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  1. So here is my latest project, a build video for my Walnut Eye Glasses case with a unique take on the hinge using a piece of leather. Its made from black walnut, 2oz leather, epoxy, beeswax, wood glue and a few bolts. Please let me know what you think, and what you would do to improve the design.
  2. neat idea! wish i had thought of that!
  3. Love it, if every thing has a home its much easier (for me) to work tidy! Nice job!
  4. cheers chaps! some great considerations and ideas here, i will post a pic when i get it sorted
  5. So I have made this mobile drawers / stand for my drum sander. It's finished except I can't make my mind up about the style of drawer pulls... Make them myself from wood or simple metal ones from online?
  6. Here is the build video of my daughters simple oak bedside table. Hope you enjoy!
  7. So i had this neat idea for storage in the workshop. Let me know what you think, does anyone have any other ideas they can share? check out the short video here
  8. Thank you chaps!, great advice and insight, you have all made me rethink! It certainly shows what experience you all have, and my lack of it, but i really appreciate your time in saving me some mistakes here! I hadn't even thought about the point h3nry made, so obvious now you have pointed it out :). Some other great advice too. I do love the Tico Vogts super chute, had not seen that before. Don't think i can stretch to afford that, but certainly great inspiration! Many thanks! Geoff
  9. Ok, so i am thinking about making a shooting board, for the Veritas shooting plane. I have done some research and found the features i like on shooting boards, i want to combine all of these features into one board, rather than two (if can). The shooting board would have one side for 90 degree edges and an add-on for mitres. The bench hook could be used in the vice or against the edge of the bench, as the direction of planing would suit this. The other side of the shooting board would be for 45 degree edges and compound mitres. The plane would shoot in the opposite direction and the bench hook would be held in the vice allowing for use at one end of my bench. Here are some plans i have drawn up, do you see an issues in my designs? I only plan to use this for stock up to 30 mm thick (1 1/4 inches). thanks Geoff!
  10. Finished, thanks for the tip on chamfering the legs, used danish oil and bees wax in the end.
  11. Thanks for the advice! I don't have a jig, but i do have a few ideas for one. Maybe next time. I will post pictures and a link to the build video on here when its finished.
  12. Thanks! Nope its go a bit more work to go, i did think about a taper on the inside corner of each leg. As for the top, i am going to rounder over or chamfer the edges and corners. I also recently bought myself some carving chisels so maybe a small detail in the top towards one corner, not sure on this though. Its all dry fit at the moment.