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  1. I watched some from the live watch party that Marc did and it seemed really interesting. I'm sure there's a lot of good stuff in there on templates and joinery if nothing else.
  2. Sorry to hear about your husband. Of course you can ask. The market really depends on where you're located. If you can give a general area someone local might be able to assist better with pricing. Descriptions and pictures always help too.
  3. If you're cutting this for turning and aren't looking for a nice smooth surface, wouldn't a chainsaw be quicker and accurate enough?
  4. legenddc

    Used SawStop

    Unless you can get a bunch of guys and there's room up the steps I think the crate/runners is the best option. Depending on how you need to get it out you could try a little electric winch to pull it up to make things a bit easier. Had to do that to get a fishtank stand out of my buddies house.
  5. It looks like it. I had the Rough Cut website bookmarked and it redirects to that.
  6. Can you find a better one for $600? If not and it checks out in person just buy it. $525 in 1996 is the same as $840 in 2018 dollars in my internet calculator is correct.
  7. We all make stupid mistakes at times, just try to be safe. Wear protective equipment for your eyes, ears and lungs. I was amazed at how much less tired I got after wearing hearing protection.
  8. 5" vs 6" is a big difference in the area of the sanding pad. 6" is 50% bigger than a 5" sander. And that's why you always order the largest size pizza.
  9. That's a great line. Chesnut have you asked any neighbors if they've had their railings removed or replaced? Or, how much are off by moving it down width wise? Could you use compress the back cushions some and hold it with the plastic wrap moving companies use?
  10. Are you sure it's not something in your shop like mold or mice? Strange you've been to so many doctors and they all give you the all clear. Can you bring some wood into the allergist and have them monitor your breathing after handling it or throwing some sawdust in the air? My daughter has allergies and when she get it bad she starts wheezing and becomes extremely lethargic. An hour later she's running around the house only to be winded and tired again. It will last for a few days similar to what you describe.
  11. I have the Vega one and I like it. It came with my saw when I bought it so I can't comment on if there are better systems out there for the same/similar costs.
  12. What a misleading title. Everything looks awesome. Do you know of any videos of how people build things like that Tractor Trailer?
  13. I'm with @G Ragatz if you don't want to pin nail it or can't get cauls to work. Lay it down on it's back and put some weight on the face frame.
  14. I think some of that and some of it was when she picked up some older tools.
  15. April Wilkerson painted some of her tools. I'd rather make stuff then paint tools..