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  1. That is disappointing, I will have to buy old slabs to achieve perfection. If the core is not completely dry and I leave a 4 inch slab for 2-4 years, mortise legs to make a sitting bench, in my mind it would still be strong. I see really old logs that were pushed ashore by our fast rivers here in Alaska. Maybe I should start a new thread to ask if this is a good wood to slab up. They seem dry and harder then witches snot. I like the cracks in the wood personally, not in every project, but filling the cracks with dyed resin makes the project stand out. But as
  2. Trying to determine if it is better to cut the slabs while the log is fresh or let the logs season and mill later. I will be sealing some logs to use later in the log form, not milling. If I am lucky some of the Birch I felled in the winter will retain the bark.
  3. Ok I guess the long route and painted ends. I will do this on some of my logs but I like some of the checking and saw marks. I like to celebrate the crack and fill in with black dyed resin to make it pop. I don't know about the kiln idea because birch will darken when kiln dried. If I build a tent and use a forced air ready heater, is there somewhere I can view time to dry and therefore calculate cost? I have heard of waxing the ends of logs but I am unfamiliar with the paste wax test. Could not pull up anything on line. I think I will paint the ends on some logs for nice boards and j
  4. Howdy, I live in Alaska and have a little chain saw mill action going on. I cut some would last year, but I did not paint or treat the ends. I have some fresh stuff that I have been cutting into 4" slabs about 18" wide. Now left alone they will shrink. I have one particular slab that I have been working on at 20% moister, tested end grain inch deep. What if I just epoxy resin the whole damb thing.... literally the whole thing? Wont that just trap all moister? will it rot? will it be fine inside versus outside? O yeah- paper birch