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  1. I was thinking the same thing. We somehow lost power for 2.5 hours this week while I was traveling. Wasn't able to find out why as the power company was blocking me from accessing since I was in a different country. For the limited times we've lost power I'm okay not having a generator. We have enough family far enough away that we don't all lose power but they're close enough to get there if there was an outage. Keeping a spare carb on hand seems very smart. Wouldn't want to have to try and order one in an emergency.
  2. Got more sleep last night than the previous two combined. Too many late nights and early morning meetings this week. Fortunately they made sure we had plenty of free time and got to do some fun things. Saw a flamenco show at a Michelin 1 star restaurant and had a walking tour in Toledo Spain. Nice to be back home.
  3. Had some different views than normal this week traveling for work. Second hotel view This door is supposedly original from the 15th century.
  4. This was intended to be a drill station but ended up holding nail guns since it’s in a storage room. It works okay for what it is but I don’t like the lack of adjustability in width for the hanging tools.
  5. Both kids had their first ever soccer games this weekend and they each scored a goal! Hoping that gives my daughter a bit more confidence. They had some friends over on Sunday so I was able to mock up doors for the TV stand I haven't touched in 6 months. I have some travel coming up and won't get to work on it until late October. Can't wait to get it done!
  6. Tom I hope your mom recovers well and is back home safe soon!
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    You didn't say, but did you get stung? How did you get the sawzall out? Was it covered in yellowjacket spray when you did?
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    You might want to look at the Dewalt 18v to 20v battery adapter so you can run lithium ion batteries. Would help you transition to the 20v tools to if anything breaks.
  9. Picked up the Wen drill chuck for my lathe. Threw it in the headstock quickly to check it out. Pretty nice for under $20.
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    Next job

    Well you sure seem to get at it and consistently! Hope your mom is still holding up well and enjoying the birds.
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    Next job

    How do you and Chestnut seem to have 48 hour days while the rest of us are stuck with 24? I agree about the lack of professionals who are able to do things right. Anytime my wife has convinced me to hire someone for something I can do (or learn to do) I'm not happy with the results.
  12. I just checked it out and without the softbox it does work, but not the best for a raking light.
  13. We bought these to use for taking pictures but I don't see why they wouldn't work for a raking light besides I wouldn't want to get them dusty.
  14. Anyone have any recommendations for some cheaper low voltage landscaping lights? I had some in our front yard and the pathway lights all went out but the spot light is still working. I think it was related to the lightening strike just across the street from us. Also looking for some low-voltage deck lights that aren't $30+ each. Wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with some before I sift through all the fake reviews on Amazon.
  15. 50% of the current equivalent price might be a good place to start. An 8" jointer for $400 in the 90s might be worth more since new ones are $2k+.
  16. Reindeer looks good! Would be interested to hear about your process batching out 30 of them. I'll probably hold off a month or so on buying a chuck since I won't have much time to use it. Will keep my eyes open for a sale on the Nova one. I think if I end up not using it I'll be able to sell it for more.
  17. Everything to do with the lathe seems to be slippery and needs a million extra things. I do have access to a drill press at my dad's house and a very small shop so I think I'll be picking up a 4 jaw chuck and a drill press chuck. I saw Wen has a drill press chuck for under $20 so I'll most likely try that. Not sure if I want to look at the Wen 4 jaw chuck or just cry once and get a Nova. @Chestnut - Glad she's sleeping better. Hopefully the crying eases soon as well. Kids seem to just mess with you constantly. Once you get the hang of something it all changes and you're back to square one.
  18. Picturing you wearing those and holding a baby makes me laugh. Our kids weren't that loud but for some reason my daughter would only stop crying if we were standing. I hope she's turned the corner for you and is sleeping more now. My wife and I often debate if people with or without kids have worse hearing later in life. Figure those without kids have more time to spend at loud bars, concerts, etc.
  19. Took my class at Rockler and turned a pizza cutter handle. Super easy using carbide tools. I think if I had initially bought them instead of traditional ones I would have actually made some things by now. Spent the last couple of days looking at lathe accessories. I need a Jacobs chuck and either a drill press or 4 jaw chuck.
  20. I've seen lots of recommendations for using exterior doors to help muffle the sound and seal the shop off better. I think a secret door would be cool but might be in the way anytime you have to move something large in or out.
  21. I have the Ridgid oscillating spindle sander on a flip top cart with a planer on the other side and don't have any complaints. I don't need to switch back and forth between the two often enough for it to be a hassle.
  22. Mine is mostly 8' so you're not standing up a sheet of plywood. I do occasionally bump the hanging lights but nothing has broken yet. Just have a small dust collector but I could see shorter ceilings being an issue with that.
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    Rough tickets at today’s Nats game..
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    Back to work after a week off so why not post here instead of responding to all my emails? Last week we spent a few days in PA and took the kids to Hersey Park. I can't believe how brave our kids are. They've done little kids rides at the beach and just a month ago rode the teacups. Last week was their first time on roller coasters and they (almost 5 and 7.5 years old) did a coaster with a loop and one with a 96' drop. My daughter (7) was freaked out after the loop one but I think she would do it again given the chance. After PA we came home and went to a Water Park and then finally relaxed some on Friday only to go get a piece of furniture from my parent's house and organize our basement. Pulled out a ton of stuff to sell and give away. Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon working on the 10% of the molding I never did after we got our floors redone in March... Of course it's going to take 90% of the time to do it. Having to lengthen the door jambs by about an inch. Once that's installed, filled/sanded and painted I can install the last of the quarter round. Trying to get it all done soon so I can pick up on the TV stand that's been untouched since March.
  25. Most of the trees around here end up being hollow when they’re cut down. One was filled with concrete. The tree company went through a lot of chains cutting that down! I was given a turning class for my birthday at Rockler so the next tree that gets cut down I’ll try to save a bunch and make some things.