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  1. legenddc

    Deck Stain

    I was thinking about that but I couldn't find the video anywhere. Osmo clear doesn't offer any UV protection and I'll have to research Rubio some more. Seems like it's just the normal stuff that people use for indoor furniture? I half expected Tom to come on here and say use Sherwin Williams which is 3x+ as much as Thompson's or Olympic deck sealer.
  2. legenddc

    Deck Stain

    Every neighborhood around here has an HOA. I've never had any issues nor have my parents or friends. With our town HOA we get access to at least a dozen pools, 50ish tennis courts and miles and miles of trails, picnic areas, etc. As long as you understand the rules it's easy to work around.
  3. legenddc

    Deck Stain

    Oh it gets better. We actually have 2 HOAs, one for the town and one for our neighborhood. Ours is actually pretty relaxed. My wife was the president last year before she got tired of the work. Most people in our neighborhood have a couple of violations but nothing ever gets said, it's more to avoid trash piling up and pink front doors. Funnily enough, our current HOA President just had her deck stained and it doesn't meet code so I can do whatever I want unless she wants to redo hers too.
  4. legenddc

    Deck Stain

    We had our deck built in April/May and it's now time to power wash it and stain/seal it. Due to our HOA we have pretty limited options and will be doing a clear stain. I know decks will require ongoing maintenance but I'd rather not have to do this every 3 months because I used the wrong product. Any recommendation for clear finishes on pressure treated lumber? I have about 500 ^ft of deck and 30' of railings I have to finish so any tips for getting it down would be great too.
  5. Good call, didn't think about the other hardware. Might as well see if my dad wants to make one too. Can't be that much harder to knock out two of them.
  6. Here's the link how to build it. Might have to make it so I can use the toggle clamps I got off of ebay. https://www.finewoodworking.com/membership/pdf/27802/011231056.pdf
  7. Probably was partially a labor shortage but the demand also spiked. With everyone at home, cramped and staring out at their backyard decided to redo their decks. Throw in people saving money not commuting to work, stimulus money, tax refund time, daycare if you had kids etc. and some people had a lot more disposable income. We luckily got ours built in April and the lumber supplier was offering a discount. My nextdoor neighbor did his deck in June/July and couldn't get boards. Ended up having to put 2x8s down, not normal deck top boards. Good time to start a pressure washing and stai
  8. Construction/deck lumber prices are through the roof. Tom when you're ready to rent please let me know. We need a new spot for next year assuming things calm down with COVID.
  9. Incra Miter Express is what you need to make the 1000 into a sled. Keep in mind that it's smaller then the 5000.
  10. @duckkisser Ours has held up well for the last year or so that we've had it. The cans come with the one I bought and linked too. My parents have one like drzairus that has held up pretty well over the last 20 years. I like that style better, but given your space, you may need to use the bottom mount one that I showed. Once you get under 12" it's hard to find ones that fit. If you're at 14" you might have more options.
  11. Is super glue really not available everywhere in the US? Today my wife's key got stuck in the front door. I decided to try and shop with a small business instead of Home Depot but the locksmith didn't have the knob in stock and it was going to be $69. Home Depot, Lowes and Amazon have the same lock for $30. I still need to run to a local small engine repair shop and pick up a new carburetor for Honda engine on a pressure washer. That's only a few dollars more then ordering online and I can get it before the weekend.
  12. I have a skinny cabinet next to my oven and put this in it. Works pretty well for our recycling. Still have a drawer above it too. I was going to custom make one, but by the time you find trash cans to fit it was cheaper to buy that thing from Lowes. Cabinets are normally 24" deep, are yours 6" deeper?
  13. @Chet Caught this the other week but forgot to comment on it. Amazing work you and your granddaughter did. I hope when my daughter is 10 she wants to be in the shop as well. Do you have any pictures of your lumber bench rests? Every time I look at the picture I notice something else. They seem incredibly useful and I'd like to make some soon.
  14. It's a LOT easier to get to the lumber dealer when you're working from home. Took a work phone call on the way out there and a quick one on the way back with no one the wiser. Now to catch up on emails...
  15. Bora Centipede workbench or something similar so you have more points of contact but not a full bench beneath?