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  1. For me it's just fixing/improving the house and fixing a car when it breaks. Outside of that and woodworking, my main 'hobby' is chasing 2 little kids and cleaning up after then. I used to be interested in photography but never went off the deep end there. Would like to do some more of that and learning to cook better. Hopefully we'll enjoy some more hikes with the kids now that its getting warmer.
  2. Looking back I bought them on sale. 3 sets for $24
  3. These from Rockler have a post that goes into the stud for support and then 2 screws into anchors. I bought them almost a year ago but haven't gotten around to installing them. I think I'll be doing it soon though. https://www.rockler.com/i-semble-heavy-duty-blind-shelf-support
  4. That's a serious mix-up. Imagine what could have happened if someone received it wasn't supposed to have ammo. There could have been some severe consequences. I'm happy to take anything extra Amazon would like to send me but I suppose I don't order from them enough.
  5. Wow, that's impressive. I can't imagine working at that scale. I always seem to place things exactly in the way of what I need, moving 8,500 of anything sounds painful.
  6. I’ll be getting a California Air tools one once my pancake dies. I just got a cordless nail gun but for the amount of nails I’m shooting so quickly in a door a pneumatic is quicker and a lot lighter.
  7. I took another look and there was a piece slightly bent. Hammered it flatter and it seems the leak has mostly stopped or at least drastically slowed down. Hopefully it will work, at least until Monday when I can grab my dad's as a backup. Not sure if I want to spend $15 on parts for a gun that was part of the $199 3 gun/compressor kit or just replace it. If anything I wish the noisy compressor would break instead.
  8. Middle of converting 8 bi-fold doors and 12 interior doors from flat panel to 3 panel and my nailer is now leaking. Not sure if it's worth trying to fix or if I shouldn't just get a new one. Unless I go buy a new one I'm dead in the water until Monday when I can borrow my dad's.
  9. I’m becoming more afraid of heights as I get older. Really just tall ladders, not tall buildings. Working on my doors more. Not many scraps from 8 sheets of plywood. First bifold door is done, just needs to be sanded and painted. 7 more bifold doors and then onto the regular doors.
  10. Rumor has it that they go up at 8:15 AM CST lately.
  11. When you used the PU glue did you wet the surface at all? I'm hesitant to get the hardboard doors wet. Ended up being able to rip them all in my basement without opening up a door. Spent a solid 2.5 hours over 2 days ripping everything. My wife primed the back of a couple of doors last night but limited space is really going to drag this project on.
  12. Thanks everyone. I'm pretty pleased with how the wood as well. @Mick SI'll keep my eyes out for your post. Also I may propose the idea of trading labor with my landscaper neighbor.
  13. My Ryobwalt nail gun arrived last week and today. Seems to work fine and can certainly handle putting up door stop trim.
  14. I guess some things are back to the pre-Covid days. I was at the store and saw so much TP they actually had it on sale.
  15. Really missing my pickup truck right about now. Second time I had to do this just this week. Made worse by having to remove the kids car seat and reinstall it.