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  1. Pondhockey

    When is dry rotted sapwood a concern?

    I like Bmac's explanation. I will note that an outdoor table that I made a few years ago with Western Red Cedar, that was treated with Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer, and then with spar varnish - and kept under cover - has lasted quite well (both the sapwood and heartwood.) That doesn't conflict with what Bmac said.
  2. Pondhockey

    Woodcraft thumbs up!

    Boise WoodCraft is 2.5 hrs from me, but they still know who I am (and even made a few deliveries to me in McCall!)
  3. Pondhockey

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Are there tricks for drying burl?
  4. Pondhockey

    Water Borne Shoot Out :D

    Interesting option; hadn't much paid attention to it. The heartwood, in my application is purple, while the sapwood is pretty white. I wouldn't mind enhancing the figure of the sapwood but haven't quite reconciled the amber tint with the purple heartwood. Since it is oil based I wonder if the WB finishes can go over it.
  5. Pondhockey

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Nice tip, thanks! Have a tip for twist?
  6. Pondhockey

    Water Borne Shoot Out :D

    Thanks, Steve. An M.L. Campbell tech confirms that while they have "heard of" shops brushing it, it is really formulated for spraying. [PS they said if I do brush, not to overwork it because it dries quickly.]
  7. Pondhockey

    Water Borne Shoot Out :D

    So, there's a regional supplier, who will provide the product "for about $50/gallon". But what are the chances that it is brushable?
  8. Pondhockey

    My final gift to my wife

    That's really wonderful, Richard.
  9. Pondhockey

    Mineral Oil

    Not an answer to the question, but I use mineral oil to "revive"/extend the life of shovel handles, outdoor crates and sawhorses, and steak knives. The surface of each of these remains dark for at least many months or a few years. The steak knives needed to be soaked for a few days, leading me to support the migration theory.
  10. Pondhockey

    Don't Ask

    I was on the other side of that (blush.) I brought in a chain saw that wouldn't start, at the beginning of the season. The tech immediately checked the fluid levels (what, did he think I was a dummy?!) Then he pointed out that I had gas in the chain oil reservoir, and chain oil in the gas tank. It started better when I got it back.
  11. Pondhockey

    Don't Ask

    That was good, thank you! I really did laugh out loud.
  12. Pondhockey


    'night all. Very educational. I'll certainly have woodworking dreams.
  13. Pondhockey


    Thanks, Coop. Steve, that's really nice.
  14. Pondhockey


    Thanks, Coop. I'd love to know where to look for that discussion. Also (since you're still up!) thanks for the results. Since we don't have a "before" pic, can you tell us did the dye enhance the grain?
  15. Pondhockey


    Coop's probably gone to bed, and look what he started! You guys are both stretching my brain with approaches I've never considered. - Kev: using WB over ARS -Steve: dye, seal coat and THEN gel stain? Sounds like a glaze to me.