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  1. I have learned to read between the lines. Allow me to translate; what she was really saying is that she is "so pleased that you were rewarded for all your hard work with such a long run of enjoyable activity in the shop" Since I have a day-job, folks wait 6 months or more for a dresser. A year for something for my own home sounds about right
  2. gee-dub

    Closet Remodel.

    Great job and very inspirational. One of the people in my house uses an enormous amount of closet space. This gives me some great ideas.
  3. For building consistent duplicates a read through Kevin Rodel's A&C chair build article in FWW can shed some light.
  4. gee-dub

    How do I make a table top with trim

    Lots of good info will follow but, as already stated; resaw the birdseye and veneer that to a stable substrate like MDF or plywood and frame it directly. Alternate for an 8" piece of hardwood is to do it frame and panel-wise with room for movement.
  5. gee-dub

    Finishing shop furniture...

    Shellac. I have cabinets that have nothing else on them that are 15 years old with no ill-effects other than some yellowing. Here's new - and 6 years later -
  6. gee-dub

    7” to 6” PVC adapter

    Yes, I should have mentioned that and also should have mentioned that the Cyclone was a Grizzly. 7" inlet, 6" coupler, 6" ASTM-2729 pipe. Although I run ASTM-2729 for the long runs, wyes and 45's the coupler was schd 40. If you have an irrigation supplier around town you could go and check a few as the openings do not seem to be consistent on the DC's
  7. gee-dub

    Wall Clock

    Really nice work Ronn. All the details really make this piece a pleasure to look at. The floating face is a cool design feature.
  8. gee-dub

    HELP used wrong cleaning product on wood table

    OK, let's go for some things we can try right away without a lot of preparation. Let me stress that you try each of these in a very small way before going whole hog. If you have any paste wax that isn't made for cars, try a bit of that on a soft piece of t-shirt and rub out a small portion of the effected area. If that wipes off clean, keep going. If not, I would move directly to a commercial product for such things like the Restore-a-Finish like Tom mentioned. Wal-Mart, Home Depot, etc will carry it; call ahead to save time.
  9. gee-dub

    7” to 6” PVC adapter

    I used a 6 inch PVC coupler. Perfect. Outside dimensions fit the inside of the dust collector, inside dimension to take the PVC pipe, of course :-)
  10. gee-dub

    Table saw fence

    I am not a fan. The requirement of sliding the fence all the way to one end or the other of the rails in order to remove it puts the kibosh on that design for me. Not so much for others. YMMV.
  11. gee-dub

    Shop Tour

    I keep coming back to admire your layout but, have failed to ever post a comment . Thanks for taking us along on the build and thanks again for closing the loop with a pictorial tour. The shop is beyond functional and moves right into the enhancement of your home/property category. Really a great space and looks great inside and out.
  12. gee-dub

    TWW Outdoor Sitting Bench

    Sometimes I'm a troublemaker even though that is not my intention . . . Beginners use our threads as a learning tool. We are all free to do what we want but, no matter how many methods are available to make M&T joints, a poor fit is never a proper joint. There are certainly times to purposely make a loose fit between parts. The domino even has settings for sloppy and really-sloppy. That's fine but, an M&T that is structural as opposed to used for alignment (like a lot of dominos, biscuits and splines) should be done properly IMHO
  13. Right. It clears by 1/16" all around.
  14. The 3/8" threaded rod is held securely and travels on a straight path that is centered in the 1/2" hole.
  15. gee-dub

    Considering DiaSharp Diamond Stones

    Short answer is that some folks love their diamond stuff and some don't. I have used diamond and abrasive film for well over a decade and have no desire o go to water stones as of yet. I started with the DMT 2-1/2" x 11-1/2". The "fine" stone is still in use after more than a decade. As I moved into more hand planes I found the long narrow stones a bit awkward and over the years have picked up, as sales and Amazon pricing boo-boos permit, the 3" x 8" as well. Terry's experience with EZE Lap is better than mine BUT, I have never used their "stones. Just rods, files and so forth. All of their stuff I have has worn to the point of getting tossed while the DMT stuff just keeps on going. Different folks, different experiences. That's what makes the forums of value. If you are used to using scary sharp methods you are probably also used to running 15 micron, 5 and point 3 micron abrasive films. While the 1200 grit DMT stone is about equal to the 15 micron film, many folks like to go beyond this. For some cutters or uses of cutters I will still go to 5 and point 3 micron on glass. I also have 4k and 8k diamond plates but, don't find I visit them much. For most work at the bench I go to 1200 and them a leather strop. For finishing work and 'smoothing plane' irons I am more diligent.