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  1. legenddc

    Grinder Dust Collection

    Maybe one or two of those big Rockler silicone glue mats would contain it all and be able to be cleaned up whenever necessary?
  2. legenddc

    Zero footprint outfeed table

    Are you still able to raise/lower the wheels with the outfeed table hanging down? I have the Craftsman equivalent of this saw and it has levers on the front and back for the wheels.
  3. legenddc

    Moving shop cross-country...how do my plans sound?

    Someone said it above, but I'd be careful of the weight. You've got some heavy tools, a heavy range and probably 2,000 lbs worth of trailer. That 6,500-7,500 lb towing limit might be exceeded pretty quick. Factor in fuel/hassle, it might be cheaper to use another POD.
  4. legenddc

    How do you transport your wood?

    I hate how much space carseats take up. I just used my wife's Mazda CX-5 to bring home a board slightly longer than 8' because I didn't feel like driving my old truck with no AC. I've been thinking of getting rid of the truck and just renting a UHaul or Home Depot truck when I need a lot. For how often I use the truck and the cost of insurance it's just not worth the hassle. No place to store a trailer without it costing me a fortune. You can rent pickups from Turo depending on where you live. If you can find a SUV where the window opens separately or the front passenger seat folds down flat you can greatly expand your range. Or throw a hitch on your Escape and rent a UHaul trailer for under $20 when you need a lot.
  5. legenddc

    it pays to be april wilkerson

    You guys are funny with this thread. How do you all feel about the Kardashians? I understand the desire to be constantly improving and striving to be better, but keep in mind not everyone feels that way.
  6. legenddc

    Woodworking without woodturning

    Wow! Got any openings? I'm about to hit 7 years and I don't think anyone will even make a comment.
  7. legenddc

    Oh, so many bowls so little time.

    That's awesome. We have some neighborhood trees coming down soon. I might have to take a day off to steal some wood.
  8. Unless the tools are truly awful, the story will be nice to remember them when you use them. I wish I had taken more from my grandfather. I haven't found a use often for his old egg-beater drill, but I love seeing it and will use it time to time just for fun.
  9. legenddc

    Shopnotes issue 121

    Looks like you can buy it here: https://www.woodsmithplans.com/plan/router-jig-router-lift/ The pictures might be enough to show you how to build it without purchasing the plan.
  10. legenddc

    Just made a website - feedback & criticism?

    I like the site. Reminds me of one I have here at work. I missed the Etsy link, you might want to add that to the top nav. Watch your tense in the Custom Furniture. Made Right. section. I'll, I, etc. Maybe try to switch away from "I" to "you" in that, make the customer the center of attention.
  11. legenddc

    Beginner lathe

    I found this to be helpful if not a little overwhelming - https://www.reddit.com/r/turning/wiki/index Also, check out the Turner's Corner subforum here, you might get better results.
  12. legenddc

    Shop Storage Shed

    I hate holiday decorations. They take up way too much room and time bringing it all out and setting it up. Nice work with the shed. Seems like its coming along well.
  13. legenddc

    Bessey Clamp Question

    Can you cut the 50" one down to 36" or 40"? Or swap them with someone else looking for longer clamps?
  14. legenddc

    Used lathe rant

    Agreed. But if you're trying to sell something that looks the same and its twice the cost, you better clarify what's better about it. When you add in shipping the Grizzly is almost twice as much as the Harbor Freight.
  15. legenddc

    Used lathe rant

    All the mini 10"x18" lathes appear to be the same.There are probably some differences between the electronics and or mechanical bits, but if you look closely the Harbor Freight, Grizzly, Wen, etc. ones all look the same with different paint jobs.