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  1. Okay I'm currently building a dresser out of walnut with hickory drawer fronts. To save money I was planning on using less expensive woods for the back panel and the drawers. I was thinking about using poplar or veneered plywood. I guess my question is do you think that using plywood is cheating?
  2. I'm Looking for a sawmill to get some logs cut. Why don't people advertise?
  3. Slm220


    I've made some bookmarks out of some scap i had laying around. I finished them with spray cans of shellac. Now I'm unsure if that was a good idea. Do you think the shellac will cause issues?
  4. Has anyone ever tried using a nerf ball as a jam chuck? Just an idea.
  5. I would like to start a co-op shop. I have no idea how I would do this. Does anyone have any advice or insight on how to start something similar to the Offerman shop.
  6. I am using long grain similar to a countertop.
  7. To be honest I want to go with walnut. I'm just trying to make it more affordable for my friend.
  8. Sorry, no plans as of yet. The original goal was to be a 3 inch thick top. I'm flirting with the idea of using steel for the support structure.
  9. I was planning on staining. As far as tools, I have the clamps and I will build a sled for my router to flatten.
  10. I was asked to build a extremely large Butcher Block Table( 90in x 48in ). I was wondering what species of wood I should use to keep the cost down while maintaining a durable table top. This table will be for a family with a lot of kids if that means anything.