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  1. Those were a lot of fun. I had some friends who owned them when they first came out with all sorts of modifications. You could literally hear them coming from a mile away. What did Pam end up getting?
  2. Thanks for the input everyone
  3. I saw that where he had it upside down. I'm not looking to get a benchtop jointer was just trying to figure out the differences. My dad has a 6" jointer with a 45" bed and once my community woodshop opens back up after the pandemic I'll have access to a 12"(?) one if I'm working on something really big.
  4. I'm curious, is there a rough rule of thumb for jointer bed length to how long of a piece you can typically flatten? I know everyone says avoid the benchtop ones but they have to work up to a certain length. I'm a long way off from getting one soon unless a great deal falls in my lap but want to be prepared ahead of time. If a benchtop jointer has a 28" bed and a freestanding 6" jointer has a 48" bed or 72" bed what size materials can you work with?
  5. I used some screws from Lowe's and I swear every 3rd one snapped off. It was so bad I stopped in the middle of a project, threw them out and went to buy different ones. If it keeps happening to you it might be worth changing brands just to see if that's whats wrong.
  6. Dang, seems like these have been discontinued for a while according to some other threads. Ebay has some though. https://www.ebay.com/c/18028514275
  7. Welcome to the forum. I'm not too far away from you!
  8. I hear they make electric dirt bikes that are supposed to be a lot of fun. It's probably easier and cheaper to just make friends. If you want to insulate and drywall anyway, have at it. A double layer of drywall with greenglue will help dampen the noise a lot but with garage doors open not much will. Bring them a cutting board or a bench for their garden or something and you'll be fine. I only recently got a planer but my my nextdoor neighbor at our townhouse says shes never heard any power tool noise. I'm in a finished basement and have run the tablesaw, bandsaw, sander, shop vac, etc. until 10-10:30 and night without any complaints. Give them your phone number and ask them to call or text if something is too loud. Don't go outside and power carve while riding your dirtbike if they're having a retirement party or be obnoxious.
  9. I keep seeing Jon Peters riding an electric assist Cannondale. Seems like a nice bike but for $7k it should be. The Corona virus changing where we work sure has raised some questions about our future car ownership. Too early to make a decision now but I'm debating on getting rid of a car and my old never-used '91 pickup and just being a 1 car family. Depending on how school plays out in the fall and how often we'll be working from home will decide that.
  10. Do you have pictures you could post? What kind of polish was it?
  11. Sorry, I meant a Craftsman/Lowes/Home Depot type one that is questionably square and stops locking as cheap, not PEC.
  12. Been debating on buying the PEC 4", 6" and/or 12" from Harry but trying to hold off until I really need them. I don't want to buy another cheap one that stops locking down in a few years.
  13. So true. There's been waves of shortages of products. First few weeks it was TP, paper towels, etc. The haircutting supplies and exercise equipment Lately it seems to be bikes. Go try to find a children's bike, they're all sold out. Saw a story from a local bike shop that said everything around here is sold out besides $1,500+ bikes.