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  1. Not sure if the list complete or not, but there is a show in Baltimore. Jan 4 - 6. (Think those are exact dates). I went to the Fredericksburg show last year and really enjoyed it. It was my first time attending. I am going two days this year. I want to try and see as many demo's as possible. One day just didn't seem like a enough last year.
  2. The components are available via a few different vendors, as mds2 has already mentioned, but they are a bit expensive. I may look for an old commercial table to scavenge parts from, because brand new will be a little pricey. I am getting excited now. I need to finish a few things for the wife and daughter but this is going to be a fun project and process. Thanks for the insights.
  3. Classes aren't always hundreds of dollars. If there is a local Woodcraft or Rockler. Many times they have one day or evening classes that are right around $100 and less. I think I paid $75 for my last one. I am on the wrong coast and wouldn't be any help either way. Going from rough lumber to squared dementioned lumber is a skill that eludes me aswell. I just bought a jointer and planer. i use my hand planes cleanup and small stuff for now. Good luck and hang in there... Also check check the woodwright shop tv show. It's available on Several back seasons too... Roy Underhill is the king...
  4. When I was growing up, my parents had a foosball table and we always had a blast when playing. I don't have the room in my current home, but I may be purchasing a new home in the next year or so (ironic in this story, it's my parents house). Anyways, I was wondering if anyone has built a foosball table? and are there any thorough plans out there on the innerwebs???
  5. Hide and seek in our house was hilarious. My wife or I would count "1-2-3 .... Ready or not here I come". We'd take two or three steps and she'd jump out and yell " HERE I AM!!!!" Giggling and laughing.....
  6. I am also curious Pros. how do you handle cost that aren't materials or labor derived? General contractors I am familiar with develop an estimate then add 10 and 10. 10% for overhead and 10% for profit. Is this a common approach in the world of woodworking aswell?
  7. I would check out the Freud blades on I purchased all mine from there. I purchased the ones they have marked as industrial, not the diablo. I can't speak for the diablo's but I love all the Freud blades I bought. Rip saw blades and crosscut. I think there is multi-blade too (didn't get it). As recall, I paid about $35 - $75 for each one of mine. Usually free shipping too.
  8. vaborn7795

    Family Time

    Not at the office, not in my shop, not doing other chores, so now its family time. We love surprising our 4 year old daughter with special events. Today it's Disney on Ice. We've had the tickets since August. It always so hard to keep the secret. . The day of the event is always worth the wait and money. Her excitement is always worth it!!!!
  9. I've a beginner woodworker. I have done small projects when I was a kid, candle shelf for mom kind of stuff, but mostly just a home handyman. My shop is a 1 car garage and like many others I've read about is a work in process. Soon I will have the full garage too, because I am building a shed over thanksgiving week. (Can't for that). I am building end grain cutting as Christmas presents and that project is going pretty well. Like anything, I find the more I do it, the easier it gets. I happy to be a new member here and of the guild. Thanks James
  10. Craig list!!! Found a lot of great stuff there....
  11. I bought the pinnacle combo square from woodcraft. Good the 12" and 24" with for about $80. I really like it...ganite I've never owed a starrett so I don't a frame of reference to compare.