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  1. Pondhockey

    Reconditioned Festool

    I have no idea what emails we're talking about. That said, if I'm managing a refurb operation with units that trickle in, because the reliability is so good, then I might think to batch the refurb work.
  2. Pondhockey

    Shop Fans

    So what season(s) do you fine gentlemen use these fans? (I remember lots of admonishments in another thread about replacing the air too quickly when venting outside.)
  3. Pondhockey

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Yes - with a hard hat (accessories are everything.)
  4. Pondhockey

    Shop Fans

    You guys need fans?
  5. Pondhockey

    Eastern Washington area

    Very nice work. My squeeze and I frequent Lincoln City as well; we love the Oregon (and Washington and Northern, Central and Southern Cal) coast - I'm writing this with "feet up" in San Diego at my daughter's apartment where we're dog watching. It looks to me like you'll be coaching us (or at least me) on technique very soon.
  6. Pondhockey

    Making mortices and tenons

    I like any method that produces larger pieces and less dust, which is what I see from your tenoning methods. On the other hand, I seem to get more accurate and square tenons cutting the cheeks on the table saw (might just be my poor bandsaw technique.) Your mortising jig is pretty neat; does the dust collection device work pretty well?
  7. Pondhockey

    Feeling stupid re LN102

    You didn't, by any chance, disassemble two planes together in a sharpening session?
  8. Pondhockey

    Supermax Sander Sale

    Do any of you Supermax owners have opinions about the dust collection?
  9. Pondhockey

    Eastern Washington area

    Welcome, Chip. Glad to have another woodworker in the neighborhood.
  10. Pondhockey

    Woodworking without woodturning

    I've resisted using (abusing?) my drill press this way, assuming/fearing that the bearings weren't designed for lateral force and would acquire wear and runout over time. Do you have a sense for how much this happens?
  11. Pondhockey

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    I don't know what that means.
  12. Pondhockey

    This time I was not a day late and a dollar short

    wow. Very nice. I imagine the deceased wood worker is finally smiling down at you.
  13. Pondhockey

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Are you kidding?! It's the highlight of my evening.
  14. Pondhockey

    paela sticky fter wipe on poly

    Emphasis on the "dewaxed" shellac; if you buy a can of shellac at the paint or hardware store it is likely NOT dewaxed.
  15. Pondhockey

    Bird Bath Basin Bowl

    I am impressed, awed and intimidated. That's art, in my book.