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  1. gee-dub

    Where to buy sandpaper

    I have run a lot of Klingspor stuff and it is very good quality. I tried some Industrial Abrasives stuff that I heard about on a forum (maybe this one) and it is also very good quality. I too am still using stuff from a Klingspor bargain box bought long ago; great value.
  2. gee-dub

    Veritas Low Angle Block Plane

    So true. Certainly we are half of the equation when it comes to our customer service experience. Glad you persevered and got them to see where you were coming from. LV has never left me feeling like they didn't go the extra mile and that is over many years of being a customer. Although they offer many things that I have no interest in, I shop them first for anything they carry that I use.
  3. gee-dub

    Gap fix

  4. gee-dub

    Mineral oil finish

    I have had no problems or complaints with just plain old $1 a bottle food grade mineral oil (available in a fancy bottle with some other odd ingredients for $15 if you like ). Any finish that becomes hard will fracture on a cutting board surface in use and enter the food being prepared. This doesn't stop the makers of Wal-Mart Rubberwood cutting boards from doing it but, you will find things done differently in a gourmet supply shop. You need a finish that is easily refreshed (and readily available) or casual users won't maintain their boards. It does take a few days for the mineral oil to stop weeping from an end grain cutting board following the initial treatment. You want to be sure the pores are all filled with oil. This is the general idea as otherwise the pores will fill with the liquid residue of what is being cut. JMHO.
  5. gee-dub

    Recent work

    Hubba-hubba. That's a sweet looking top.
  6. gee-dub

    Arts and Craft Sideboard

    I really like that piece. You are really moving along. Thanks for taking us with you.
  7. gee-dub

    Bit and Blade Cleaners

    Can't say it enough. L.A. Awesome. $1 a bottle at the dollar store. Works better than Simple Green, Extreme Simple Green, 409 and commercial blade cleaners I have tried. Been using it for years and I have probably spent an entire $5 on cleaner in that time. Apply with a spray bottle, let soak a minute and brush lightly with an old tooth brush. Rinse with water and dry with a towel and/or compressed air.
  8. gee-dub

    Jointing plywood?

    The impact to your cutters has been mentioned. There are some procedures that cost more than we think if we start to factor in wear and tear on machines and cutters. I would glue up three layers with one of the outside pieces being designated as my template. Use a bearing guided flush bit to true things up, glue on the remaining pieces and use the now true sides of the original three as a guide to true up the rest. I make workbench tops like this. Larger parts but, the same method. This process is much easier if you know you are going to do it in the first place and cut one piece to size, glue slightly over sized layers to it and true them up. If all your pieces are cut to final size, there isn't much room for adjustment / fitting. As long as your piece that acts as your original guide is correct, it is hard to not match things up.
  9. gee-dub

    Beginner - Impulse Buy

    As with any bag of mixed nuts, you’ll find different types here. Most jokes and insults are intended good- naturedly. You’re at an exciting stage in that you’re just starting to acquire tools and think about the things that you may want to do with them. This craft has brought me more joy, peace and happiness than many other things I’ve tried in my life. I guess you’d say I’m hooked. Enjoy the journey.
  10. gee-dub

    Beginner - Impulse Buy

    The most important lesson you learned is never throw away packing materials for two weeks to a month after you started using the tool. It can be convenient for warranty issues, barcodes and who knows what. This has saved me a lot of pain on several occasions. Oh and by the way, real men do read directions.
  11. gee-dub

    Domino DF 500 Connectors

    Wait, I started making furniture to get away from IKEA stuff. Have we come full circle!?!
  12. gee-dub

    Sculptured Chair

    Almost there. Looking great.
  13. gee-dub

    My Last Major Equipment Upgrade - New Drill Press

    Some folks out there have posted who were part of the early release group. Mostly very positive reviews. Folks who came along after also post mostly positive reviews. The only thing I can recall anyone being at all negative on was that there is so many features. Fortunately the basics seem to be up front and easy to use. Nova has been making DVR machines (lathes) since 2001 and seem to have the technology down cold.
  14. gee-dub

    My shop

    What a great space and a great use of it. Very nice setup.
  15. gee-dub

    Seal-A-Cell vs Bulls Eye Seal Coat

    One is a shellac and one is a poly blend. The blend has oils and could therefor impart an amber glow if you prefer that. Most mission furniture is colored with a stain or dye so I would tend to just adjust that. Disclaimer -- I find shellac to be the "aspirin" of woodworking; its a miracle drug that cures so many things. Its a sanding sealer, its a barrier coat, its a finish, . . .