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  1. No, I would never have more than one tool going at a time. The idea with 4" would have been to minimize any bends. I'll have to give Oneida a call. I might be able to do 6" without any more bends.
  2. I would like to get started in hard ducting the tools my new shop. My basement shop is in a section of my basement and is about the size of a 3 car garage. I have the new Jet 3hp Cyclone, which i love but have just been pulling a hose from tool to tool for now. I have settled on a layout so far that has worked for me that has had most of my tools down the back wall and wrapping the short side wall, and the table saw and planer in the middle. My basement has 9ft ceilings but being a basement I have some pipes, steal beams, and heating ducts to deal with. So the million dollar ques
  3. going way back on this one, the pic was right below him asking. I have like 13 RC helicopters and 9 Planes.
  4. I think you're both right on that one. It's a very well reviewed router and for the price of free or -$50 of you count the black friday gift card draw it's hard to argue with that (honestly maybe a little more as they included the stand as part of the package and I don't think it was supposed to be). The lift fits my 2 1/4 hp router perfectly so depending on how I end up using them I could swap the 1 3/4 for handheld and use the 2 1/4 for the router table. Eventually I assume I'll need to go to a 3HP router.
  5. We closed on the house and got moved in on Halloween. I had my sub-panel for the tools installed and since I was so close to Black Friday I decided to wait and see what deals were to be found. Here is what I ended up buying or ordering this weekend: Prices include any taxes or freight/lift gate charges. Rigid R4331 Planer $100 steal of a deal, New in box, neighbor bought it, never used it, sold it to me when they were moving. Sawstop PCS 3hp 52" with mobile base $3,412 Grizzly G0513X2 w/ Cast Iron Trunnion and Resaw Fence 2 HP Bandsaw $1050 Rockler HPL Rou
  6. It does seem like every power tool debate ends up at Festool at some point. I can bring this back again to my RC hobby, Festool is very much like SAB Goblin people give them a lot of crap, me at times too, because they are very expensive compared to the market. Truth be told they make a very good helicopter. You will always have the debate if they are worth the premium price. To some people it will be to others it wont. Haters will hate, fan boys will fan, and the middle will like some of their stuff and could care less about other. I do want their overalls though. The only Festoo
  7. lol, pretty much. I think CNC'rs have it a little easier. Many true RC pilots have a very low opinion of most drone flyers. Some are great guys a lot are dangerous, self obsessed, morons that couldn't pilot anything that didn't have 3 gyros, 3 accelerometers, and a gps. Most of those drones you don't fly, you guide them, they fly themselves.
  8. For planes not so much. Find your local club and they'll have someone there that'll teach you to fly on a buddy box. Heli's you will crash. They can fly in almost any direction, they have insane power to weight ratios, when something breaks or you loose orientation they are into the ground in second or two. As with most things the bigger the more money, prices go up exponentially. Those are just my helis, have whole wall in my garage of planes.
  9. Bottom left. Heli is 4ft long Rotor disk is 52", runs off 44.4 volts and pulls around 108 amps at peak.
  10. drum sander is on my wish list for sure. I'll treat woodwork like I do my RC hobby. I'll use my work bonus to fund it so when I have a good year I'll get some good toys. I won't buy RC stuff on credit I don't think I'll do that with woodworking either. Before you think the comparison is silly, the heli sitting above me right now would pay for 2/3 of the SawStop.
  11. Drill press was one of things I would consider putting off. I have drills. I have a cheap bench top drill press.
  12. I do have drills, impact drivers, saws, Marples, nice collection of old Stanley planes, clamps. In hindsight I shouldn't of called myself a beginer. I've been doing basic woodworking for years, heck since I was a kid. It's just the last 15 years I've lived in a house with no basement, and you can't park on the street, so I was a garage warrior but I still needed to fit cars in my garage every night. Now I get to build myself a real shop and start to step up my game.
  13. If I was buying today only $92. This one correct?
  14. Here is what I'm leaning towards: Sawstop PCS 3hp $ 3,397.00 Rigid Jointer have Dewalt 735 Planer $ 649.00 Grizzly G0513ANV 2 HP Bandsaw $ 895.00 JET JDP-17MF 3/4 HP Drill Press $ 649.00 JESSEM Rout-R-Lift II Included Router Table System With Phenolic Top $ 759.00 Does this look like I'm making any huge mistakes? Obviously I am over my budget but I can live with it. Dust collection to be determined. I need to res