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    Somewhat new to woodworking enjoy making fairly simple projects like tables, hoping to learn more complex things.

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  1. Thanks again for all the replies/advice. I will do some more practice cuts over the weekend and see how it goes. Thanks!
  2. OK, so I just made about 20 cuts down a pine board, both rip and crosscut. On every single one of them I drifted to the right (I'm left handed) What is the problem, stance, technique, etc.? Any thoughts, thanks.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I definitely need to do some practicing, and I have thought about taking a class. I will look into the option further, thanks.
  4. I have had these saws http://www.leevalley.com/US/Wood/page.aspx?p=66066&cat=1,42884,68511&ap=1 for awhile and haven't used them too much. First of all are they any good? My hand saw skills need a lot of work, I'm just wondering if these saws are hindering me, don't want to blame the tool though. Secondly anybody have any good resources on improving hand saw skills, tips, videos, articles, books, etc.? Thanks
  5. That would be great, what are you making the prototype out of?
  6. I am working on a design for a chair. My first question is does the back have to attach at an angle to the seat? I plan on curving the back itself, I'm just wondering if it would be uncomfortable if it was not angled back at all. Obviously this is my first chair/my own design so I'm kind of just "free wheeling" a bit. How about the legs? Do they have to angle out from the seat or will they be alright straight up and down, again plan on curving them. Now onto a construction question. If the back/legs should be angled, when I cut the tenon ( I already have a square mortice) should the tenon itself be angled or just the shoulder? Not really sure how that works. Thanks for any replys.
  7. Anybody have a good source for high quality HCM bits? I'm tired of using crappy bits made in Taiwan that burn and smoke. Thanks
  8. I watched Marc's review and thank him for that. My take away is that I bet with a better blade it would produce better cuts. I think I may take a chance on this and see how it does. Right now I just use a circ saw with mdf guide as described above. The Grizzly system has to be better than what I currently use.
  9. I would highly recommend Chris Schwarz's book Handplane Essentials. Very thorough, I've read it twice, and could easily go a third time through it.
  10. I had a bit slip out of that same router, it may have been a 1/2'' bit. I never trusted that router after that and sold it.
  11. I will do some testing thanks
  12. I got Behlen Pore-O-Pac Medium Brown Grain Filler and Water Base Grain Filler, Neutral, still not sure which color to use yet, will do some testing first. I believe they are both water based though. Seal or no seal? I sanded up to 220, is that high enough? Then after application and wipe off hit it with 220 again or higher? Thanks
  13. Do I need to do any kind of seal coat before applying filler? What kind of applicator works well to apply filler?
  14. I never wore anything until recently, I got so sick of chasing down pencils, tape measure, square etc. I picked up an apron from TWW, to try out, and I can honestly say it is one of the best things I have ever bought, well worth it.
  15. Basically I don't want any color alteration just pore filling, I assume that means get the natural kind?