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  1. I saw it on the map when I was looking. I'll have to check it out!
  2. Does anyone know of any good Amish sawmills near Asheville, NC? I'm going there next week, and always on the lookout for good lumber sources. I'm willing to drive a few hours in any direction. I've always wanted to check out an Amish sawmill, but their web sites are very hard to find. I even tried using Mosaic, but still no luck.
  3. Your work, as usual, is impeccable. Thanks for sharing Tom!
  4. I've come across several references and personal testimonies that seem to agree that Phil Lowe is the best in the business.
  5. Whatever Phil Lowe's school is called. Furniture Institute of Massachusetts.
  6. Only works with lady pee. If you want the escrow you need the estro.
  7. Looking great dude. Good luck with selling and buying. The older I get, the more I crave land.
  8. It's amazing how slow I can be in the shop. I totally miscut one fat pin. Can you spot it? Not sure how I did that. Had to pare it way down. Making a little progress. Not sure if it will really show up in the pictures, but the bottom panel had really bad checking that showed up out of nowhere. So I took some drastic measures. Cut out a big thick groove and then splined in another piece of cherry. Not sure my terminology is right.
  9. I have used most of the ones mentioned. My hands down favorite is my Milwaukee 5616.
  10. You went half blinds on your first hand cut dovetails? I haven't tried those yet, but surely they are harder than through dovetails. Sawdust and glue hides a lot of errors . They are the real heroes. Nice job!
  11. Had a day in the shop. It started out promising, then ended in frustration. I began by working on the dovetails on the case sides, and the pins on the case bottom. Here is the left side and bottom So far so good. Then I worked on the pins on the right side of the case. Everything was going well until I looked at the bottom and a chunk of wood was missing. Forgot to take a picture, but looks like I had an issue with "shake". Big checks suddenly appeared. I'm going to attemp to save it. I've had issues with this whole batch of cherry on this
  12. They really aren't that bad. I bought a David Barron magnetic guide, and practiced using it. Then I'd practice without it. On my current project, I cut 12 tails. I did the majority freehand. Using the guide really helped me 'get over the hump'. The goal shouldn't be to drive a cab though.