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    HELLO, by all means if you can get that piece for your shop you should go for it.
  2. Scooter, Keep your chin up. Everthing will come in time. I have seen some good advice here. Lumber yards can be found other than home depot and lowes. Start with wood finder and the yellow pages. I live in the Triad of NC. I found it strange that with all the furniture companies around here that I could not find good sources for lumber at first. Then I looked a little closer and asked a lot of larger businesses about what I needed. Some were helpful and others were not. With persistance I found several locations with in an easy drive. Good luck on your quest, and don't give up. Regards, Richard
  3. Hi yall, I'm Richard from lovley High Point North Carolina. I've been working in the furniture and the housing industry for thirty years and have been working on my hand tool skills for a few years. I have enjoyed reading and viewing the posts around here. I have seen some good work with in the community and hope to see and share a lot more. So I will look around and see what's going on and will share as soon as possible.