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  1. You might want to switch your lathe and lumber storage if you're bringing in materials from the garage door. Your drill press could always move too if you needed more room for a table or cart by that tool island.
  2. legenddc

    New Shop

    You could try finding some historical aerial photos of your property. If you download Google Earth you can go back some, but if it's before they started collecting photos maybe some county/state photos would be available. Or you could look at old permits? Maybe it's some backfill for a removed septic tank? Or the base for an oil tank to heat the garage?
  3. legenddc

    New Shop

    If it’s pirate treasure maybe you can afford that insulation! Is insulation way overpriced right now? Could those prices come down like construction lumber did for a little?
  4. I used some of the Gator brand hand sanding the other day with a preppin weapon. Was a little surprised that 120 grit 3M was pulling off so much more sawdust than 80 grit Gator. I think I'll save any remaining Gator brand paper for the kids to use.
  5. Don't worry, your new one will break in approximately 18 months.
  6. I shoveled the walk this morning. Just straight slush. Very strange to have the temperature rise 10*+ over night. Yesterday I got some work done on my TV Stand and helped a neighbor and his son on a pinewood derby car. His son didn't seem into at all to start, but he perked up and told his mom all the tools he got to use.
  7. I haven't watched it yet, but I imagine with the cost of materials skyrocketing, Powermatic's marketing budget was cut. They also seem to have dumped some money into a few shows on HGTV which I'm sure cost quite a bit.
  8. We've gone back and forth a couple of times trying to decide. If we were going to stay here long-term hardwood might be our choice. Also, I was anxious to cover up that 1970s sheet linoleum in our basement that you can see in some of my pictures. We'll see what life brings and if we regret that decision in a couple of years and how long we actually end up here. Outsourcing the install of it but I'll be doing the demo, prep and baseboards. Will have extra flooring ordered so when we do go to move I can finish the room I'm currently using as a shop. Building a 65" long piece in a 155 Sq. ft. shop is challenging.
  9. With those small drawers you might be okay without dividers in them, but you may want to make some adjustable ones for the larger drawers. Babies clothes are super small and change sizes rapidly. It's crazy how much stuff you get for kids and it quickly is hard to find in big drawers. Curious to see how you turn the knobs. Somewhere on my to-do list is learning to turn knobs for my shaker end table and the new sideboard.
  10. Floors will be luxury vinyl tile so no finish will be applied. I started to look at wood flooring and wasn't sure which to go with for finish. With 2 young kids it would be nice to only have to fix damaged sections but it would also be nice to not get damaged sections at all.
  11. Has anyone used these bed rail brackets or something similar they could recommend? I might be making a bedframe to go around one of those fancy adjustable beds to connect to an existing headboard so this wouldn't be support any weight.
  12. Was searching for something else and just saw the part about you having a kid in July. Congrats! Will have to read the rest of this later...
  13. Thanks. The Fine Woodworking article has 2 6mm x 40mm Dominos in each joint so hopefully I'll be okay but before I cut anything I'll do another sanity check. Good point. Timing wise I don't think I could pre-finish it anyway. I think I'll have to have this done by Jan. 29th and then fill up the shop with furniture while we get our floors done.
  14. legenddc


    After 3 weeks and 2.5 weeks off of school my kids are finally back in school. Last week the oldest had snow days all week. Thankfully we kept the youngest home the one day he could have gone in because a teacher in his room has Covid and his classroom is now shut down for a week. Since he wasn't there he'll be hanging out with the younger kids this week.
  15. With the support structure all being about 1.5"x1.5" what size should I aim to make the mortise and tenons?