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  1. I had the same problem as you a few years ago. I wanted both cars in the garage and a workshop. Doing that with power tools won't work. So I decided to go the hand tool route. Now my entire workshop hangs on a small wall and in some drawers and on a few shelves. Both cars fit in there also. And the tool cost can be very low if you buy older tools (you can do that with power tools also). And the tool cost is spread out over years since you only have to buy what you need. An expensive old used tool that still works can be less than $50. It would be rare to have to spend much more than $
  2. one option is to prepare the wood for use in the widths you want. then let it sit for a while to see what the wood will do. Maybe a few months more or less. Sounds like you have been waiting for a long time so a bit longer is OK. Like Aj3 said, how the wood was sawn at the mill can make a lot of difference. Some of the wood could react a lot to your preparation.
  3. lots of options out there. I use 3 traditional type stones. I use honing oil. Coarse, medium and fine stones from Arkansas. I don't use any fixture to hold the blade...just my hands. I finish on a leather shaving strap. Usually in a couple of minutes max I can shave the hair off my arm. That's my test. Otherwise I repeat the process.
  4. great deal. Are these made in India? I have heard that for the price these are very good tools.