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  1. Forgot to post this last weekend. Hung the shelves and got the lumber up and shop operational again. Now to finally start on that sideboard.
  2. That might be a 6 year old's thumb so I wouldn't use it to scale. Just measure the drawing and I have the case at 7/8" and the stretcher is a full 2". Will have to be scaled down no matter what.
  3. Pipe is up too I think. A 10' pipe is $28 around here now and 6' is around $18. Thank you for the input. I didn't scale down the legs, but since they're 7" shorter than the original design they'll need some work. Once the case is done I will pick up some 2x4s and do some mockups both for height and leg thickness. I'm unsure still if I'll do the Barnsley joint or not. The Shaker End Table I made will be right by this so I'd like to light. I did find a Shaker-ish version of this but the "client" rejected it. I thought it was you who made the extensions. I'll have to make some and will burn up some Home Depot gift cards on more clamps. TV should be at the same height it's at now, which I think is a little high. Will try to lower it some if I can and test before I make the legs. Had a thought in the shower this morning to use a track saw for the miters instead of the table saw. Keeping at 9' long board square with a table saw blade could be challenging. Will have to test it.
  4. @wtnhighlander Thank you for the @derekcohen tip. I'm going through some of his old posts now. Would this work for the back or do you mean more of a door duplication? I'd like the back to be nice even though there's nowhere we could put this to see it. Maybe one day we'll have loads of space so it might as well be done right now. @Mark JThanks for that. I was looking at it earlier. I have 2 pipe clamps I could use that are long enough and 2 50" Bessey parallel clamps that could work with the extenders. I swear someone here had made their own. I'll find it eventually. I think I'll need some more 24" clamps for the top/bottom.
  5. After months and months of discussions and a possible refusal to build a farmhouse TV stand with barn doors, I'm finally ready to start working on my next big project, a sideboard TV stand. I must have gone through 500 pictures of TV stands before I finally found what my wife wanted, The Contemporary Sideboard from FineWoodworking #277. I did a rough full size sketch so we could make sure it fit where it's going. The TV is going to be mounted on the wall so I'm not concerned about the weight of it on the stand. Ours will be made from all cherry and will have 4 doors. The legs will be shorter so the TV isn't up too high. Since they're basically a stand for the cabinet I can always make taller ones if we want to repurpose it later. So picture the above in all cherry, another door wider and lower. After finding a new lumber dealer I finally have all of the wood that I need for this unless I really screw things up. I don't have a Domino (only biscuits) so the joinery for the miter joints and interior vertical divider will have to be improvised. I'd like to try mitering all 4 sides but Chestnut suggested just the tops with mitered trim all around. Depending on how the top two corners go that may change my mind. How to reinforce the miter? I need to come up with a way to clamp all of this. It will be about 64" wide so if I go full length clamps some more and extenders will have to be purchased/made. The doors will be inset and I'm not sure what door hinges I need. The trim on the case will stick out some so I need to find the right style. For the back of the case is it better to go with a 15"tall x 32" wide panel with the grain vertically or horizontally? I haven't fully thought through the wood movement issue. I'll have to test it when I get to the doors, but I'm debating on running the grain vertically for the panels. I think I have a wide enough board to only need one with continuous grain but I don't know how it will look. Hopefully after this week I can start on this. Being as I have a long panel to glue up and a short shop I'm going to be limited to working on this during the weekend when the kids are awake. Once those parts are sorted I can keep chipping away at night on things. Open and welcome to any suggestions, tips, criticism, etc.
  6. Buried under all this wood is a workbench and a tablesaw. Had to move everything out of the living area of the basement before a kid got hurt. New lumber racks come tomorrow and once I can pop by Home Depot to buy some screws I can get everything I'm not going to use for the new TV stand up and out of the way. Hoping to start on that the weekend of the 23rd. The case alone should clear out a bunch of boards. Will be tossing some scraps as I put it all back too.
  7. I've been keeping a look out for one of those but $100 is tough pill to swallow considering I already have a working DC one. I was also looking at the Ryobi version at half the price but without the DC cord option it has a limited lifespan. I really like that it has the high volume option too for kids stuff too.
  8. I'm sure gee-dub feels differently, but I'm glad this is coming together slowly and with lots of updates. There's so many little genius things I would have overlooked if this was just a few pictures of a finished shop. The painters-pyramid holder seems so simple and smart
  9. My inlaws had a place at Deep Creek until a few years ago. Miss having that place and all the beautiful scenery up there.
  10. You're all overestimating my attention span. If I remember I'll check it out soon.
  11. I need to make some angled ones as well. For some reason my brain can't work out how raising the blade at a 45* angle will work. Guess it's just one of those things I need to do and not try to understand it.
  12. Those are some nice looking wrenches! I just picked up a SK 1/4" socket drive screwdriver from Habitat for Humanity for $.50. Wish they had more SK stuff.
  13. Technically it’s not in the bench yet, but will be soon. Think it’ll cover the rest of my projects for the year.
  14. Welcome to the forum! That’s a nice piece you made and a nice nephew you have! You may want to check those prices again. I think they just went up this week. Could change your mind on that alone.
  15. legenddc

    Shop Stools

    Well, I picked up a very fantastic looking wooden stool from Habitat for Humanity for $2.50 today. Should do the trick and if I'm really using it a ton I'll look at upgrading to something nicer.
  16. Seems like you'd get the same sort of satisfaction putting an engine back into a car you're restoring.
  17. Dannnnnnnggggg. Pre-Covid my office was 5.5 miles from my house and I think my wife's was under 8. Target and Home Depot are both under 3 miles as are 6 different brands grocery stores. I used to fill up once a month unless we had a trip. Once our community figures out charging stations for our townhouses I'd like to get a plugin hybrid or electric car. Even an old Leaf to zip around and pick up kids and groceries would work but that Jeep Wrangler 4XE has me tempted.
  18. Yeah, 22.5k is a lot of miles. We did <15k between 2 cars and 2 drivers. I bet this year will be less too.
  19. It's not just sanders. It's tablesaws, routers, bandsaws, lathes, etc.
  20. legenddc


    Home Depot seems to have the kids workshop kits back, but you don't do them in the store. Just pick them up and let your kids do them at home. They're supposed to come out the first Saturday of the month. Got a couple of leftover ones the other week and the kids made them and had a blast.
  21. Pictures aren't loading for me from your last post.
  22. Picked up the Rockler dust collector expanding hose and the swivel connector for it. With my little Jet dust collector it needs a swivel so it doesn't get tippy. Nice to replace the early 90s hose that seems like it was a gutter drainage pipe.
  23. Is that a car subwoofer in the corner of your shop? Nice progress, especially considering the restrictions.
  24. The new bike tires I ordered came in the mail right before a conference call. Should go without saying that was one of my most productive conference calls. Forgot to order a kickstand and the bike shop didn't have any. They sure seemed to have a lot of bikes with price tags closer to a nice used car lot.
  25. So my wife actually went to the bike shop to get a coffee and came home with a 16" tire for a 18" wheel... She also got an 18" tube. Not sure how the bike shop gave us the wrong size. Apparently 18" tires are hard to find but I managed to find a set on eBay that will be here soon.