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  1. I agree. Definitely go with wood slides on a dresser like that. Side hung drawers are easy, but go with whatever you are most comfortable with.
  2. Looks great! Except for the CNC produced cutting wheel.
  3. I have Johnson's paste wax and don't find the smell that bad. If you want to get rid of the smell put out some rat poison. Let the rat die in your shop somewhere that you can't find, and now your shop will smell terrible for a whole different reason. That's the smell I'm dealing with right now.
  4. I have a terrible diet. I wake up and eat something sweet for breakfast, donuts, pop tarts, etc (junk) with a red bull around 7. Eat lunch (junk) about 12. Come in and eat supper about 8. Then I have a snack right before bed. I never drink water. I mostly drink Gatorade and coke. I currently weigh about 155 and have since high school. I eat like crap, but I just don't eat a lot of it and I am very active so I guess that helps.
  5. This was kind of exhausting to read. Honestly who really cares what someone calls something? We all probably have our own line of what is "handmade" , but again why does anyone care? Just go build what makes you happy, the way it makes you happy, and quit squabbling over what to call something. Good day.
  6. I have to agree with this. I don't think I could ever live in the city/suburbs. Our closest neighbor is my parents, and they are a half mile away. My aunt is a half a mile in the other direction. I love it.
  7. Bats creep me out. I had one chase me out of a barn a couple weeks ago. He came crawling out from under the floor I was walking on.
  8. I would feed the pack on the far right to the dog and save the rest for myself.
  9. Yeah I have tried that too. I guess I will just have to keep using firefox for amazon.
  10. Yeah it works on my work computer as well. I figured if it was something within chrome it would have corrected after I uninstalled. It's just annoying and hoping someone on here will know what to do.
  11. I am using chrome web browser. I have been experiencing problems when I try to sign into amazon. Every time I get to the login page chrome crashes, and I get the "aw snap" page. I have tried everything to fix it all the way up to uninstalling and reinstalling chrome. Didn't help. It only happens on my home computer, and only the amazon login page. Any ideas? I'm running the current version of chrome and have windows 7 on my laptop.
  12. You wont really go wrong choosing from any of the top companies. Blum, Accuride, Knape and Vogt all make quality slides. I prefer Knape and Vogt, but any of the above will be fine.
  13. I bag all mine up and use it for bedding in our calf barns.
  14. +1 That's what it looks like to me. It looks like the stain was poured on and where it was poured soaked in before it was spread evenly.