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  1. Welcome from a fellow South African on the East Coast.
  2. Thanks Coop - exciting is good, no?
  3. Hi All - thanks for the welcome. Looking forward to gaining knowledge and progress with my projects. Geoff
  4. Thanks Highlander. Mostly questions from me for a while, just started getting my "shop" together and have made a couple of jigs for projects that are mulling around in the 'grey matter' Geoff
  5. Hi Woody - I notice that your post is dated last year, but I do (did) have your very problem with my Ryobi fence. A parallel ruler will solve your problem (at least mine did). Raise the blade all the way up and place one 'rule' against the blade and the other 'rule' against the fence and while holding the far end of the fence lock it down. Made my own parallel ruler and I am still using it with good results, pretty sure that any good stationary supply store will have them available. All you will need to do is replace the 'inner' short legs with longer ones, with mine I can set
  6. Hi All - just joined and started woodworking in my single garage turned workshop. My main interest lies in DIY projects and at this point I am doing garden containers and will be doing a couple of book shelves very soon. I live and work in Port Elizabeth South Africa.