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  1. Pondhockey

    Sanding Procedures

    I view 180 and 220 as about equivalent, and otherwise I go with Kev's statement. I start with whatever it takes to remove machine marks, etc. I've backed off on the ROS because it crosses the grain; more hand sanding. I don't have a drum sander.
  2. Pondhockey

    Finish for cedar being used on screen porch

    I think that 'nut's approach is very reasonable, but remember that you will want to mask those areas (windows, doors, sills, hardware...) that you don't want sprayed and you might be pretty sorry if you don't. [edit: if you are treating the boards before they are installed, then go for it!]
  3. Pondhockey

    Router Table vs Spindle Moulder

    I also vote for taking it - especially if it comes with bits!
  4. Pondhockey

    Which Clamp to use?

    Nice rule. So if I understand correctly, you (figuratively) break up the top into squares, with a clamp at each edge of a square?
  5. Pondhockey

    Nitrile glove as a jar top

    Aw shucks, guys. You did catch that I was out of rags, right? I was having trouble stuffing the glove in the jar mouth ;-) This is the more polite way of arranging the fingers:
  6. Pondhockey

    Nitrile glove as a jar top

    Can't figure where to put this, but it seems worthy of sharing. I often stick a brush in a jar with solvent while waiting for a finish coat to dry. Usually I shove a rag in around the brush, but in this case the nitrile glove was what I found nearby. It fits over the brush handle. (Bonus tip: I cover my jar label with packing tape to protect it from solvents.)
  7. Pondhockey

    Love that first coat of finish!

    Holy cow, Mick. That is truly awesome.
  8. Pondhockey

    Air Compressor

  9. Pondhockey

    Jointer Blade Help Please

    Have you tried Robby's suggestion? It's worked myself and at least one other I know. It's the quickest thing to try.
  10. If CPES were available (you usually have to order it) this would work - just do the CPES before the wedding, Epiphanes after the wedding. Otherwise I like Werker's solution.
  11. Pondhockey

    dowel max

    Just to be clear, you've fallen in love with the domino and haven't used the Dowel Max since then?
  12. Pondhockey

    Slab Flattening Jig

    I can confirm what's already been said; I also built the Offerman sled; stiffness came from the walls. I also tried angle iron - more sag than the wood version. One tip, in case it helps: a medium size plunge router is probably better than a large fixed base: less sag and more cutting tool extension.
  13. Pondhockey

    Epoxy Top Coat

    Just now found your post: I used CPES, as recommended by an article in FWW, for a version of the "Not So Rustic'" table. I just used a local version of spar varnish over it. After about a year outdoors but under a covered portion of the deck (and we put a table cloth over it for the winter) it looks new.
  14. Pondhockey

    Random Tip #15 - Shop Made Flip Stops

    I love the application to the dust collection hose; I know I'll steal that one. And you seem to point out the sometimes a slot is as good as a track.