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  1. There's also a blanket chest up there in greene and greene style. I think I heard it was designed in collaboration with Darrell Peart but I'm not 100% certain. If you buy a guild project, join the guild Facebook group. Darrell is in it and comments frequently.
  2. You might be interested in the whole guild project: https://thewoodwhispererguild.com/product/fremont-nightstand/
  3. legenddc

    DJ-20 Northern VA. good price on CL

    There was an 8" Grizzly with spiral cutterhead in No.VA for $800 the other week. Went real quick.
  4. legenddc

    Tool stand

    Sorry, I was slacking at slacking at work.
  5. legenddc

    Tool stand

    I tried the gray and hated it, ended up painting that project instead. Now I have an almost full can of the stuff taking up space.
  6. legenddc

    Black Friday cometh

    Pretty tame here too. I got the Rockler small port sanding adapter because my dad needed more money for free shipping and the flip-top cart plan from FixThisBuildThat.
  7. legenddc

    Black Friday cometh

    Same issue here. Everything is either little Rockler tchotchkes or has an extra 0 or two in the price.
  8. legenddc

    Which Lathe Chuck

    Honestly, not much. I got a lathe about a month before we had our second kid and I've spent so little time wood working over the last year. I would like to turn some bowls and trees. Maybe some of the turning kits for ice scream scoops, etc. but mostly bowls and trees.
  9. legenddc

    Which Lathe Chuck

    I searched the forum and couldn't find much. What lathe chucks does everyone recommend? I have the 10"x18" Harbor Freight lathe so I'm not looking to turn massive bowls. I saw Rockler has the Nova G3 kit on sale for $150 and I saw someone here recommended the Barracuda one. Does it matter or are they all good enough and I'll eventually end up with multiples anyway? What should one look for in a lathe chuck?
  10. legenddc

    Bessey Clamp Question

    I think the difference is the JR's have about half the force (900lb vs 1,700lbs) and the pads are smaller. JR's will be lighter too as a result.
  11. legenddc

    Grinder Dust Collection

    Maybe something like this would help keep it contained. Maybe extend it around the sides? https://www.pennstateind.com/store/marlen-tip-14.html
  12. legenddc

    Pair Of Bookshelves

    Twilight books? Really? Bookshelves look great! Check behind your lightswitch, ours had an extra wire that I was able to add a double switch (in a single width box) to control fan speed and the light separately despite the electrician who installed it saying it couldn't be done.
  13. legenddc

    Grinder Dust Collection

    Maybe one or two of those big Rockler silicone glue mats would contain it all and be able to be cleaned up whenever necessary?
  14. legenddc

    Zero footprint outfeed table

    Are you still able to raise/lower the wheels with the outfeed table hanging down? I have the Craftsman equivalent of this saw and it has levers on the front and back for the wheels.
  15. legenddc

    Moving shop cross-country...how do my plans sound?

    Someone said it above, but I'd be careful of the weight. You've got some heavy tools, a heavy range and probably 2,000 lbs worth of trailer. That 6,500-7,500 lb towing limit might be exceeded pretty quick. Factor in fuel/hassle, it might be cheaper to use another POD.