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  1. Ouch. I had a broadly similar experience on Ebay this winter and have stopped ordering on Ebay for the time being. Funny thing, "Wikibuy" or what ever it's called, will often find a "better" price than what you're about to pay - and it's on Ebay
  2. [and hello again; sorry to have been gone. I did miss you guys.] I recently realized that my woodworking hobby is basically making boards (that I've used for a bench top, table top, book shelves, coat racks, cutting boards, charcuterie board - boards are us!) I probably need to "branch" out. ;-)
  3. 42 high points! Mt Washington (New Hampshire?) Borah? [edit: McKinley and Kilimanjaro are on the admired list that I'll never do; I'd be interested to hear your Kilimanjaro story - I hear that the glaciers/permanent snowfields are pretty well gone.
  4. (I guess this is a bump!) Very nice work, Mick. I have to tell myself "well, Mick teaches wood working", to not be too intimidated. Your living room could pass either for a comfortable actual living room or a formal living room; I'm curious how you use it (for example, do people put their feet up on the coffee table?)
  5. Well, you guys do not disappoint. I'll check out the portable bandsaw idea (I knew about those, wasn't sure what they could do.) The Makita looks awesome, but probably limited in range. I've never tried using a block plane on end grain, so there's lots to keep me busy for a while. :-)
  6. Hi, guys. Sorry if I've been scarce - I have dropped in now and again to lurk. A recurring question brings my post: some of the work I like to do involves "beams" - usually more or less dimensional width and thicknesses of 6x6 and larger. These cannot be cut to length with a single cut of most table saws or chop saws, and the beams are too unwieldy (I would say) to use a bandsaw (but show me I'm wrong, here.) I wind up with uneven cuts that may not be square to the sides of the beam. What do you think?
  7. That's' the basic formula I know, too (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer, followed by spar varnish.) I used it on an outdoor table that really doesn't get much UV (still looks like new, but not a good test.) My expectation is that it will require a bit more spar varnish from time to time.
  8. With about 20 years working on (our own) decks, I can confirm pretty much everything said on here (except I don't own my own buffer, and had to rent floor sanders when going that route.) Decks are, in fact, gorgeous when maintained every year. And eventually that gets old. By the way, CPES is Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer. I used it on an outdoor table (Mark's "not so rustic table".) Followed by spar varnish. The table sits on the deck but mostly protected from the sun, and still looks new several years later. The sun is the issue!
  9. So, can I order one now ;-) More seriously, do you care to report on the results?
  10. Whoa, lost my "Supporter" banner, and sure enough I see ads. Now I know what everyone was talking about! (Ads seem relevant and unobtrusive to me.)
  11. Thanks for the update. Probably a better way to support is to join the guild, which I haven't done yet!
  12. Sounds similar to bear spray. Reportedly lots of initial uses are improper, too late, aimed at the bear's nose (instead of creating a cloud between you.) Honestly, I've never practiced with either. I think I'll call 911 while on my way to the fire extinguisher. [edit: while you don't get much option in the bush, bear spray practice is another downwind activity!]
  13. Thanks, Coop. I guess this one's an oddball. But at least it's in the green!
  14. I'm in the camp that doesn't use epoxy for a finish. And because I don't like the plastic look, I don't try it. However, I have a friend that does like epoxy finish (and bars often do) and his stuff seems to hold up well as an indoor (and out of the sun) finish.
  15. A couple of my buddies and I did a very long day hike (say 20 miles) with lots of elevation change (say 4-5K feet) and found that it was just a portion of a 100 mile trail race! I have a lot of admiration for you guys!
  16. Installed a fire extinguisher in the shop - on the umbrella/raincoat theory that it won't be needed ;-)
  17. Sawdust goes in the garden; shavings to a friend for fire starter. Blocks too small to back up a saw cut or a drill hole get tossed (as do the used backing boards.)
  18. Wow, I'm impressed. That's a lot of elevation for a flatlander! I remember on Rainier how many climbers (mostly from Seattle at sea level) had altitude sickness in one form or another. What's your secret?
  19. I can't imagine running that much downhill; it just doesn't sound healthy for the knees, but best of luck to your daughter, and good for you to be involved in a sane way!
  20. In snow country we get frost heaves that way all the time (well, frequently in winter.) Not so much in summer!
  21. Timely post! I understand that the interstate I90 in S Dakota buckled yesterday, I assume from inadequate jointing of reinforced concrete.