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  1. legenddc

    Oh, so many bowls so little time.

    That's awesome. We have some neighborhood trees coming down soon. I might have to take a day off to steal some wood.
  2. Unless the tools are truly awful, the story will be nice to remember them when you use them. I wish I had taken more from my grandfather. I haven't found a use often for his old egg-beater drill, but I love seeing it and will use it time to time just for fun.
  3. legenddc

    Shopnotes issue 121

    Looks like you can buy it here: https://www.woodsmithplans.com/plan/router-jig-router-lift/ The pictures might be enough to show you how to build it without purchasing the plan.
  4. legenddc

    Just made a website - feedback & criticism?

    I like the site. Reminds me of one I have here at work. I missed the Etsy link, you might want to add that to the top nav. Watch your tense in the Custom Furniture. Made Right. section. I'll, I, etc. Maybe try to switch away from "I" to "you" in that, make the customer the center of attention.
  5. legenddc

    Beginner lathe

    I found this to be helpful if not a little overwhelming - https://www.reddit.com/r/turning/wiki/index Also, check out the Turner's Corner subforum here, you might get better results.
  6. legenddc

    Shop Storage Shed

    I hate holiday decorations. They take up way too much room and time bringing it all out and setting it up. Nice work with the shed. Seems like its coming along well.
  7. legenddc

    Bessey Clamp Question

    Can you cut the 50" one down to 36" or 40"? Or swap them with someone else looking for longer clamps?
  8. legenddc

    Used lathe rant

    Agreed. But if you're trying to sell something that looks the same and its twice the cost, you better clarify what's better about it. When you add in shipping the Grizzly is almost twice as much as the Harbor Freight.
  9. legenddc

    Used lathe rant

    All the mini 10"x18" lathes appear to be the same.There are probably some differences between the electronics and or mechanical bits, but if you look closely the Harbor Freight, Grizzly, Wen, etc. ones all look the same with different paint jobs.
  10. legenddc

    Used lathe rant

    Don't forget a face shield.
  11. legenddc

    Used lathe rant

    Agree on the app or a browser extension. So much stuff pops up and goes away before you realize. I got a lathe for Father's Day last year and have yet to complete a project. Life sure has gotten in the way, only had the tools for it for about a month before our 2nd was born. Maybe one day....
  12. legenddc

    Favorite turned legs?

    Boatloads of turned wooden legs here available for purchase. Might help with some inspiration. https://www.osbornewood.com/Coffee-Table-Legs.aspx
  13. legenddc

    Leveling bed for van

    They make these - https://www.etrailer.com/Wheel-Chocks/Blaylock-Industries/EZ-JACK.html Or I saw someone had an idea of using the trailer jacks to level the vehicle, but I think you could make it work for a mattress - https://www.harborfreight.com/1000-lb-swing-back-trailer-jack-41005.html
  14. legenddc

    Leveling bed for van

    I like the ceiling idea. What about inflatable airbags in the corners? Something like this? You could install an air compressor in the van. Might be helpful to have if you get a flat tire or need to run an air tool.
  15. legenddc

    Jet/Powermatic sale in May...

    Where'd you find a 20% off HD coupon?