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  1. This is what I was thinking. Most basic oils should be food safe. Mineral oil for example is fine. It might not do the best with the boiling, but won't become dangerous.
  2. No wonder it was so cheap!
  3. Thanks guys. It was a fun project. Great way to use some cut offs too.
  4. I always tell myself this will be the project where I start a journal before the thing is done. I did post some progress shots of this one on the facebook guild group if anyone is following along over there. I decided to make one of these traditional shaker step stools as a challenge and to put some of the walnut wood I purchased to work. I decided to incorporate the both the dark heartwood and some of the sapwood. I know that is not for everyone, but I like how it turned out. First, I started with my dovetails. I challenged myself to using my western style Veritas saw on these, and I may have completely flipped. I thought I was pull saw all the way, but now I'm learning western saw. Tails first for me. Thanks to @derekcohen for the blue tape method (albeit yellow tape in this case). The color contrast made hitting the lines much easier. Three tails on each step. Next time around I may attempt the super skinny pins, but these are fine for now. Next, adding the tails and the back stretcher? Time for a quick test sit. Now, insanely, I forgot to cut the little half circles until after I'd glued it. I kept leaving them off thinking I would get the joinery solved first.... whoops! In the end, not that big of a deal. A 6" hole saw left a very workable edge with minimal blow out, as I clamped the sides between some scrap. And the finished product:
  5. Isaac

    Trim update

    ok, in that case, try using just a little poly urethane in a discrete location. You can get it in a variety of sheens. Gloss will most likely be too shiny/tacky. Satin is probably what you want. Maybe Semi Gloss if satin doesn't have enough shine.
  6. Isaac

    Trim update

    So you want the trim to be lighter, like the flooring? How much are you talking about? You might just replace it rather than attempting to refinish.
  7. Isaac

    Trim update

    The trim is currently stained? How about sharing a picture of what you have and an idea what look you would like to have. That will help us give some advice.
  8. I'm wondering the same. I don't know much about audio systems, What does the cloth do between the speakers?
  9. I agree, that sounds like an 8" blade. Otherwise some obstruction is preventing the full lift height.
  10. The French cleat would also serve to brace it in the short direction, which isn't a bad thing.
  11. Just catching up on this project. Fantastic and inspiring work as always, Derek. Thank you for sharing. On this cut, I always hear the guys at the lumber mill call this a straight line rip cut. They have a special saw that is purpose built for this function, but the principle is the same.
  12. I would go with some vertical material, regularly spaced. If I understand, you are trying to make a 7' x 10' panel. The problem is that it will be prone to breaking somewhere along the length. if you ever set this on a normal table, you will likely have several feet extending out without support, which can cause a lot of stress. You need more strength in that transverse direction. You could run a series of 7' strips, spaced at 12 or 24" on center, along the back. That would greatly increase the strength. It may also start to give you something to use to mount this thing, as the MDF may not be strong enough to hold fasteners for most conventional ways of hanging something very heavy like this. What do you have in mind? A French cleat?
  13. Isaac


    Yeah, the van is actually my wife's. We looked at all the major SUVs before getting a minivan. The other nice thing about minivans, if you aren't going off road, is they ride lower, and don't have a central axle/hump, so kids and elderly people can get into the back easier. Some SUVs ride so high it is a real climb for little kids to even get into them.
  14. Isaac


    Just wait till you have kids. You'll see the light. Seriously didn't think I'd be doing much more work in Walnut because of the high bf price, but I got this from a guy who has a tree trimming company and sold it for about 20% the price my regular mill would charge..
  15. Isaac


    Basically just bought a tree and filled up the minivan. Black Walnut!