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  1. They also sell the hardware to attach a wood sacrificial piece over the front of the fence.
  2. legenddc

    Dealing with HOA

    Also, why you’re reading the rule book, find everything wrong with your neighbors house. An anonymous tip goes a long way.
  3. legenddc

    Dealing with HOA

    Talk to your landlord and then the HOA. If it’s actually in the guidelines then it is what it is. If not, sand away and call the police in your neighbor with the airhorn. I’d also dogs it a loud dog and run a mower for 8 hours a day on the weekend. Around here everything is an HOA. I actually have 2 HOAs. Live in a townhouse and have 1/3 my basement as a shop, no issues. Also fix my car, run power tools outside and have never had an issue. Guess it depends where you are and who is in charge.
  4. That's going to take up a lot of room. You're going to have 3' of table tops stacked on top of each other, never mind all the legs. I hope you have a massive shop if you're going to finish them all at the same time inside. Best of luck!
  5. I wear my respirator all the time in a shop. I'm in my 30's so I'd rather be safe than sorry. I don't have a jointer or planer at my shop so no dust collector yet, but as soon as I buy one of them a Harbor Freight dust collector will be purchased and I'll keep wearing the respirator.
  6. Yeah, mine is 2 bolts and easily popped off if you need. Having barely used a chainsaw, I'll keep it on.
  7. I bought a little cheap electric one that has a metal guard at the tip to help prevent kickback. I only use it to help cut up logs for turning.
  8. @Chestnut Is this what you're looking for? I would also recommend looking up Jeep hardtop hoists if you want to find a cheaper DIY solution. A lot use hand winches like the boat one linked earlier.
  9. Yeah, that's probably the easiest unless you can turn that drill press sideways and fit both the drill press and grinder on that same side.
  10. I've seen people mount metal working vises onto trailer hitches and mount a hitch receiver somewhere (i.e. under a workbench). Maybe you could do that. Store it under the lathe like you're planning but have a hitch receiver at the tail end of the lathe or elsewhere. My other suggestion would be a fliptop workstation and put another tool on the other side to consolidate the footprint some.
  11. I have the Craftsman version of the Ridgid 4512 that I got used with an upgraded fence. I like it a lot, but I got a hell of a deal. If I was buying new for up to $1k I would be tempted to look at Grizzly. The Ridgid is now $750, up from $650 a year ago which was also up from $529 years ago. I would go with the Delta and a track saw if you'll be doing a lot of plywood work. Don't forget to set money aside for a blade(s). If you're watching Craigslist get a browser extension that to alert you when new table saws pop up. Lot of stuff goes up and down real quick and I've been able to snag a number of things simply by being first.
  12. Ridgid has a lifetime warranty on batteries if you buy them new and follow their process to get them registered. I don't think you'll go wrong with Ridgid, Dewalt, Makita, Bosch or Milwaukee. If you don't need the weight, I've heard the Milwaukee 12v are very good. If you want stuff besides the drill/driver make sure whatever brand has it. I usually look at tool reviews on www.toolguyd.com and any Black Friday sales.
  13. Seems like you have an Impact Driver which is for driving screws. An Impact Wrench is what you would use to get your lug nuts off. There's also now Pulse Drivers which for simplification are quieter impact drivers.
  14. Maybe do a kitchen mixer lift on the right side for the grinder so it is pulled up to a better height?
  15. Seems like the deals are already starting - https://toolguyd.com/home-depot-free-bonus-cordless-power-tools-holiday-deals-2019/