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  1. Nice setup! I'll take a few cues from you when I setup my new shop next weekend!
  2. I concur as well on this. Anna White was an entry point for me as my wife wanted me to build a rustic X coffee table, so I did that. However have moved on since then and agree the explanation you have to give with clients. I've actually stopped justifying, it's boils down to the art of sales. You NEVER justify your price, it is what it is and if you have a gallery to showcase that speaks for it's self. If someone doesn't want to pay for good quality craftsmanship then move on. Someone will.
  3. If I paint them, we'd not be replacing them. They are decent quality cabinets, they just need an update
  4. Agree with Eric. Never had to use the sealer. Love using Arm-R-Seal, such a great product.
  5. Thanks for the tips and some of what you've posted really resonates with us. It's unbelievable just how much wood is in the house. I'm okay with putting in the work, however need to balance that with actually making client projects as well. So that will be something to figure out. Once we actually get into the house we will evaluate if we want to just get new doors or not. Could be a good learning experience however I really do want to be in the cabinet making business We will strip off the baseboard and casing as it's all small and we'd want larger stock so that will be nice firewo
  6. Thanks for the tips thus far. We want them painted, probably a white of some sort. I'll let the wife decide. Since posting I've been doing some researching as well and the primer is absolutely key. Been seeing some people also use a wood grain filler to help fill the grain. Anyone have experience with that? Seems like this project (and how many cabinets) will take a ton of work I guess that's why they call it sweat equity
  7. Thanks. Yeah I think through the project it actually grew on me and was really waiting for the install pics to see the real beauty of it. I had my father in-law assist me so I'll owe him a few beers
  8. Looks amazing. From concept to reality. Well done!
  9. I finally delivered this beast of a island countertop and I have to thank many members of WoodTalk Forum for helping me out with some suggestions on construction and finish. This definitely stretched my capabilities with it's sheer size however in the end the client loved it and that's what matters for the most part. Details: 5'x7' 6/4 Walnut 9 planks in total Wood was left somewhat raw as per client request. Can visually see the resaw marks and other rough characteristics Finished with General Finishes High performance Topcoat Satin
  10. Good Afternoon, We recently purchased a new house which was build in the early 90's and with the Oak was the style as it's EVERYWHERE. Besides being super excited to finally get my shop back up and running, the first renovation project will probably re-finishing the kitchen cabinets and getting rid of the ugly oak styling. Has anyone else taken on such a project? First is it work it or should I just rip it out and replace? I've heard from a few non-woodworkers just some light sanding and then in this case they used Benjamin More Cabinet Paint. Would rather look for a more semi-profes
  11. It will have to go inside the garage. I don't think the neighbours would enjoy hearing it outside
  12. Ah yeah very true, 4 years ago it would have been a lot more expensive. However we are still not at a point where it's as affordable as the old style tubes. I put some in my previous garage and want to do the same in the new garage. Great tip on painting the walls white. I'll be doing that for sure.
  13. Thanks for that. Budget is somewhat flexible as we will be in this place for a long time. The Cyclone appeals to me so you can easily separate the big stuff from the dust.
  14. Hello, Did you consider LED when you were selecting lights?