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  1. EWT carbide cutter can divided to 5 parts , square , radius , round , diamond , parting tool , we can supply four kind and lower price than local USA supplier .
  2. Hi Jim, you can check the easy wood tools for more information and search the chucks on www.alibaba.com .
  3. Could you tell me you wanna which size ? I can supply all wood turning EWT carbide insert cutter except the PARTING tool in good price
  4. you know the easy wood tools use round carbide cutter , radius carbide cutter , diamond carbide cutter and round carbide cutter , why not find a supplier which produce them ?
  5. Grizzly helical cutter head use the straight carbide cutter and make will big noise when it cut the wood cause it use its full face to cut , the noise mainly because its design , not the other reason . maybe you can try the radius face carbide cutter and it might lower down the noise . Byrd use the shear cutter design , when it cut the wood , the cutter will not totally meet the wood , so the machine will quieter than the Grizzly .
  6. I see you buy them from your local supplier which buy the carbide insert cutter produced in our factory . You buy them 40 bucks , I just sell them 4 pieces in 15 bucks , you know the carbide insert cutter for wood turning need the special material to maintain its performance .
  7. Maybe choose the proper wood can makes your art work looks better .
  8. Good Job , the chisels looks very good . captain eddie will sell the EWT carbide insert cutter , I know some itms size but do not know Ci2-R2 means 14mm R2'' ? Could you show me the right answer ?
  9. First , Switch on the machine , push one board to it and listen to its noise , if it works quiet , it is OK . Second , switch off the machine and check the blade , if you find lot chips on its surface , google the blade price , if it is expensive , you can think twice before action . Third , check the cutterhead use the normal HSS blades or carbide cutterhead , if it use the carbide cutter , check it used all face of the carbide cutter or not , if it just used one face , buy it .
  10. It is Byrd shelix cutter head with Byrd carbide cutter with BT, they are different from other carbide cutter cause its countersink hole is different from other carbide cutter . When you buy the replace cutter , you need pay attention to the countersink angle .When all face become dull and you wanna buy some spare ones , I can sell some to you , we make them in our factory and sell them in just 1.6 USD each piece .