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  1. No, my neighbors was done last year, I should go look at her house tonight.
  2. Tom do you think that would work on cedar shake roofs? We get those big American cockroaches around here and I saw them all over our roof last night.
  3. If you care about these sort of things, there might be code where you're moving with very specific instructions on how to attach balusters. I wouldn't nail them in straight on because they could fall off. I watched my sister in law fall into a pool last year at a rental holding on to a baluster, quite entertaining since no one was hurt. You could screw/nail through the top railing and then put another piece of wood on top of that to cover the holes. #3 could work or maybe horizontal cable but if your kids are like mine they would just climb up it.
  4. They do have McFlurries with candy or cookies in them...
  5. Too bad I'm not closer to you both, I'd come hang out. Years ago my parent's neighbor became close to us, helped my dad wire the basement, helped him wire the basement again when the neighbor realized he told my dad the wrong way to do it, etc. When they moved away we would go to visit 2x a year and see them anytime they came up. Over the year's we essentially became adopted family despite them having 5 children and loads of grandchildren. They came to our graduations, spoke at my wedding and when they passed away we've become close with their children/grandchildren. Learned a lot from them. I'm sitting at my desk looking at the 3 trees I turned on vacation when I was a kid and 2 bowls my "grandfather" turned. His truck is out back and my son's got his middle name from my "grandfather". Time to get back to work though, watching two kids all day means I don't get enough done during the day.
  6. @Mark J Make sure you store those pictures somewhere else besides in your house. You can upload them to Dropbox, OneNote, Evernote, Google Drive, send yourself or your insurance agent an email, etc. but somewhere offsite.
  7. I think a lot of it depends on what insurance policy you have. Covering handmade items would be tricky, maybe less so with an item available online like a Maloof rocker or one of Darrel Peart's nightstand. One thing I might do moving forward is either send every receipt to a specific email/dropbox/evernote/whatever every time I order something. How old are you guys who are planning your future estate sales and do you want to adopt any grown grandchildren?
  8. I've been meaning to do this as well. In fact, I started talking to my insurance company the week before we went into lockdown. I'll have to schedule a call with them. How do you all manage used tools? Equal new equivalent? I.E. my Ridgid 4512 would be equivalent to the new Ridgid 4520 even though I bought it used?
  9. Story of my life. Basement is looking great!
  10. Speaking of projects to make the wife happy, I finished up the crown molding on our first floor yesterday. Had a bit of a break since I started since we had our deck built in the middle. Old deck New deck
  11. Just measured our Mazda and you can get 8' boards in it with 2-4 inches of room. The width between the front seats is about 9.5" so fairly wide boards too.
  12. I was just going to suggest the beam saw. Seems like most cover a little over 6". Maybe a vertical bandsaw normally used for metal if you're not moving it much.
  13. Crazy. It would cost me about $200k to move from our townhouse to a house the same size with a 2 car garage. Most single family houses around here are on 1/4-1/3 acre. There are new townhouses being built here .5 miles from my house that are starting at $800k. Crazy. Back on topic, I just painted 6' of wood under a sliding door with Benjamin Moore exterior paint. It was about as thick as pancake batter. Was it the same with the Sherwin Williams?
  14. That's true, I forgot about winter since ours isn't too bad. Our townhouse is 1,600 ft^2 with an 800 ft^2 basement (mostly finished) with no garage. Just searched in our county and most of the houses with 3 car garages are $900k+ and start at around 4,500 ft^2 but most are at least 5,500 ft^2.
  15. Looks like a whole new house. Great work! So strange for me seeing a "smaller" house with a 3 car garage. Around here it would be a McMansion with a 7 figure price tag.
  16. Got my first quarantine haircut. Wife didn't do too bad but then again I was 3 months overdue for a haircut so anything's an improvement!
  17. @Scooby The free step stool project is up on the guild now - https://thewoodwhispererguild.com/product/dovetailed-step-stools/
  18. I used to fit 8’ 2x4s in my 1998 2 door Jeep Wrangler with all seats in and full top on. Actually fits better then the Mazda. Just rented a Uhaul pickup today for $20 plus mileage. Was great.
  19. Scooby, I have the Ridgid R4512 and like it but people have had issues. There's a new version out now and I've seen some strange reviews. If you have Facebook check out the Ridgid R4512 owner's Facebook group for lots of reviews and tips. I bought the Ridgid planer from here. They go on sale for 25-30% fairly often. https://www.directtoolsoutlet.com/Brands/RIDGID/RIDGID-15-Amp-Corded-13-In-Planer-with-3-Blade-Cutterhead/p/ZRR4331 Set up a Craiglist notification for whatever tools you're looking for and watch out on Facebook marketplace or whatever local board is best. I would definitely take Coop up on his offer. That would speed up your learning curve quite a bit. If you don't have a place for a trailer you can usually find a place to deliver wood or rent a truck from uHaul, Home Depot, Turo, etc. I think the CX-5 limits board length to just under 8' but it's been a while since I've used ours to get some. A simple hand saw can break boards down in the parking lot to a size that fits unless you're working on a big project. Don't be afraid to jump in and start building furniture with hardwood. Rarely do you screw up and have to get rid of the whole project. Also, the majority of people don't notice details or mistakes. There are some great in-depth furniture videos out there but www.thewoodwhispererguild.com has some great ones. Not saying follow this 100% but I think it's an interesting concept showing you some things you can build along the way. https://www.woodmagazine.com/workshop/idea-shop-6?page=1
  20. I miss Home Improvement. Used to watch it every day in college with my roommate on reruns even though we both grew up watching it. Now that our deck is finished I was thinking about trying to set up a projector out there. Need to figure out the seating first.
  21. So what happens? I’ll have to stop doing it. Maybe a little shop blower would work better.
  22. It's tough. We're both working from home "full time" with a 2.5 year old and 5 year old. My wife is supposed to be on 7 hours of calls Monday, I have 2.5 hours of calls and they should be finishing our deck up Monday so I know they'll have questions for us. I feel so lazy sitting inside all day on my computer or playing with the kids while people are right outside our window building a deck.
  23. Just watch your fingers with it! Learned that lesson once, now I tend to drop it and run away!
  24. I have the 3M worktunes with the cord and only one ear works. Kind of annoying but I haven't gotten around to replacing. I almost bought some Isotunes but the either love them or hate them had me concerned. I don't want to spend that much to hate them and if I got another pair of headphones the boss might kill me. To the OP, I would try different size tips or even aftermarket noise comply ones.
  25. We've had better luck ordering through Target with the free 2 day delivery. A few times I've placed orders with Amazon and Rockler on the same day. Usually the Rockler package arrives before Amazon has even fulfilled it.