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  1. I live in South New Jersey, about 15 minutes away from Philly. There could very well be some dealers near me, especially in PA near Philly. I did plan on picking up a few Bessey Parallel clamps. The 24'' ones seemed long enough to do a cutting board and I think I can get them at the local Home Depot. I'm almost sure I need a new blade for the table saw and was looking at one of the combination blades (Forrest Woodworker II and Freud Fusion.) Until I started researching, I didn't even know that certain blades are better at ripping and some are better at cross cutting. I'll probably pick up all of the stuff I need slowly. Maybe the router and a sander first so I can build the table. I'm hoping I can hit one of the Bessey sales for the clamps and then pick up the blade. -p
  2. This looks like a great first project. The only major tool I don't have is a router. Would anyone have recommendations on beginner routers? I was looking a a Dewalt DWP611PK, but it only accepts 1/4 inch bits. Is that something I should worry about right now? I'm not sure if there is a local place to get good hardwood for cutting boards. Are there any preferred online sites? I would be looking for 8/4 hard maple and 8/4 purple heart for my first board. -phil
  3. Thanks for all of the recommendations. -phil
  4. Thanks minorhero. Any recommendations on the clamps or random orbit sander?
  5. Hi Guys, Like many, I've had an interest in woodworking for quite some time, but I did not think about getting into the hobby until I saw a few videos on line of people making cutting boards. I've been pricing out a few new cutting boards and the idea of being able to make my own fascinate me. My favorite how-to video is the one done by the Wood Whisperer. So, I would like to try my hand at making one. I have very little experience, but I don't mind diving in and seeing what happens. I currently have a 12'' Dewalt chop saw and a 10'' table saw (not a great table saw. It is a portable Ridgid I bought off of Craig's list a few years ago. It probably needs a new blade.) So, my first question is what other tools do I need to begin a project like this? I know I will need some sort of plane but right now I'm not willing to drop the cash for a power one. My head is spinning a little with all of the different types of planes. From watching the video, I will also need an orbital sander and a few scrapers. Any advice on what to buy and where would be most appreciated. My next question is about a work table. Right now I don't have one. I've found some nice DIY table plans online, but I'm hesitant to start a large project like that without a little more experience. I did find this table on Amazon that looked promising. "Windsor Design Workbench with 4 Drawers" What do you think? Thanks for taking the time to read my thread. -phil