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  1. The doors are panelled but the door frame is 3/4". Great idea on the Euro hinges. Thanks!
  2. Great idea...except the warped door holds the other door closed. I sure wish I could do this. Going to take a look at the hinges. They are reproduction hinges where a tab is inserted into the frame and the door. I haven't seen this before. They may be binding.
  3. Thanks Steve and everyone else. I wondered about using a magnet and was concerned that I wouldn't be able to open the door if it was strong enough to take care of the twist. I do need to check the hinges. I have new ones on this side of the wardrobe. The hinges are the kind that are slipped into a slot in the wardrobe frame and door frame.
  4. C: When you say "try some cleats," what do you mean? Thank you all for the advise. It is nice, isn't it? All hand carved. Zen
  5. Thanks wdwerker! Here is a pic of the offending door on the wardrobe. I am going to try the shimming but I'm afraid the door is just twisted. I will let you know but if you have any more ideas on a permanent fix, let me know.
  6. I'm new here and need some help. My wife and I bought a reproduction--although old--of a French wardrobe. We believe it was made in the Philippines. One of the doors is twisted. Does anyone have a recommendation on how to correct the twist in the door so it closes equally? Thanks for helping.