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  1. kon_jelly

    Looking for some information

    The numbers that you found are for the motor itself, not for the saw (the M6034FB3B may be a serial number, but I don't know for sure). I believe the saw is a Rockwell 34-440. How much you could sell it for depends a lot on it's condition, but I don't think you could get more than $150 for it.
  2. kon_jelly

    Upgrade Tables Saw or get new tool

    I completely agree with TIODS. Track saw should be the last on the list, and I'd go with the jointer/bandsaw before a table saw upgrade. At that budget you're looking at either a hybrid saw or a low end cabinet saw, and I'm not sure they're worth the upgrade from what you have.
  3. kon_jelly

    New Shop Layout - Thoughts?

    Unfortunately my HOA won't really allow a shed. I mean technically they would, but I would need to submit for approval and it would need to be designed with the same materials as my house. The chances of it being approved are very low, anyway. I hate my HOA. I'm going to reconsider the wall. This weekend my wife is out of town so I plan on organizing it to the layout above, and after that I'll see if I really want the wall or not.
  4. kon_jelly

    New Shop Layout - Thoughts?

    Okay here's an update. Looks like a lot more room in this layout. So much room for activities! Planer is in the corner but it will be moved as needed. New thoughts?
  5. kon_jelly

    New Shop Layout - Thoughts?

    All great ideas. Seems like the toolbox is universally hated. The spindle sander is on a flip cart, and there's a 12" disc sander under it, it's just not in the sketchup file. The planer is also on a flip cart but I don't have a tool to fit under it - it's just planning for the future. I'll definitely consider not putting up the wall, but I can just see the continual creep of junk into the shop area... Unfortunately the DC has to be in the garage. The garage is surrounded on two walls by the house, and the other wall faces the street (and obviously the front of the garage is the driveway). There's just nowhere for it to go.
  6. kon_jelly

    New Shop Layout - Thoughts?

    Room on the other side doesn't really matter, it's mostly just storing some odds and ends and the main way we get into the house. At the width I have it now it'll be just over 11 feet. It's really the only tool storage I have at the moment. I agree it's big, though.
  7. kon_jelly

    New Shop Layout - Thoughts?

    I'm currently taking up 1/2 of our 2 car garage, but my wall space is limited due to my primary wall having two large windows on it, and other things in the garage tend to spill into "my" area. We don't keep a car in there, but we do keep my motorcycle there and enough other miscellaneous items that I can't take over the entire garage myself. So my thought was to put up a temporary wall to segregate my shop from the other half of the garage and give myself some wall space as well. Attached are some photos of the layout I did in SketchUp. Any thoughts on the layout or what I should do differently? Everything is mobile except for the workbench/outfeed table, but I will probably end up putting casters on it as well. The miter stand is taking up a lot of room, but I will keep it there with the wings down for more room. I also don't own the jointer just yet, but it's my next purchase.
  8. kon_jelly

    Miter Saws

    Probably max of 8/4 and width of 6-8". My real budget is pretty much whatever I want it to be, but I want to get what makes sense for my use case.
  9. kon_jelly

    Miter Saws

    The one thing my shop is really missing right now is a miter saw. I don't have a ton of room to cross cut long materials on my table saw, which means I end up having to set up saw horses outside and using my circular saw and a guide. Not a problem per se but it's a pain and I'm not always the most accurate with these cuts. Plus repeat cuts are right out, which is a lot of what I need. Really all I plan on using a miter saw for is cross cutting boards. I feel like a dual-bevel compound miter saw may be a bit excessive for that role. And even if it was in my budget I feel like shelling out $600+ for a top of the line Dewalt or Bosch wouldn't be the best use of my funds. Should I be looking at a lower-featured saw from one of the more reputable brands, or would something like the Harbor Freight $200 saw work well enough for what I need? I try to avoid buying Harbor Freight tools because I feel like they end up getting replaced frequently, but I also don't want to drop $1400 on a Festool that gets used just for occasional cross cuts.
  10. kon_jelly

    First visit to harbor freight

    The disc sander they sell there is great. And their dust collector (the 70 gallon one) is a great value, especially if you modify it. And yeah, I have a ton of their F clamps.
  11. kon_jelly

    Plywood Pricing

    Man I knew I was getting taken for a ride! Just found another supplier - it's a bit of a drive from me but man the prices are so much better. A 3/4" sheet is $45.50 ($1.82 sq/ft), almost half the price!
  12. kon_jelly

    Plywood Pricing

    Thanks all. Just wanted to make sure I was in the right ballpark.
  13. kon_jelly

    Plywood Pricing

    Looking to make some shop furniture and was pricing out some plywood. I've never bought true Baltic Birch before, but my local lumber supply has some. I've got pricing but I feel like it's high. A sheet of 5x5 3/4" is $85. That's $3.40 per sq/ft. They also have domestic birch in 4x8, and a 3/4" sheet is $71.50 ($2.25 sq/ft). Are these prices reasonable? I know the stuff at Home Depot isn't nearly the same quality, but the price difference is pretty substantial.
  14. kon_jelly

    Entry level jointer

    Well technically the infeed and outfeed tables are supposed to be a little off.
  15. kon_jelly

    Entry level jointer

    I have the Porter Cable PC160JT, only $250 at Lowes. It's worked great for me so far. Only doing small projects for now, so it's been good for my needs. If I need to do anything bigger I just use my table saw and a jointing jig, but I've been very pleased with what I've gotten from the Porter Cable.