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  1. I heard a commercial earlier that Home Depot has the kids workshop kits again. May have to pick up some of them next time I'm there. Busy day here. Had a contractor fixing a slight leak by our skylight while another was here removing some attic insulation, filling in gaps and blow in some new insulation. Hoping the 2nd floor will stay cooler and we all sleep better.
  2. If I was doing a ton of Reindeer, bandsaw boxes, spurtles, etc. I could see having multiple spindle sanders. Keep a belt on one and a spindle on another.
  3. Downloaded a decibel app to see how loud the cicadas are outside my house. Inside it was reading under 50, outside was 78-82 db. Also clocked my shop vac at 85 db and air compressor at 89 db.
  4. Finally got the Dust Deputy cyclone I found used set up. Need a hose to go from the vac to the cyclone, but at least it works. My 3 year old son helped me drill the holes on the bucket lid and vacuum up a bunch while I got shocked from it. I tried to sneak down later to set up my jointer knives but he caught me and came downstairs. Hard to set them up (for the first time) with a wriggling kid on your lap. I ended up cutting my finger with the non-sharp side of the knife and decided I'll have to try it again when he's asleep. Thrilled he's taking an interest but I need to come up with
  5. Or you're better at cutting to the line on the bandsaw. I'm sure at times using hand tools would be much more efficient then using the spindle sander.
  6. @Chestnut How are you doing today? Hopefully you're on the road to recovery by now.
  7. Is the floor there littered with the remains of pencils?
  8. Same. Too many people around here anyway. We have 2 young children who aren't able to get the vaccine yet and it's easier to wear them then explain why they have to and we don't. I know that I could explain it, but you try having a logical conversation with a 3 year old.
  9. New jointer knives arrived. Hopefully I can get the jointer up and running in the next few days.
  10. I’ve heard Zoro still has normal prices for Romex. Maybe you can order it and just pay for labor?
  11. But how do I get to the tools in the bottom?
  12. Not really feeling work today so I decided to take a 10 minute break and clean up the shop some. Somehow that became 30 minutes. I really need a workbench with retractable casters. Trying to use a table top on sawhorses is a major PITA and I can't install my vise on it. I also need some drawer storage so I can find things and avoid flat surface disorder.
  13. If you're assuming you'll be upgrading you might as well get an extra 220 line installed. I can't give advice on what dust collector to get but did want to point out that Laguna is raising their prices June 1 and Grizzly just did. I would assume more companies will be raising their prices soon so it might be smart to buy now instead of waiting.
  14. Glad you were able to find something that works. I was about to post that I saw the Milwaukee M12 Surge (oil-impact) is on sale at Home Depot. Dewalt does have a 12v 1/4" screwdriver but I've never seen it in stores. I think you went the best route.