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  1. Sorry.... got busy going back to work after the holiday! Budget would hopefully be under 4K if we were to do it. Mostly we would be looking at routing wood products; I don’t foresee any metal fabrication anytime in the next 10 years, if ever. When I say I’m not mechanically inclined, I can change oil and turn wrenches, I just don’t trust myself all that much with building a CNC router if I’m not following very detailed plans.
  2. After talks with the wife of what we could potentially do with a CNC router and maybe earn a little money with signage and other custom work, I'm investigating whether to build or buy. I almost always lean towards buy... Certainly not because I have the money, but because I don't have the requisite knowledge to build and don't really consider myself mechanically inclined (quite the opposite in fact). If I choose to buy, do y'all have any recommendations on products to either look into or avoid altogether? Open to any input... Thanks in advance. Chris
  3. I completely agree Sir. They treated me very well during every phone call I had with them. They were clearly devoted to answering my every question and ensuring that I was 100% satisfied. I will certainly be inspecting what I receive to ensure it is, in fact, what I ordered.
  4. Man... these guys are something else! I received an email that ALL of my items shipped yesterday. Even though they are still listed as out of stock until December 29th, they magically found one to send me. Of course I'm happy about this, it's just astounding how disorganized they are for such a successful company.
  5. Interesting.. I just tried to shop for it again online and I'm still being shown that they're back ordered until December 29th. Perhaps it's a regional thing??
  6. I tried looking for a forum post this may fall under, but I didn't find anything that made sense (at least to me); if I missed something, I apologize. I went to order my first hand plane, naturally selecting the Lee Valley LAJ with PMV-11 blade. When I went to buy it online it said the item was out of stock but expected December 29, which isn't too bad so I pushed forward. When I went to check out it said the item was part of a set (body and blade) and all items would ship together.... in April. That didn't work well for me. I called the customer service number and they explained th
  7. I noticed that too; glad to see someone else from the Pacific Northwet on here!
  8. Thank you Bob. After doing some discussing with my wife (who was pretty supportive of me going for either tool) and thinking about how to overcome any "would be" obstacles, I am ordering the Bosch in hopes that it ships tomorrow. I know it's not likely with it being the peak shipping season, but I'm holding out hope that I'll get to set it up in my shop Christmas Day. I'm confident I'll be happy with it's performance as I'm upgrading from a Ridgid 10 CMS I purchased back in 2003 or 2004. Thanks again for your input.
  9. I'm also in the debate of Kapex or Bosch Glide. I had all but decided to go with the Bosch Glide thinking that the Kapex CAN'T be worth the extra money. Then I started to find videos and posts with all kinds of problems with the Bosch Glide. Multiple people have said the Glide is very inaccurate and has significant problems with cutting square. I even saw one video that articulated up to 2 degrees of play and deflection (evidenced by a widened zero clearance insert); yet another identified issues with the cutting deck moving while in a locked position. I'm not trying to rail against t
  10. Thanks for that tip; I saw a similar tip elsewhere for the end grain. I will try a few different things on multiple test pieces and see how it works out.
  11. Can't say I've ever heard that, but sounds like a winner.
  12. I've looked through several areas of this forum and found bits and pieces of information that are applicable to what I'm about to ask, but nothing exact, so please forgive me if this seems repetitive or was already discussed elsewhere and I missed it. I am building a farmhouse(-ish) dining room table for a friend/customer. They chose knotty pine for the material and want the coloring to be the color of Watco Danish Oil's dark walnut color; however, they've stressed the importance of maintaining the visibility on the wood grain. At first, this didn't sound like a problem as I've used dan