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  1. so you have to put the basement on hold to redo the trim in the main floor half bath?
  2. Does half an hour east of Hawkesbury count?
  3. wow never thought to check lee valley for these since they have the Veritas Holdfasts...sure enough they sell them thanks a lot!
  4. Could you find them in Canada or did you have to order them from TFWW?
  5. he is alive and well, I was at his shop last week. I know he's been pretty busy lately but I won't speculate as to why he's not on here much lately as we didn't talk about that.
  6. that's a gorgeous cabinet right there! I guess the Habs waited for you to get done with the chair to start playing better eh?
  7. That is one good looking chair right there. Whats next now that the rocker is pretty much done?
  8. Oh! Makes more sense now! One of the garage doors will definitely get blocked that way. I suspect the man door in the back might end up always closed too. I have no idea why they put a door there as its not even a couple feet away from the garage door
  9. I have thought of building a wall inside of one of the garage doors when/if needed. not sure about the man doors (as one goes inside and one is on the façade)
  10. Off the top of my head it's March 1st to April 30th (or has been the past couple years)
  11. You mean it looks better than with the saw still in a box? I guess I do agree! You should try to make the 6 minutes drive next week! Thanks Kev! I'm sure things will move quite a lot Thanks! That wasn't really on the list but that's not a bad idea one bit, unsolicited advices are always welcome here, I guess that makes them solicited now? thanks! Thanks Brian! I'll definitely give a look to the thread for the right wing! hopefully my little girls becomes as enthusiastic about it than yours, well in a couple years as she's merely 20 months old now! yeah time expands, contracts and distorts more than ever it seems You say that like it's not a good thing! not like I want to put a car in there!
  12. Feels like there have been quite a few of these throughout the summer, but I guess this one has the twist of being for a new woodworker. So we moved in late May which feels both like it was yesterday and ages ago really. and the 2 car garage was always to become a shop. A sub panel will be needed and will get installed in the coming months depending on the electrician's availability. here's the "room" layout (ceilings are about 8 1/2 feet) There isn't a tremendous amount of wall space as you can see with the 3 man doors, the 2 garage doors and the fairly large window, but at least there is A) a room, which is already pretty good , B) good amount of light, especially adding the 6 fixtures and C) an utility sink. The one thing that I think will be great for the shop is that the house is entirely ICF so it should dampen the noise quite a bit! Just makes things a bit more "interesting" when needing to wire stuff but it'll have to be all surface mounted. The 2 "benches"/counters will get taken out as needed but for now they are kind of useful as flat surfaces to put stuff on! Nothing is ultimately in it's final resting place I suppose but everything being moveable makes this a moot point. Obviously it's still a work in progress and I am not moving nearly as quickly nor as efficiently as my almost neighbour @shaneymack but here are where things stand right now
  13. Is it really overlaid or is it just not closed completely as there is a pull missing? Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  14. Wow cant believe how much light there is vs before! Starting to take shape! Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  15. Starting to look like a chair! On a side note i had the sistinct pleasure to sit in one of these this week and absolutely couldn't believe how comfortable it was! Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk