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  1. A couple of shop improvements

    Love shop tips and upgrades. Nice work and good use of some available time.
  2. Portable Work Benches

    When you just say "hand tools" people here will immediately think hand planes which require a more stable platform for comfortable and successful use. Could you elaborate on just what hand tools you are thinking about please?
  3. Supermax conveyor stopped

  4. Supermax conveyor stopped

    Yep, we're giving you bad data. It is a different design. Here's your 16-32: Versus my 19-38:
  5. Supermax conveyor stopped

    This is distressing. My 19-38 has been flawless. I would contact Spuermax, they are always really helpful if I ever have a question. For the 19-38 the motor is direct drive to the shaft via the coupler shown in the parts breakdown in the manual. The coupler is held by two set screws (one for each part; motor and drive axle). I suppose this could be a QA issue with tightening the grubs. Even if you challenged the machine enough to fail that connection I would think the 'intellisand' would kick in way ahead of that. I do keep my eye on the 'intellisand' LED and quickly back off (raise the height) if it starts to light up. I have never had to re-calibrate my machine since initial setup in 2013 and it gets used . . . a lot. I use the machine for many things but, thicknessing thin stock is one where I am using calipers to track my progress. It is important to remember the sander is not a planer. Unless you are running 36 grit for aggressive stock removal, many light and complete passes are required. That is, just because the material gets through the machine at full speed doesn't mean it is "done". I will generally take "one more" pass to be sure everything is consistent. Your need for this will depend on the task at hand. Please keep us updated. I hope their popularity hasn't led to a drop in QA.
  6. Dremel Rotary Tools?

    Bwaaa-Haaa-Haaa. There is a place for a Dremel, a place for a RotoZip and a place for an angle grinder. If you use your Dremel as something it is not, it will fail. Same basic thing happens when you use a chisel as a screwdriver or vice-versa
  7. Dremel Rotary Tools?

    My first useful Dremel was bought shortly after I bought the 2 speed model which now acts as a standby. The variable speed model allows you to tune operation to the material and cutter allowing smooth operation in many different situations. The pencil-grip (detailer grip) handle is a worthwhile investment and can sometimes be found as part of a package deal at a lower price. The Dremel brand plunge base is so-so but, the Lee Valley version (while pricey) has proven itself useful again and again. Value of accessories will vary with your requirements. A surprisingly useful accessory that came with a batch of bits was the little fan that replaces the collet nut; the darn thing actually works really well and is only a few bucks.
  8. Bessey K clamps

    Alas, not at any of the HD's near me ;-(
  9. Sandpaper recommendations?

    Maybe its regional?
  10. Interesting Clamps

    Had some. Sold 'em. They do not work as well as on e might think. They do combine cauls and end pressure so, if that is your bug-a-boo they may work well for you. For normal panel glue ups I found them more limiting than advantageous. YMMV.
  11. Wood choice for this cabinet?

    Let me narrow it down for you. Cherry, white oak, pecan, Walnut, Peruvian walnut, Birch, alder, soft maple, figured maple, figured walnut, the design is so clean and classic you could do almost anything except throw A combination of spalted Maple and Bubinga at it and come out a winner.

    Dave Richards "Basics" DVD through Fine Woodworking is a wonderful, logical, sequential-skill-building training tool that can take you quickly to that "ah-ha!" moment that eludes so many folks struggling with SU. Its not free but, its not much dough for what you get either.
  13. Morris Chair Pair

    Moving along. A great design that has stood the test of time.
  14. T slot cauls

    Very cool idea. I have not seen the full length t-slot caul before. Definitely a "why didn't I think-a that!?!" sort of an item. The video shows even more ways that they can benefit you beyond the initial use. Thanks for sharing that.
  15. Finished the footboard

    Nice clean look and nice looking material.