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  1. That oughta do it (Butch Cassidy). I had a similar problem and hung a shop-lite from a sort of guy wire.
  2. Ever onward. Good plan on getting something going before the twins arrive. Best of luck on your endeavor.
  3. Welcome. there are plenty of ways to make that connection. If you want to keep it simple, 1/4" dowels should be fine for that design. Pocket hole joinery is another option.
  4. The title says it. I'm between shops and want to start with some sort of indicator early on this time. At 1200 sq ft I understand the DC1100 would need to be carried around to the areas I want to monitor. That doesn't concern me as much as whether folks have been happy with the unit. So, what say ye long-time users?
  5. Wonderful piece. You have such a fun approach to turning. Creative ideas and nice execution. Thanks for sharing this.
  6. Welcome. If it's worth making, it's worth making out of walnut ;-) I'm with others here on wax on unfinished runners and shellac IF the drawers need to be finished. I will specifically finish the insides of drawers for things like lingerie chests or sweater storage. I want to assure a smooth, no-snag interior.
  7. I’ve realized my lifestyle has a name; self quarantine.
  8. The offset insert that Free Spirit mentions is something to strongly consider. I mounted my table so that my insert is offset as well. This gives me four use area per insert. the only way it could be better is if it were round. That mod is on my list but, not near the top ;-)
  9. I don't know if Clean Stream makes a filter for your Makita. I run them in both of my Ridids which also have Dust Deputy setups before the blower. One of the Clean Streams is over 10 years old and shows no sign of needing to be replaced. You can just toss them on the lawn and hit them with the hose. The Dust Deputy separates so well that I eliminated the clumsy barrel and use a small filter/spoil box. I get about a tablespoon of spoil in the filter box once or twice a year. The Dust Deputy gets everything else in the 5 gallon bucket. I went from this: To this:
  10. I use a Rockler fence for my DP, my router table and one of my jigs. Two were bought on sale when they made a style change for about the price you are looking at.
  11. This is really pretty quick to make. Quill lock. Depth stop.
  12. Power carvers use them. I've seen turners use them too. Some just wind onto a spindle, some form over a cone shaped backer.
  13. This is an alternative but, if I only had one project for it I would shop-make one. Do you have a drill press? Splines that show can be done with a handsaw. What is the material of the carcass?
  14. My Rockler tenoning jig came with a Powermatic manual