn wood flor joists to clean before miling. To this day I use it exclusively for the 60 grit jobs and it's never let me down. A belt sander in my shop has one small purpose and the $55 or so that I paid was money well spent.
  10. Check out the Milwaukee line of tapes. I think they're made with some sort of fiber material that reduces the bending, twisting and eventually ripping. My day job requires a tape and there are times when I'll use it for hours and hours checking construction work. I started with a Stanley Fat Max and it lasted maybe a month before ripping. Switched to a Milwaukee and I was surprised at how much a good tape Improved my day. It's the only Milwaukee brand tool I own and now I have one for both work and my home shop.
  11. You're in a tourist area? 'Name drop' the town or state on the board with a branding iron. If you want to sell higher ticket boards cut them into the shape of the state. Thr branding iron costs about $30 but it adds $10 to each purchase. This comes from my own experience.
  12. I've got a few of these $9 LED lights with magnetic bases. One is on my band saw and it works great. Some other 'gems' I've dragged into my shop from HR include their 2hp dust collector, HVLP gravity sprayer, and a 72" box frame level ($20!). None of their clamps have worked for me ("quick release bar clamp" and "ratcheting clamp"). Their cheap power tools have been useful for processing reclaimed lumber. For instance I needed a powerful belt sander to get the grit off barn wood floor joists but didn't want to pony up the cash for the 4" Porter Cable considering this tool wasn't going to be used often. Same for their floor standing drill press. I needed to hog out 3" holes in some beams for wine bottles. I've found some other uses for the drill press since then but it's power over precision tooling.
  13. I've been eyeing their spindal sander and then also their 1" belt sander. The designs of both are so similar to the Rikons, Rigid, Wood River, etc. And with the 20 or 25% coupons picking up both would be affordable
  14. I've owned the Laguana LT 1800 for a few years now a would recommend you keep it on your short list. I've used it quite a bit for resawing barn beams (cut down to 6-10' lengths). Resaw King blade is worth the price. What side of Indy are you investing in? I'm in Louisville now but Indy is my hometown. If possible, you might acquaint yourself with some reputable property management groups. They usually have a strong list of subs that will churn out the work at rock bottom prices. I've done some consulting for property management groups in the past and before that was in residential lending for 18 years. Once you've successfully turned a few homes talk to a locally owned bank for cheaper money (this may well be your plan). Though hard money lenders do have their place.
  15. I'm I'd love to hear from someone who has owned both a Grizzly 1023 or 690, and then also a SawStop cabinet saw. It would be interesting to get the contrast and hear about the features they like better on the SS (besides the brake).