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  1. Some more updates. Mounted some tools and cleaned a lot! Things are coming together!
  2. We did do that. There is another 4ft table going on the right of the miter saw also. The table on the left is 8 ft. But the cutting bed is flush with that table
  3. Thanks! I will take another look in the morning. Should the bar that connects the guard to the saw be a tight fit? It seems a bit loose at the moment.
  4. Hello everyone. First let me say thank you to everyone who's commenting, giving advice and just hanging out. Below are some more photos of progress and the start of my miter station. You can also see my workbench and my brothers workbench, he comes around now and then for a project. I do have an issue I need help with though. My miter saw was working fine for weeks but all of a sudden I can't pull it down to cut anything unless I manually move the blade guard back an inch. It just won't budge unless I move the blade guard manually. Anyone ever experience this and know how I ca
  5. Hello, First let me say thank you to everyone who has been posting, offering advise, or just commenting. Thank you very much and I have found a lot of your suggestions to be extremely helpful! If you look at the photos below, the shop is coming along! We have my workbench, one for my brother and the start of our miter station! I did have a question on something. My miter saw is "acting up" a bit. Its been working fine for weeks now but all of a sudden I cant pull the saw down to cut anything unless I manually pull back the plastic blade guard an inch or two. It just wont go down unt
  6. Only 1 of the boards on the floor has a little give. They are supported really well and are firm. Got to love that Amish construction.
  7. I was lucky enough to have the shop owner do it for me. He split it in two and we found a piece a little over double the depth I needed so I got 2 long plans the size I needed for no extra cash.
  8. I have a bandsaw its the nasty planer I need now Why do they have to be so expensive?
  9. This is an option but I also think that's a bit of a waste I would hate to waste walnut. I'm going to talk to him again after work today, he said he would be willing to cut it up for me if I bought the whole board (which I intended to anyway). Maybe he'll mill it for me to.
  10. Hello, I visited a local hardwood seller near me (a cool new one) and they have some beautiful walnut for 8$ a board foot. I want to build a new dice tower (look at below photo) but I need a board that is thin for this project. The boards they carry are much thicker then I need and I don't have a planer . Any suggestions?
  11. Hello Everyone! Sorry it took me so long to reply but I had to take a few months of business travel and the winter came. Now I'm back in my shop with a vengeance! Here are some photos (these are somewhat recent as there has been more development since this).
  12. The outside is stained the inside I plan on closing and insulating. I haven't seen any spread in the month that I had it but that's only one month. In regards to scrubbing, my wife and I scrubbed the entire thing down with hard brushes and bleach, it defiantly isn't mold. I have dealt with Mold before, had some in my porch after adding windows to it, and have scrubbed that away. This will not scrub away. I even scrubbed several sections again after the first time to see if a second session of hard scrubbing did anything and it also had no affect.
  13. Hello, Thanks for the reply. I really hope this is the case because, as the site you linked pointed out, it doesn't appear to be affecting the strength of the lumber. The floor is made of the same lumber and I have several hundred pounds of equipment on it without it bending, cracking or breaking. I live in the western New York area and the Amish Community I had construct this lives near Erie PA. Do I need to treat it with anything or can I just leave it alone?
  14. Hello Everyone, Sorry for the late reply but I was on vacation for 2 weeks, Tokyo is awesome . I got the electrician in the shed and its' all wired up, inspected and good to go! I had one question though, since this is an Amish built shed and it's non-kiln dried wood, there is some green growth around the walls. I tried scrubbing it with a bleach/water mixture but it only got rid of a little and most of it remains. Can you advise a good way to get rid of it? Also, I will submit some photos soon of the shed all wired up. As always, thanks in advance.
  15. Questions, the Algie (I think thats what it is) that's inside on some of the boards. After I clean it off with some Bleach and water I should be fine to insulate and cover the walls with OBS right? It shouldnt regrow on me, should it? I'm afraid to cover the walls and insulate if I have to tear it down in a year to repeat the process. Anyone have to deal with this before?