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  1. When read the title to this thread first thing I thought was the glue. If it's plastic resin glue it will be very difficult to handplane the top flat. That's something important to me since I use my bench for handplanes. So I give this idea a thumbs down
  2. Dull blades will smoke, but they also throw burnet dust on the table. It looks like a good cut and a healthy finger Aj
  3. That's a nice one. I have a one just like it , I checked to see if mine is still there and it is. I use mine for small screws on hinges mostly boxes.
  4. I've used the one in the first pic it's such a easy way to connect miters. Both can be a challenge to glue up. Ever since I bought the domino I have not made one. I should keep that in mind one day the domino will probably break down. Aj
  5. You might as well play the hand you were dealt until you can buy better machines. Most of us had to start with entry level machines and tools. Before the Internet it was difficult to know what was missing. Magazines and The Yankee Doodle workshop were all we had. It good that you are not satisfied with flimsy machines. Slowly buy better machines to improve your work. Your happiness might improve too. Aj
  6. Maybe Rubio has some newer stuff for furniture. The stuff I used was soy based or something like. I still have a can. Will check it tomorrow maybe it's just for floors? Aj
  7. Rubio mono coat is not a finish you build. I don't think it will prevent the wood from getting stained from spilled drinks. Its the opposite of conversion varnish. I have mono coat on my floors.We choose it so we could start moving our stuff back in after the floors were finished.And to add some color to our boring red oak. No smell or Vocs. It's not a very durable finish. Aj
  8. I don't think the op should start at 80 that's just too aggressive the scratches will be hard to remove. The 220 wet dry stuff they sell at pep boys will cut plenty fast. The key is a flat hard surface that will not bend or warp when push down hard. And clean your paper a lot. the metal your cutting away will roll around between the blade and paper and give you false reading.Keep it flat band clean. Aj
  9. The steel on those chisels should be easy to cut away. Make sure your Dmt is flat and sitting on a very ridged flat surface. Since they are plastic they will bend. I also like James idea so you don't ruin the Dmt. Those diamonds will lose their sharpness pretty quickly. I haven't had to dress the back of a chisel or a plane blade in a while but here's the method I use.I really try to focus pressure out on the edge.
  10. I don't even know why I'm responding because I'm just taking a wild guess. Here my best guess. A rope and wheel - we use them for moving stuff up and off roofs. We even moved large emglo compressors off roofs. The set up looks like this obviously it will take two people. Aj
  11. I would use old brown glue a lot more if it wasn't so darn expensive. One characteristic I like about old brown glue is it does not creep it dries very hard and ridged. It's also doesn't swell joints like water based glues. Ever have a good fitting joint barely get closed because the wood swelled and stops the perfect fit. Why do things that are good cost so much. Aj
  12. I've used old brown glue with success but not tite bond hide glue. All the test pieces failed. Thining out tite bond 3 or 2 is the best kept secret. Do some test samples for your piece of mind. Aj
  13. Wow the pic of the can is big. Port orford cedar smells great a lot like ginger if anyone wondering. @windguyYour going to have to do some checking if 450 is okay on port orford. I'm guessing it's ok , General Finish makes great products you could also call them. Aj
  14. I'm a fan of port orford cedar. I'm not a fan of staining it or building a heavy coat. I think it weathers just fine. But if you must Generals ext 450 is very good and it's water based.
  15. @Tom Kinghave you ever sent jointer knives to Forrest. Im looking for a new service to sharpen my jointer knives. I have two place out here, one is very expense the other does a terrible job. I used to do them myself on a tormek but i need a new wheel among other things. Aj
  16. I don't think it's going to matter much. It's probably not going to survive very long since you glued it down to the hardboard. I sense warpage coming soon. I like sunburst tables they look cool. Aj
  17. Tom if you fill out their form they won't have to call you. I would not send a Forrest blade to anyone else but Forrest well worth the effort.
  18. I have a credit card on file with Forrest. Ive never had a problem I also fill out the request form for the work I want done. I think I originally called them with the card number to be charged.
  19. Maybe you lost one of your personal marbles .
  20. I thinkThat's going to be tough to cut that joint and come out square. Even a box that size with miters would drive me nuts, but then again I'm not really setup for sheet goods so maybe you are. For me I would find it easier to make the box with butt joints and veneer it. Or glue on some laminate you can find it with a wood grain texture.
  21. I had the first version of their ceramic guides that were set in steel. One came loose on me so I took them all out and glued them back in with cyanoacrylate glue. Aka crazy glue After you get them glued back in tru them up on your diamond plate for perfect resawing. Bummer about the RK blade Aj
  22. That's is the biggest single piece of Purple Heart I've ever seen. I'm not entirely convinced from watching several of his episodes that his boat is worth all the effort. I saw too much wood that looks like it's breaking down. Dry rot has started The lignum and cellulose is kinda important. Once that goes away it's not far from being dust. Maybe hopefully it looks better in person. Aj
  23. I like it too , goes nicely with the cherry . Aj
  24. The dog on the top looks like he has sap wood running through his face. Like a nice piece if hickory
  25. And that's why one should always be wearing clean underwear . Aj