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  1. IAHawk

    Work Bench Top

    Thank for the help, think I have a plan now. Plain top and drill the holes myself with the drill guide. The vises suggested are a little more elaborate than what I was looking for. Now just need to find some good plans online which is a nightmare to find. I would like to build my bench with either all drawers underneath or cabinet and drawers.
  2. IAHawk

    Work Bench Top

    Thanks Ragtaz That is what I am looking but it is smaller than I would like. I too have found it difficult to find a top with with bench dogs. I guess the other option as suggested would be to drill the holes myself and add a vise. So now is type of vise , brand and place to buy one. I know nothing about vises. Also how would you drill the holes. You really can’t just plop it on your drill press table. Thanks
  3. IAHawk

    Work Bench Top

    Hi, I plan in building a new workbench and I am looking purchase a wood top with a vice/vices and is set up with bench dog holes. I have looked and all I find is just finished wood slabs. Second does anyone have any use with the Laguna combination sander? https://lagunatools.com/sanders/db126-sander/ thank you
  4. IAHawk

    Epoxy Top Coat

    Is this the product you are Talking about https://www.epifanes.com/page/clear-gloss-or-satin Why is this better than say A General Poly, or a Minwax Poly? Couldn’t I just use a gloss u/v Floor Covering? I looked at the West Systems, kinda steep for a top that is only 18x 25, it would be about a $100.00 to coat it. But thanks for the info. I guess what I really wanted the advice for was how to apply the epoxy to the top and edge, how to keep it from dripping all over and not look sloppy. I do not want to just keep it flat, I would like a decorative edge, (skill building
  5. Hi I am making a small cabinet to go next to my utility sink and an am making the top ou of some left over walnut I have. The cabinet will take some abuse like wet items that have just been cleaned, brushes, buckets, containers etc... I am looking for a way to make the top as durable as possible but keeping the natural wood color. My idea is to apply a epoxy top coat which I have done in the past but this top is different. I am going to rout and edge with an ogee or some other edge bit. The issue is how do I epoxy the top and keep it level and keep the edge from looking sloppy? Here
  6. Thanks for the input. The fan on Craig's list is about 2 hours away so I will think I will pass on that but thanks though. I was looking at Northern Tool and they have exhaust fans both types. The non explosion ones are not to expensive. I also planned on some type of filter and and either a exhaust hood or shutters on the outside of the house. How do you calculate CFM for this room? As for intake would a bathroom exhaust fan be enough? BTW I will have plenty of lighting, 3 six bulb T8 high bay fluorescent. Have them in my garage I can land small aircraft with them
  7. I am in the process of making a finishing room and plan on putting an exhaust fan in it. Now a majority of the time I use water based finishes and on rare occasions use shellac. But I think in the future I will be expanding my finishing options. The question is do I really need to get an explosion proof fan? There is a huge difference in price when buy a explosion proof fan compared to a regular exhaust fan. Also what size or CFM should I consider. My room is 8x18x9. After doing some research I think I will just use the room to only spray water based finishes which is what I u
  8. IAHawk

    Stain Colors

    Thanks for the help, i am going to try Tried and True on them.
  9. IAHawk

    Stain Colors

    When you say oil based clear coat, is that a varnish, or a poly?
  10. IAHawk

    Stain Colors

    I would like to use the natural wood tones, a warm classic color. A color to enhance the grain pattern. Are the General brand stains good? Thanks
  11. IAHawk

    Stain Colors

    Hello I am looking for some help on finishing my project I have been working on. I had a bunch of leftover wood and I made some necklace/bracelet holders. I made the out of varying types of wood, Walnut, Maple, Mahogany,Cherry and 1/4 sawn white oak. My plan is to stain them but do not want use the same color for all of them and with the walnut I am just going to leave them natural with coat of finish. What are some good colors for these? I know it is a loaded question. I do not want to go buy a bunch of different stains and experiment and find out there are some U do not like then I am s
  12. Thanks for all the input, going to try the LE LED pucks
  13. For the lights do you have to use a transformer or can you just hard wire it into the circuit and use a switch? I imagine for the power strip you can hard wire it into the circuit, just cur of the plug and connect it to the a box in the wall. One of the issues I have found with LED lighting is that it is not very bright, unless they have improved over the years. Thanks for the suggestions
  14. Hello, I am looking for some suggestions for lighting to go under my cabinets that hang above my new work bench I am building. I would prefer bright lights that I can use a switch to turn them on. I have found several options but most seem to need a transformer or need to be plugged into an outlet. Also looking for a way to add a number of outlets just above the workbench top without have to install a bunch of outlets, this to I would like it to be hard wired and not use a plug in system. The work bench is going to be about 10' long, it is not finished yet, but the cabinet are a