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  1. Pondhockey

    Too much to ask for one decent project?

    I've been planning and re-planning a bonus room book shelf for two years. I have the shelves (and now know how I'll work and finish them) and more recently the side posts (not a case project.) I've almost figured out how I'll work and finish the posts.
  2. Pondhockey

    Do you need your tools to "match"?

    Love it. No big jet, no big mansion on the waterfront, but a big pickup and a camper. You might get by for less than a billion with those aspirations!
  3. Pondhockey

    live edge coffee table build

    Coop, Higtron, how did you work the live edges?
  4. Pondhockey

    Garage temperature control

    Or put your meat freezer in the garage and let the refrigerant coils heat a storage shelf/cabinet.
  5. Pondhockey

    I love this book

    Thanks for the reviews and suggestions! I'll for sure pick up Mike P's book - after I finish R. Bruce Hoadley's "Understanding Wood".
  6. Pondhockey

    Sad Storry to Share

    I've been bit by springs. Recently an acquaintance lost a thumb (it's been re-attached successfully) from a garage door spring. As a teenager I nearly lost a finger from a lawn mower with a spring loaded starter.
  7. Pondhockey

    A Roubo from beams?

    So you're saying that it can't be thinner or thicker than 4". I get it.
  8. Pondhockey

    First Guild Project Recommendation

    Don't know that it was a "Guild" project, but I enjoyed building Marc's "Not so rustic table" for our back deck. I found it well within reach and my wife loves it.
  9. Pondhockey

    A Roubo from beams?

    Just checking, did you mean to say "lower" limit?
  10. Pondhockey

    Another Roubo... (now finished!)

    Coming from your neck of the woods, I expect you play a higher level of hockey than I do. I once drove from Minneapolis to Duluth in late November, and saw probably hundreds of playgrounds being flooded for ice rinks. Very impressive. Back to roubo's....
  11. Pondhockey

    Another Roubo... (now finished!)

    Nice to see someone else with hockey sticks (and tree branches) in their shop! Nice bandsaw, too. ;-)
  12. Pondhockey

    Sad Storry to Share

    I hope your friend does well. Your story refreshes one of my paranoid concerns! I leave every power tool, other than the dust collector, unplugged when not in use. I try to leave the plugs where I can visibly see that they are unplugged.
  13. Pondhockey

    Half Moon Bowl

    I really like how turning shows off wood figure, and sometimes enhances it. Does anything do it better?
  14. Pondhockey

    Air Plant Holders

    Very cool; I'd like to mimic your ideas. Are these plants epiphytes? They must need more than water, how to they obtain other nutrients?
  15. Pondhockey

    Indoor Herb Garden

    Love this thread. Looking forward to my own "herb" garden!