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  1. Isaac

    Slowing down belt/spindle sander

    I want to slow the tool to make it safer to teach my son and for demonstration purposes, so that he can get a feel for the operation without the belt whipping by at full RPMs.
  2. I have this spindle/belt sander: It works great, but would like the option to slow it down a bit, and I was thinking of accomplishing this with a plug in type potentiometer, like this: However, I've never used one of those. Is it as simple as it looks? Any significant concerns for safety or risk of damage to the tool? I think I'm on the right track, but just want to make sure before I go live, since it is a power tool and electrical stuff. Thanks!
  3. Isaac

    Walking Stick

    Thanks, I was thinking more like this, which tend to be longer. A 4 foot dowel might work.
  4. Isaac

    Walking Stick

    Ha yeah, I know it sounds ridiculous. I've got a couple big blue spruce trees, but everything that comes off of them is ridiculously brittle. The woods around me are over hiked as it is, so they really don't want people taking things out, and I try hard to respect that.
  5. Isaac

    Langdon-Acme put back to work

    Probably a lot quieter using it as well! I think my DeWalt Miter Saw might be the loudest tool in my shop.
  6. Isaac

    Minwax Wipe-on Poly on cherry

    Take that argument too far and you'll justify MDF for everything. I don't see an issue with a store owner sharing a taste for nicer and higher quality things.
  7. Isaac

    Walking Stick

    I'm interested in making a wooden walking stick for my cub scout son. If it goes well I could end up making more as incentive program for scouts who do a lot of hiking and earn one. Thought I'd take a crack at some decorative carving. I think people traditionally make these from a single green branch about 1 inch in diameter that they de-bark. I don't have a tree with the right type of branch for that and not really sure where to get one, short of hacking one off a tree under questionable circumstances, since I live in a city. Do you think I can I could use regular dried hardwood, possibly gluing something up, and then trimming it down to round using a draw knife or spoke shave? Lathe is out because it would be too long for my bed. Will the dried lumber be too stiff or brittle? thoughts on suggested wood species? Mixed species for decoration? Thoughts/suggestions?
  8. Isaac

    Pair Of Bookshelves

    I think I like the 3 slats, and with the dual horizontal subdivisions that line up with the shelves, vs the single horizontal that falls between two shelves. My two cents. Will this be open backed? If I so, I would certainly be paying attention to the rigidity since it is quite tall and narrow, you don't want it to fold when loaded up with books, which can be quite heavy.
  9. Isaac

    Bread Board End Question

    I'm thinking this is mostly a matter of proportions and taste, right? A 45" table could be made of 5 - 9" wide planks or 6 - 7.5" planks, for example, so one option would be to match the breadboard width to your plank width, which, if nothing else, would probably be efficient in your production process and generally falls within the range Chet described above. On the other hand, those actually both seem like pretty wide breadboards to me. You could mock this up in sketchup to see the proportions pretty easily and decide if it looks right.
  10. Isaac

    Just made a website - feedback & criticism?

    A little late here, but I have a few thoughts. This is basically me parroting what a friend who does this stuff (web site development, business development and search engine optimization) for a living has told me. At the end of the day, the ultimate goal of this sort of website is to get people in touch with you. Yes, they need to see fancy pictures and such to be convinced they want to contact you, but beyond that, you really want to make it easy to get in touch. I suggest revising your "How to Buy" section to "Contact Us" or adding a separate contact us line, even if they both go to the same place. "Contact Us" is basically the industry norm for this term and people look for it. I did. Also, "How to Buy" is a bit presumptuous for your communication page, maybe I want to talk first? I might have a very specific project, budget or time table in mind, all of which could preclude us being able to work together, so we need to talk first, before I can buy, you know? I'd also end your other pages with a link back to the contact page... so they read all through your "about me" section and then at the end, you give them a link to get in touch. You can even build it into the actual text. On your "How I work Page" one of the boxes is "communication", that should again link to your "Contact Us" page, right? You want it to be very easy to get in touch, because that is the goal here. Now, for the "Contact us" page, the email text box thing is fine, but I also strongly suggest adding an email account and phone number. If you are worried about privacy, create an email address or something like that and get a Google Voice Phone Number (though it looks like you have a number up on your facebook page already). People like emailing from their own email set up, because then they have a copy of the email in their sent folder. Otherwise with these email text boxes, sometimes you wonder if the message went into some abyss... Similarly, some people just want to call instead of email, for various reasons, and you should accommodate that.
  11. Isaac

    Wood Working as Therapy

    Also, I can relate to that. Just being in there, cleaning and organizing is a good feeling, and it gets me more motivated to return and do something bigger the next time around.
  12. Isaac

    Wood Working as Therapy

    I was battling some "creeping charlie" weed and did that. It certainly is work, but it is kind of therapeutic, in much the same way that cutting the grass itself it therapeutic. There is something nice above seeing your progress clearly delineated by the lines of cut and yet-to-be cut grass.
  13. Isaac

    Simple Grill Brush Project

    Can't take credit for the idea, but it is a fun little project, and they do work well. It is more carving than precision. Kind of like making those band saw reindeer we all love to do from time to time.
  14. Isaac

    Another Dust Collection Option

    I don't currently run a filter, I have a poors mans cyclone, with inlets into and out of a barrel lid. The big stuff is deposited into the bucket and the remainder goes through the blower and is directly vented out a window. I've always wondered how much CFM I'm losing at that bucket lid, vs. having a smoother transitioning dust deputy. Perhaps it isn't enough to worry about.
  15. Isaac

    Another Dust Collection Option

    Revisiting this old thread, just wanted to point out that I'm stilling running this set up. My only real complaint is that if my barrel is about 1/2 full or more and I'm producing a lot of lightweight shavings from planing or a similar activity, the shavings start bypassing the bucket and making it to the blower grill. I've not had it cause any apparent issues with the blower, but then I do have to remove the hose and remove the shavings. Not a big issue really. I've run this blower for hours at a time without issue for several years now, though I am a hobbyist, so its not running 8 hours a day, everyday. I did try upgrading the blower to the HF DC blower last year. For me, that was a total bust. The HF DC blower was bigger and louder, but I truly didn't see a meaningful uptick in performance. Neither option is going to suck the buttons off your dress shirt, but they both cleaned up my work space adequately. The real kick in the pants was that the HF DC conked out after a couple months. I imagine it was probably a fairly minor electrical part failure, but I couldn't track down what it was, and didn't have the inclination to rip it apart, so I just switched back and moved on. The only thing I'm considering is if it would be worthwhile to get one of the larger sized Dust Deputy cyclones to improve the efficiency at the barrel. I wonder if it would make a noticeable improvement?