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  1. Plan on making a natural edge coffee table, but will reconsider trying to leave the bark on now. This is what I like most about this website! Honest opinions! Thanks!
  2. Planning to have some Oak and Walnut logs run threw a saw mill later this summer. Would like to do everything possible to keep the natural bark edge in place while the 1.25" planks are drying. Any ideas or suggestions on what can be done to help this?
  3. I appreciate all the help and good advise
  4. Thank you drzaius & Ronn W. Will most definitely try this on a test board to see what happens. I have also considered using a spray paint instead of the dye. Thought it might not bleed as much as a dye?
  5. I am a relatively new woodworker and would like some wood finishing advice on a project. The project is being made from Ash and includes a hand carved company logo. I would like to use an Artisan dye on the carved logo, without it bleeding into or affecting the wood around the carving. The Artisan dye I've chosen contains Methyl Alcohol, Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether and Shellac. If I spray or wipe a coat of poly into the carved area prior to using the dye, with this keep the dye from spreading into the rest of the work piece? Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.