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  1. Wow, its very cool to see so many people in this area! So i have a big ask. I am very new to wood working. I have taken a beginner class at wood craft in Seattle and learned a bit from youtube and this site. However, I am getting very frustrated because i just dont know what I'm doing. Is anyone willing to show me the ropes as it were? Im willing to come to your shop. I'll reimburse you for your time in some way, money, beer, labor, whatever. Some things I'm trying to learn. how to measure and mark properly, how to true up power tools (i have a chop saw that i just can not get square), basic hand tool use. I have looked for more classes but the last class i didn't really learn much because all the details were done form me and most of the class was "follow this jig." If anyone has any ideas on other places to look for classes I'm down for that too, or any other thoughts. thanks, -Riley
  2. Hello all, Just wondering if anyone is in my area. Im in Federal Way just north of Tacoma. i like to connect with anyone to talk shop. cheers, -Riley
  3. I'm supper appritiative of all the help and advice. I think that out of my frustration im going to switch to a different joint. Im going to practice some half laps, box joint, and maybe a large single dove tail and see if that works better. oh and ill post some pictures along the way. thanks all, -Riley
  4. another problem i have is that I have to use S4S lumber from the box store because I dont have the ability to mill it myself. after looking at my stock is apparent that the strips of cherry are not perfectly flat and straight either. I may be trying to use a very exact technique with sup optimal lumber. any other ideas on how to hide the edge of the plywood? -Riley
  5. The plywood is as square as i can get it using my track saw. I set my marks and use a square to make sure the track is at 90deg then clamp down the track and make my cut. when i measure corner to corner its as close as my tape measure can measure.
  6. Hi all, sorry if this is the wrong forum but i need some help with miters. I am making a table using walnut backed plywood as the top and I am trying to frame the top with some cherry strips to hide the edge of the plywood. I am trying to use 90deg miters for the cherry frame. these miters are killing me! I can not get them square or to match up and i also can't keep the length right. I am using a compound miter saw to cut the 45deg on each end of my frame pieces. I am using a speed square and a starrett square to set the vertical angle and miter angle. After chopping them i then use a shooting board to touch up the cuts. So far i have made 3 full sets and none of them come out anywhere near good. Sometimes i get 3 good corners but the 4th one is bad and the more i try to adjust it the worse it gets then i end up with the board getting too short. I dont have many tools right now. I have the compound miter saw, a track saw, a low angle jack plane, hand plane, some chisels and a couple Japanese hand saws. Any advice? Im not looking for perfection but i right now i can put a quarter into my gaps. Thanks all. -Riley
  7. Just want to say thank you to everyone for all the advice. at this point it sounds like mitered corners might be to hard for me, my skill and my equipment. I did just buy my first plane so i guess i could try to build a shooting board or maybe buy a miter box. Or maybe i find a different plan. maybe instead of a mitered frame i could do dovetails that way exposed end grain won't look horrible. What I'm trying to build is something like a small table to play board games on. currently the design I'm using some baltic birch and farming it with some 1x2" poplar, then attaching some legs for it to stand on. thanks again, -Riley
  8. Hi all, I'm trying to make a frame with four corner miters. I dont have a table saw. I do have a track saw and a sliding chop saw. any advice on how to cut good miters with out a table saw? thanks, -Riley