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  1. The one everyone thinks is corder is a heatgun. I have alot more drills than this these are just the Dewalt ones lol... I dont have it in me to throw away tools unless they stop working. My first drill kit when I was 17 was a dewalt... and I never switched. So that is alot of years of upgrades and new models. I usually only use a few at a time with different bits etc. But it's nice to have a few more, I have a group of guys that come over once a month to use my shop and brag about projects. It comes in handy to have the extra tools. That is exactly the case..
  2. How many more in your expert opinion
  3. What guage wire is the extension cord and how many amps is your ts?
  4. Yes.. and it was yellow. lol
  5. What gave it away? lol Post pics!
  6. It's coming along.. a bit over kill perhaps... but it has shock value when people walk in lol.
  7. Good job! looking good. Looks like a fun project!