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  1. So, can I order one now ;-) More seriously, do you care to report on the results?
  2. Whoa, lost my "Supporter" banner, and sure enough I see ads. Now I know what everyone was talking about! (Ads seem relevant and unobtrusive to me.)
  3. Thanks for the update. Probably a better way to support is to join the guild, which I haven't done yet!
  4. I don't see any ads.
  5. Sounds similar to bear spray. Reportedly lots of initial uses are improper, too late, aimed at the bear's nose (instead of creating a cloud between you.) Honestly, I've never practiced with either. I think I'll call 911 while on my way to the fire extinguisher. [edit: while you don't get much option in the bush, bear spray practice is another downwind activity!]
  6. Thanks, Coop. I guess this one's an oddball. But at least it's in the green!
  7. I'm in the camp that doesn't use epoxy for a finish. And because I don't like the plastic look, I don't try it. However, I have a friend that does like epoxy finish (and bars often do) and his stuff seems to hold up well as an indoor (and out of the sun) finish.
  8. A couple of my buddies and I did a very long day hike (say 20 miles) with lots of elevation change (say 4-5K feet) and found that it was just a portion of a 100 mile trail race! I have a lot of admiration for you guys!
  9. Installed a fire extinguisher in the shop - on the umbrella/raincoat theory that it won't be needed ;-)
  10. Sawdust goes in the garden; shavings to a friend for fire starter. Blocks too small to back up a saw cut or a drill hole get tossed (as do the used backing boards.)
  11. Wow, I'm impressed. That's a lot of elevation for a flatlander! I remember on Rainier how many climbers (mostly from Seattle at sea level) had altitude sickness in one form or another. What's your secret?
  12. I can't imagine running that much downhill; it just doesn't sound healthy for the knees, but best of luck to your daughter, and good for you to be involved in a sane way!
  13. In snow country we get frost heaves that way all the time (well, frequently in winter.) Not so much in summer!