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  1. Looks like a nice tool, good DC hood, good ergo grip points.
  2. My rack is about the same size except for length. Mine is held by being loosely wedged into a collar at the top and bottom. This allows it to swing with the table. If your lower collar is movable up and down the post like mine is, you could cut off the offending section, grind a bevel on it and slide the collar up to the new length. Just an idea.
  3. gee-dub

    New shop storage

    Well worth the time and effort I’d say. Thanks for the info on how-to. Well done all around.
  4. gee-dub

    New shop storage

    Me likey! Did you get a CNC lately?
  5. Things are coming along nicely. I enjoy working with Sepele but, as you observed it can be challenging.
  6. I’m really digging this build. Those are going to be nice.
  7. I would say your situation is similar to finishing floating panels prior to installing in the frame. Anything that may show during seasonal changes should be addressed.
  8. I’m also with Tom but, always use a splitter/RK.
  9. There are a number of aftermarket adjustment rods out there. That is one of the pluses of owning a generic 14" cast iron saw; there's tons of aftermarket stuff for them.
  10. Several good observations here. How (or how many use-hours) old is the planer? 2 years or 10 years? Slower speed provides more cuts per minute for the same length of material so less effort to feed. Brushes have marks on the sides. When the brush is worn to the mark closest to the spring it is time to replace. Replace the current brush in the same orientation as it was when removed when checking and NOT replacing.
  11. The move to higher quality abrasives is always an eye opener. I have landed on Klingspor or Industrial Abrasives for pretty much everything anymore.
  12. Awesome price for the sander.
  13. Similar to Bosch, Triton has their own proprietary templates. Bosch offers an adapter to allow “standard“ templates to be used. I am not sure about the Triton.