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  1. In snow country we get frost heaves that way all the time (well, frequently in winter.) Not so much in summer!
  2. Timely post! I understand that the interstate I90 in S Dakota buckled yesterday, I assume from inadequate jointing of reinforced concrete.
  3. Late to the party, but my condolences as well. And thanks for posting. Kickback has such random consequences that I'm always concerned about it, and I'm grateful to know about this situation. (PS. I have a mangled push block from a kickback incident. I feel it was only dumb luck that it was only the push block!)
  4. Sunday going to meet'n flip flops and another pair for picking tomatoes in February? ;-)
  5. Boy, talk about Lost Wages!! I won't make it this year, but would love to hear your trip report (complete with damages.)
  6. Pondhockey

    Scrap cedar

    I love cedar. Good for you to check it out. There's a ton of things you can do with it, the least of which is bird houses (my sister just asked for one ;-) If nothing else then cedar planks to cook on.
  7. Pondhockey

    Scrap cedar

    Definitely check it for nails with a magnetometer. I don't want to dilute this suggestion so I'll stop here.
  8. Well, at least with a cordless saw you can't put chain oil in the fuel tank. (Not that I know anyone who's ever done something that boneheaded.)
  9. On the other hand, I made Mark's "not so rustic" table from Western Red Cedar, finished first with clear epoxy sealer then with varnish, and after a couple of winters on the back deck (under a roof) have had no problems from wood movement. Not quite the same application, and our climates might be different (Idaho mountains for me.) I'd at least try completing the finish.
  10. Last one was 5 1/4" by 6 3/4". I cut most of the end off with a 12 inch (non sliding) mitre saw and used a flush trim handsaw to finish up. It's not perfect but it will do; especially because it will be part of a live edge book shelf.
  11. (Hi, folks; long time no see!) I assumed that Mark's comment about dado's meant cutting dados with multiple passes using a cross cut blade (not a dado stack.) I'm surprised (and informed) if a SCM handles a dado stack. Now and again (yesterday, in fact) I have the need to cut a beam or square a previously cut beam, so I read this thread with hope that a 12 inch SCM is the/an answer.
  12. I've been planning and re-planning a bonus room book shelf for two years. I have the shelves (and now know how I'll work and finish them) and more recently the side posts (not a case project.) I've almost figured out how I'll work and finish the posts.
  13. Love it. No big jet, no big mansion on the waterfront, but a big pickup and a camper. You might get by for less than a billion with those aspirations!
  14. Coop, Higtron, how did you work the live edges?
  15. Or put your meat freezer in the garage and let the refrigerant coils heat a storage shelf/cabinet.