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  1. I think this question should be answered differently. Are there any blades that don't produce good results at $100 or more? $75 or more?
  2. Just got back from picking up a old, small Jet 1HP dust collector for $25. The woman left it out in her driveway so we could practice social distancing and was less then 7 miles from my house round trip. We may get together once this virus is over. Tomorrow my planer comes in. Now it's time to get a lot of work done so I can actually try out my tools tomorrow.
  3. Talked to my neighbor yesterday who runs a landscaping business. He wants to shut down and make sure his employees have money for food but since landscaping and construction are somehow considered essential he knows his guys will just go find other jobs. Crazy times.
  4. Ours isn’t charging us thankfully. Assuming jobs stay the same it may fund some new tools and wood for furniture.
  5. RichardA - It is better. We've been isolating as much as possible anyway. Only going out to get food when we run out of milk. JohnG - Similar situation here. My daughter might be done with daycare. She was supposed to finish at the end of June but we'll see now.
  6. Well damn, Virginia just announced a stay-at-home order until June 10th. That's 72 days.
  7. Honestly, if she would watch the kids right now I think my wife would be okay with it.
  8. That certainly is a bummer. They know you two have been in contact right? Is she at least able to FaceTime you while she's there?
  9. Thanks for the drywall tips everyone. You're making me want to buy a model but I feel like I have less time with all of this. Good luck cleaning Mark!
  10. Definitely not plaster, it’s drywall that’s been repaired a lot. Here’s a picture of one of the cracks. This is an interior wall and despite the orientation it’s going from the vent cutout to the vertical corner of a wall.
  11. They're in a few spots, some on the outside walls, others on the inside. It's a 45 year old house and we've been here for 8 years. I suspect some is seasonal movement. Not tearing at the ceiling or corner joints, usually between the corner of a window or air vent to the corner of the wall. Not straight either, crazy almost like a river bed shape. The things you notice when you're stuck inside!
  12. No kidding. I forgot they sell skin glue for at home. Will go get some when I can. Anyone have any recommendations for drywall putty that is more flexible then the standard stuff? I patched some cracks in a wall a while ago and they've come back in a few places. Any tips or tricks? @Tom King
  13. Normally our 2 children eat breakfast and lunch at daycare and my wife and I get breakfast at work once a week. Now having them home all day means way more food, but not enough to hoard. If they didn't drink a gallon of milk every 2 days I could get by without going out for a couple weeks.
  14. I try to just check the news to see what states are closing. Seems like there's crazies out from all sides. Virginia has shut down their schools until the end of the academic year. No word from the counties what's going to happen, ours may do online learning. My kids are in daycare but that's shut down from last Tuesday until at least Friday. I expect an update of another week or two. My wife and I are working from home with a 2.5 year old and a 5 year old. Challenging is an understatement. The kids like to follow me wife around so she's having a much harder time. I had to go out to Safeway yesterday to get more milk since the kids drink it too fast. Figured if I was there I might as well do all my shopping. Stocked up for another week. They were out of all paper products and the necessary cleaning supplies. Weird driving past the DC Metro (subway) at rush hour and there not being any cars. Haven't seen my parents in 10 days. They're late 60's and I don't want them to get sick. I have to keep yelling at them to stay home. My mom is mad, she wants to see the grandkids but I won't let them until things calm down. I'm so thankful we have a townhouse and aren't in a small apartment. Wish we had more room but at least we have 3 different floors to go between. Also so happy for the few hundred acre park by my house. Nice place to let the kids run through the woods.
  15. I haven't had a chance to look, but given the increase in the $ it might be cheaper to order Festool tools from a non-US Amazon.