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  1. I once taped up a piece of computer paper to the wall in college to pass an inspection. Finished it properly before we moved out. I'm slowly getting better at fixing drywall.
  2. I believe one of the big Porter Cable ones was just discontinued. Outside of the big box stores and Rockler/Woodcraft have you looked on CPOoutlets, Acme Tools, Toolnut, etc? You may get lucky at a smaller woodworking retailer who has lower turnover.
  3. That's about how much compound I need to fix a small hole...my drywall skills aren't very good. Best of luck finishing up the garage. I hope you have a heater in there as things get cold.
  4. That's real interesting and would certainly speed things up. I'm basically planning to take out flat slab doors and attach some 1/4 plywood to them so it looks like 3 panel doors. I figure coating the plywood will be 2 coats of decent primer so the wood doesn't bleed through. This Snapdry would save a ton of time assuming I can get it to match the rest of the trim.
  5. @Tom KingThank you for sharing this. I read it back in August and apparently it made enough of an impression on me that I remembered it months later as I'm planning to redo all of our doors here soon. Unfortunately it will be too cold to paint them outside so I guess I'll be painting them all by hand inside for a while.
  6. Good insight. If I remember I will try to download it and see the noise level of my lunchbox planer. I'm sure it's through the roof. I'm glad I stumbled on Marc's video on workshop safety early in my journey. Once I bought earmuffs I realized I could work longer and be less fatigued at the end of the workshop session. I do listen to music with them but only actually listen listen to it while sanding.
  7. Spent some time over the last few days working on a whiskey cabinet with my dad. Seems to be a comedy of errors going on, but we'll get it done at some point. Good to work with him at the very least. Just fixed a light above our stairs. Outside of a few hopefully quick house things, I think I'll be able to get back down in the shop more over the next couple of weeks. I really want to start on my Shaker end table but have to plan it out so I can go use my dad's jointer. One of these days I'll find a good used one that doesn't cost more then new ones. You're all making me very jealous
  8. These are on sale for $10 for the month of November: https://www.homedepot.com/p/DEWALT-10-Compartment-Deep-Pro-Small-Parts-Organizer-DWST14825/203367153 Harbor Freight has some similar one but they seem to have just raised the price.
  9. Hopefully you're able to get all your money back from the vendors. Once covid lets up go take a nice honeymoon with everything you saved.
  10. Something like this? https://www.harborfreight.com/floor-bin-rack-with-47-bins-95736.html Every major tool brand seems to make parts organizers. Some of them might work for your needs.
  11. We've been seeing friends and family but staying outdoors around friends. Glad we put our deck in this year but it's going to be cold here soon so seeing friends is going to have to stop. One of our friends is going through a really hard time and I want to go over there and be there for them but we can't. It's tough. I hope you're able to see your grandkids. Not sure how old they are, but my kids are already freaking out seeing people's Christmas decorations. I suspect I'll be putting ours up soon and tripping over the cords every time I have to rake the leaves.
  12. Not a minor thing at all. With all the work needed to put on a wedding, that's a tough blow. Anyone who isn't understanding of your call shouldn't get invited to a rescheduled wedding or reception. My sister had to postpone her wedding a year and did an immediate family only wedding in a park. One of the groom's sisters couldn't come since she's a doctor in NYC. She set up a Zoom call and everyone seemed to enjoy that. All told their wedding was 15 including the officiant (me) and the photographer (her bridesmaid).
  13. Had one of those for a few years that I bought on black friday. Used it a bunch when I did our crown molding. Could even be useful washing/waxing an SUV.
  14. Lowes Black Friday ad scan is up already now and seems to be mostly available now. I think I'm going to return the Milwaukee Fuel drill/impact/jigsaw for the Dewalt XR versions at Lowe's. I'll lose the 2 5.0 amp/hour batteries for 2 2.0 ones but will save $100.
  15. Just placed the order for the Milwaukee M18 drill/impact kit. Jigsaw will be ordered soon and then I think I'm done.