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  1. Seems like you need a rear winch bumper for the Gladiator!
  2. Have the 3M Worktunes and while I like them for the sound protection they do get heavy. Debating on getting some IsoTunes eventually.
  3. legenddc


    I only want a camera to see if something is going on outside at night or in case we notice someone suspicious with all the kids around here. If they want to steal my catalytic converter or even my whole car, I have insurance for that. If someone really wants to break into our house there's enough glass for them to easily do it. Since we mostly work from home now and a lot of our neighbors are retired/home all day there are probably much easier places to rob. On an unrelated note, I saw this before and I think it's just too awesome not to share. Even if it's not your thing it appears to be very talented craftsmanship. https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cddjyk4gBbQ/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  4. Considering the cheapest floor standing 8" jointer from Grizzly is $1750 + shipping/taxes I'd say go for it. Even a 6" one is over $1000. As long as it works the worst that happens is you save up and sell it, possibly for more than you paid.
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    Yeah, for that I'd be willing to pay. Best of luck to your daughter. There are programs to download and save text messages too.
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    Look up how to find Apple AirTags to make sure her car doesn’t have one on it. And no custom license plates. Maybe get new ones just in case.
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    What don't you like? I haven't had a chance to do any research but I've heard about Arlo and Eufy security cameras. I don't want Ring. I'd prefer something without a monthly subscription cost.
  8. My air meter showed up yesterday out of the blue so I’ll hopefully have some results soon.
  9. Do you use traditional or carbide insert tools? I got a lathe a while ago but haven’t spent enough time on it to become good.
  10. Will do. Waiting for my dust monitor to come in so I can actually monitor things. Found a free marble slab right by my house so I threw it on top of some plywood and the hairpins legs I bought for a temporary coffee table. Also here are the shelves I hung up last weekend.
  11. $250 shipped for a Ridgid Planer - factory blemished which I think retains the warranty: https://www.directtoolsoutlet.com/product/R4331 They also have a bunch of Ryobi tools including some outdoor tools.
  12. Forgot to say I got my Wen air filter hung up yesterday after work before the kids got home. Was hoping to get the shop cleaned up but we lost power from 6:30-10 so nothing got done. No idea what happened with the power, 300ish places lost power. Only our 3rd time in 10 years I think and we had mild weather so can't really complain.
  13. $10 for 3 hours sure makes it a lot easier to get started! No CNC at this one. There is another makerspace around here you can join but it's a fairly expensive monthly fee and not something you can start/stop as you please. I believe we also have a ceramics and glass workshop too but I haven't checked them out yet.
  14. Finally got to do some woodworking yesterday. Went to our community woodshop to mill up some boards I'm using for a bed frame. Figured it would be easier to use their 12" jointer on 8"x80" boards and a floor standing Powermatic planer compared to my 6" jointer and lunchbox planer. Just barely squeaked by with the length for how that shop is set up. I did have to push a guy out of the way so he didn't get hit by one of my boards coming out of the planer. The workshop is a great place for small projects but anything involving long boards is tough to do there. It was nice to see that there were 7+ people there using it, mostly for smaller projects like bandsaw boxes and one guy was on the lathe.
  15. Thanks, I didn't think to check to see if he had another channel. Will have to watch them later. Vacuuming it is probably smarter than blowing it and spreading the dust.
  16. Thank you for posting your observations. I'm excited to get mine in and see the results. Mine is somewhere between China and the East Coast. Not sure if it made it out of China before the lockdowns started. Knowing what you now know about hand sanding what, if anything, are you going to do differently? Also, could you share what Matthias has been doing? I checked his YouTube channel but don't see anything on it.
  17. That's such a clean setup it almost makes me want to install them and start changing my own oil. The cost of oil and an oil filter is almost the same as an oil change so I avoid the hassle.
  18. There's a new place by me that is getting set up to have most of the more common boards as S3S. Last I was there they claimed it would be for the same price but we'll see.
  19. M12 FUEL 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Hammer Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit https://slickdeals.net/f/15759967-milwaukee-m12-fuel-brushless-hammer-drill-and-impact-driver-combo-kit-w-2-batteries-home-depot-113-80?prop=rcmid-4c25629c10d6e96e20af78e05ce54648&src=foryou_recombee
  20. Had a good day today with the kids in the morning and then they went to my parent's house for a while. I was able to mount my "not-so-floating" shelves in my office. I had originally made them with wood supports but they seemed to sag under any real weight. Bought some hidden metal supports from Rockler and tried to install them the other week but couldn't get it. Realized today after hanging them on some heavy duty powder coated L brackets the one shelf must have warped. Oh well, looks straight enough now. With the shelves up I was finally able to pull all the books out of our basement and toss them on. That made room to move things from the closet behind my shop which in turn made room to clean the stuff out of my shop. Hopefully tomorrow I can keep the kids busy long enough to install the air filter in my shop and get that off the basement floor. Assuming my wife is out of isolation on Monday she can help me put out the new area rug and return the one bought and didn't like. Should have the house mostly back together for the first time in a couple of months. Finally.
  21. Yeah with my power washer last time I did that, put in the ethanol free stuff and ran it dry again.
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    Yeah, I'm glad we realized before she saw the kids and they would need to be home from school. I think she'll be in for a log weekend without work to distract her for part of the day. I suggested pulling weeds can be done in isolation but that didn't go over too well. Glad you're okay and your wife didn't catch it!
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    It's been a looooong week over here. My wife was traveling for work so I had our two kids all by myself for the 4 days she was gone. She came home and took a covid test just to be safe since our son is too young for the vaccine and she tested positive. Fortunately she's not feeling too sick, just like a sinus infection. My 4 days as a "single dad of 2" is now extended. Plus now I offer room service. Thankfully my parents are going to get the kids for a little this afternoon and some tomorrow so I can try and catch up on work and house chores.
  24. I think Anne of all Trades has some blacksmith videos on her YouTube channel. Perhaps there are some good tips there or people in the comments pointing towards friendlier places to learn more about it. The Guild Facebook group might be a good place to ask too if you're a member.
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    Windows 11?

    I had to look and see what version of Windows my work computer was on. Home computer is a Mac and I think it just upgraded but I really don't know. I used to care and pay a lot of attention but now as long as it works I've got better things to do.