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  1. Never knew this place existed in the countless times i've passed by! You just made my day!
  2. I'd imagine you'd get some adhesion but don't know how strong it would be. Why don't you give it a test on some scrap wood, then try and pull it apart to see how strong the joint is.
  3. Thanks everyone for your help, looks like I need to get into the shop and make myself a jig! Very true statement. I have quite the list of tools that I just stare at drooling because I know i'd never get and ROI on them, at least not any time soon. Maybe one day, we can all dream.......
  4. I can only slide the fence to a max of about 11 inches before I reach the end of the table You're right, I don't know why I'm interchanging plumb and square. So it sounds like the base can be any piece of scrap I have lying around as long as the piece that guides the saws plate is square?
  5. I assume I'd need to make sure I have a factory edge so it's plumb, right?
  6. Maybe i'll start shopping for a Ferrari, that way when I get back to the Festool website i'll think everything is on sale.
  7. Where do I get my hands on a winning lottery ticket?
  8. I see what you're saying. I also didn't realize that they made shorter tracks like that, I always imagined sheet length.
  9. I guess my question would be, with the circ saw, what is my guide to ensure i have that straight and clean cut? Say I have a full 8ft sheet of plywood that I've ripped to 12 inches wide, now I need to cross cut that into 3 - 30 inch panels. Since i can't use my contractor saw on anything wider than 10/11 inches, i'd need something to guide my circular saw for a nice straight and plumb cut. Does that make sense?
  10. I use plywood a lot, but always struggle with getting clean lines and perfect square cuts. I have a contractor saw, so don't even attempt to rip on that or cross-cut anything beyond roughly 10/11 inches (purely based on safety). The sheet is generally ripped in half right at the store just so i can fit it in the car, but once I get home, i feel like the only clean way is with my circular saw. Recently picked up up the Kreg Rip Cut and it actually rips it down really nicely, so happy with that. The downside is the max cross cut with that tool is 24 inches, and when i'm making cabinets, I'm beyond that fairly often. Does anyone have suggestions on how I can get good, and fairly efficient, crosscuts using a circular saw?
  11. Thanks all for the advice. I think you've convinced me to restore them! RichardA- what process did you use to restore? You did a great job!
  12. My father recently gave me three of his old planes that he's had for many years. One is a Stanley block plane, the second is a Stanley #5 Jack Plane, and the third is a wooden jointer plane. They're all semi-functional, but i'd love to clean them up. Definitely a lot of rust that i'd like to remove, sharpening, flattening, etc. In addition, the wood appears to be quite dirty (the kind that seems to be pasted on). One person I spoke with told me "those are antiques, don't change them!". However; i have no intention of ever selling them and would rather use them for life. Curious as to everyones opinions on that matter, and if you were to clean them up, what kind of process is recommended so that I can keep their integrity.
  13. Never been to woodcraft mostly because it's not close, but I should check it out one day. Anyone take any CLC classes? I hear they stopped offering them recently