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  1. Got the drum sander in. It is surprising how much abrasives weigh if you get enough of them in a small footprint.
  2. A wonderful addition. I agree on a great fabric choice. Really pulls the MCM look together.
  3. My son in law, his brother and a couple of friends helped me move everything. My lumber got moved a couple of times; that was no fun either time. As to storage, this was a sore spot for a long time but I have gotten over it . The delay of the shop caused a reverse domino effect delaying work in the backyard and some home remodeling. My machines, tools and materials have been in one of three outbuildings on the property, in a large trailer on the property and in the 3 car garage. With the shop near-done I am moving what I can from everywhere . So much stuff has been inaccessible for so long, every day has started to feel like Christmas. I have lost count of how many times I have said "there that is!" and "I knew I had that!" in the last week. I hope to get the all clear (weight limit on lifting following minor eye surgery) this coming week so we can move the big stuff in. Things should move rapidly toward making sawdust after that
  4. Got help to dolly the DP into the shop. the rest can be moved in small pieces so I'm good with that. One more piece of the puzzle done . . .
  5. Baby steps . . . the hydraulic table has already paid for itself in the past. It is way ahead now ;-) With the DP Wall Cab in the new shop I updated the build thread (bottom of the linked page) if anyone is interested or missed it.
  6. The DP Wall Cab has gotten installed in the new shop so I thought I would post a recap. The hydraulic lift helped get it in place. The adjustable shelves allow for changes in tooling (or of mind). The door holds frequently used items and opens toward the DP operator position. The lower door makes a platform to hold items while working. It is also handy for the Drill Doctor. The plastic shoe boxes inside hold the Drill Doctor when not in use along with other bulky items. The shelves inside hold other drilling paraphernalia. There is room behind to hold extra shelf parts for future use. That's about it.
  7. +1. I have one that clamps to the table. Not great for adjustability but, gets the job done. With your style fence, one that clamps on could be used. Just having a bit more surface gives more confidence in the operation. All that noise aside . . . I'm lovin' this journal. Very cool approach on the legs (dado becomes tenons).
  8. That came out great. You will really enjoy the mobility and the storage.
  9. Thanks guys. Yes that is an old car sub-woofer. It has been looking for a purpose in life ever since I got rid of the car it was installed in. It now provides the low, low end for the shop tunes. A little more progress this morning :-) Seems like a workbench out to be standing there… Oh yeah, that is where it goes. It’s taking so long I almost forgot :-)
  10. Thanks guys. Retina repair. A couple more weeks of light to medium duty and then I should be in the clear.
  11. Here is how you tote stuff when you can only lift 30 pounds at a time. I made progress on the wall next to the tool cabinet this morning.
  12. Yes. Bessey Varioclippex or something like that. I picked up mine at Home Depot or Lowe’s for about four dollars each but that was years ago. I have about a dozen of the 4” and they’re very handy. I try to couple of the 2” but they are really a bit too gentle for anything that I do.