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  1. I've never tried the 8mm shanks. Perhaps that's something I should look into doing. As far as dabbling with metric, that's probably the least invasive example I can imagine. This thread started because I was having trouble with my extremely cheap router bits...meaning I've never invested much in my bits, so it's entirely reasonable for me to dive into 8mm.
  2. My mistake Eric. I must have the 1010. Mine only takes 1/4" and 8mm bits.
  3. RE: The fire extinguisher, I consulted the gauge and it reads as full. I also bought a brand new one just to be safe. Also, I can finally confirm that this problem has completely disappeared since I bought a new Frued straight cutting bit. The cut is smoother, easier, faster, and there's not a hint of burning. Clearly I just had a terrible, dull bit!
  4. Thanks Curlyoak. I actually have 1/4" shank for the best possible reason. My wife bought me a Festool 1400 router several years ago, before I even knew what I was doing. That model has a 1/4" collet, so there you have it. Nevertheless, point taken. I'll buy a replacement for my router table and make sure it's 1/2". Anyone have recommendations for the best value vs. utility for this application?
  5. Thanks for all the great input. This is a really terrifically responsive community, so thanks for the warm welcome! For the record, I did a little bit of everything suggested, and it's all been an improvement. After I cleaned the bit, the burning problem went away. I used another bit and didn't have this same problem. I also purchased two new bits from Frued to replace my 1/2" and 3/4" straight cut bits, and expect to enjoy better results. Oh, I've also confirmed my fire extinguisher is A-Okay! For the record, since I'm new to routing, I've found it really useful to have a cheap set of b
  6. RichardA: That's the best explanation yet. It very much is that. Bought in a cheap set from Amazon when I first got my router.
  7. I was plunging in the handheld mode, and possibly too deeply in one pass. This was into plywood while I was making channels for my router table fence. The second time was on the table itself, not plunging, but cutting 3/16" dados along the fence, also into plywood. Since the table is a new setup and I'm using a small dewalt router (DWP611 1.25 HP) maybe I need to be adjusting the rpms, because my feed rate was pretty smooth. I washed the bit last night and have not tried this again, but I'll take a picture tonight and post. Also possible it's dull, but I haven't really used it much as I'm fair
  8. On two recent occasions, once with my handheld router, and once with a new router table I just built, I've been seeing some disconcerting burning while using a 1/2" straight cut bit. In both cases, I'm obviously concerned about potential fire, but in particular, I'm concerned about embers getting sucked into my dust collector and igniting the ready source of tinder in there and becoming a much larger fire. Any help would be appreciated. I read somewhere it could be as simple as needing to clean my bit. Clearly I should also be aware about not trying to cut too deeply on each pass. Either