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  1. Daniellemo


    I have no clue what type of wood it is. The person I bought it from sadly had no idea. It seems harder than pine. I can't scratch my fingernail into it.
  2. Daniellemo


    hi all So I need to keep sanding to get rid of the dark stain is what you are all saying, even though I plan on staining it dark brown. Crap. Guess that means a lot more work for me! Oh well. It is going to be stunning when I am done! Thanks for all the advice.
  3. Daniellemo


    Working on a live edge table I got. It's HUGE. No idea what kind of wood it is. Wood top is very thick and in REALLY bad condition. Have stripped it twice using a gel stripper, and started sanding it out. Had to remove a few of the knots because they were rotten all the way through, so now the table has a few holes in it. That's all ok, I like the raw look as it suits the table. My concern is this. I can't seem to remove all the dark stain, so the table is all blotchy. I plan on staining it again to a dark brown, so do I need to keep going and remove more stain? Or can I just condition the wood and stain it dark on top of what is left. Please see the pics I have included. Pretty sure the table had been left outside for a while. We are also trying to remove whatever filler is in it. Thanks for any help/suggestions! This is my first big refinishing project.