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  1. Hey Everyone! We're coming into this thread quite late, our apologies!. Most of our lumber is kiln dried with the exception of some of the exotic species being air dried. Unless the package(s) stopped in very humid locations for multiple days on end, you should have no problems working with the lumber right away. To ere on the side of caution, you can do exactly what everyone else recommended; sticker the lumber for a few days. In the event that you purchased some turning blanks that had wax on them, more than likely they're on the wet side and will require some dry time. Here's a method we suggest using: How to dry wood: If the wood still has wax on it, scrape off the wax on the faces and leave approximately 1” of wax on both ends. The easiest way to guarantee that the wood is safe to work with is to take an accurate weight measurement before you start the drying process. If you have a scale that’s accurate to ounces, it’ll help you out even more. Take a weight measurement and write it down. Now, put the blanks in a dry location. Don’t put them near any direct heat sources as it’ll increase the chances for checking/cracking/splitting and could end up turning those pieces into expensive paper weights. Give the blanks a few weeks to sit then weigh the pieces again. Write down the weights and compare them to the original weight. You should notice a difference but, if you don’t, the pieces may be ready to work with. You want to wait for the weight of the wood to level out as that’s an indication that the wood has shed its moisture. If you noticed a big drop in weight, you may want to give the wood more time to dry. Depending on the size of the piece, it may take a few weeks or several months before it’s ready to work with. Thanks, BFP
  2. We're happy to hear that Eric was able to help you through your first purchase with us! Ordering lumber sight unseen can be quite nerve racking. For that reason alone, we started the handpicked section. It really helps first time buyers see exactly what they'll get and it's awesome for anyone with a specialty project as they get to see everything we have and pick the best piece for their project. You've done a fantastic job with documenting your process! It's absolutely wonderful to see what everyone makes using their blanks/lumber. Clearly, you're a great woodworker! Keep it up! BFP
  3. It's always tough for us to give an accurate time table on shipping. When we run promotions, we receive a tremendous amount of orders. As you may imagine, we are unable to maintain our 2-3 day turn around times. It may be closer to 3-4 days, when a promotion is going on for us to get everything going. If you are ever looking for an update on an order, feel free to write us an email or give us a call at 877.770.9663.
  4. Hey everyone! Just saw the notification. Unfortunately, we don't have an end time for the Project Packs, however, we typically run specials for 2-3 weeks. We all know the paycheck to paycheck grind.
  5. We're happy to hear that you enjoyed how professional our wood handling is. We've been doing it for a long time
  6. Haha no need to apologize. This is a great introduction to the forums.
  7. It wood be great to have a Canadian branch! Unfortunately, we rooted ourselves here and we'd be going out on quite a limb if we moved away.
  8. Hey WoodTalk Forums! We have set up an account here to keep better communication with all of you. The level of talent here is astounding and it’s absolutely fantastic to see the projects that this community has put together! If anyone has questions for us, leave us a message and we’ll get back to you asap. Right now, we have a summer promotion going on -- orders over $100 get free shipping! Take care! BFP
  9. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome!
  10. We usually send out confirmation emails, but during that time-frame some of our gmail customers weren't receiving them. We've since updated all of our information so that problem shouldn't exist anymore.
  11. Hey everyone! We're happy to hear that the blanks were replaced and the new pieces met your expectations. All of our handpicked boards get listed with an individual note if any defects are present, but we aren't able to do that with our stock items. Occasionally pieces move/twist/cup and may not be usable. If you ever get into a spot where the lumber/blank wasn't what you were expecting, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us! Take care, BFP