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    Home Depot seems to have the kids workshop kits back, but you don't do them in the store. Just pick them up and let your kids do them at home. They're supposed to come out the first Saturday of the month. Got a couple of leftover ones the other week and the kids made them and had a blast.
  2. Pictures aren't loading for me from your last post.
  3. Picked up the Rockler dust collector expanding hose and the swivel connector for it. With my little Jet dust collector it needs a swivel so it doesn't get tippy. Nice to replace the early 90s hose that seems like it was a gutter drainage pipe.
  4. Is that a car subwoofer in the corner of your shop? Nice progress, especially considering the restrictions.
  5. The new bike tires I ordered came in the mail right before a conference call. Should go without saying that was one of my most productive conference calls. Forgot to order a kickstand and the bike shop didn't have any. They sure seemed to have a lot of bikes with price tags closer to a nice used car lot.
  6. So my wife actually went to the bike shop to get a coffee and came home with a 16" tire for a 18" wheel... She also got an 18" tube. Not sure how the bike shop gave us the wrong size. Apparently 18" tires are hard to find but I managed to find a set on eBay that will be here soon.
  7. I checked online and the local bike shop doesn't have the right size tires and tubes in stock. I have a couple of neighbors big into bikes, one fixes them up and resells them so I can get some help if I get over my head. Local places prices for tune-ups are more than a kids bike. Maybe they offer cheaper rates for kids bikes. Thanks for the recommendations everyone. I'll have to place an order for the tires/tubes and some of the tools recommended.
  8. Is there anyone familiar with bikes and bike repairs that could point me in the right direction on how fix some kids bikes? I need to replace the tires and tubes on a bike we got for my 6 year old and there are too many videos/websites out there. I imagine with 2 kids I'll need to learn to replace a decent number of chains too. What tools do I need and where's a good place to buy parts for kids? I don't need top of the line tools or carbon fiber parts which all the websites seem to point you towards.
  9. The Harbor Freight dust collector is far and away louder than a straight blade jointer and almost as loud as the straight blade planer. My older weaker Jet one is a lot quieter.
  10. I think it was a long time ago now, but I believe April Wilkerson set up the dust control at her shop outside but had the filter inside to help with the noise. If I recall she had it set up where she could switch between the filter and just running the exhaust outside allowing you to keep the AC in the building when it's really hot out and dump the air outside when it's milder.
  11. Yes, side of the leg. The ones Marc linked to on his out feed table build. Hopefully I’ll get to install them this weekend and will report back how they work.
  12. Only place I could seem to find it was Amazon. They make light switch timers too but that seemed like too much work. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01D3QEK4E?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
  13. Got some workbench casters that lift the bench and a timer so I can push 1 hour and let my tool battery charge and not forget it’s charging for a day.
  14. Well aware. Need to get started on my next big project to generate some more scraps. I need to tune up my bandsaw some and/or get a new belt to make the sanding go quicker. I really like the frame. Still have more wood leftover so I might make another one for myself.
  15. Thank you. I tested it a lot before I did it on the actual wood. I enjoy making frames so I might make a dedicated sled. It's maple with some color in it. The back side was plainer but somehow one of those miters seemed off it became the back. My wife said plain mitered frame with light wood. Picture is a painting we saw on our annual family vacation. They just bought a house and need some artwork. My Aunt and Uncle were in town for the shower and he saw the spurtle I made for Mother's Day and wants one now.