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  1. That’s helpful. I think if I do rubber tiles, I’d likely do the whole floor for ease of movement, and my next question was how hard it is to sweep them
  2. Preparing to move into a new 3 car garage, and my amazing wife is going to let me use all of it to serve as my woodshop. As such, I’m thinking of covering the existing concrete flooring with something a bit more hardy and aesthetically pleasing. I’ve thought about an epoxy or polyaspartic floor covering, but also looking at vinyl tiling. I want something durable but that will allow the space to be resold (if necessary) as a garage someday, so hardwood flooring is out of the question. Was wondering if any of you have finished your garage floors for use as your shop and what you have liked/disliked about what you chose.
  3. Do you like the flat fence that comes with it, or did you buy the taller fence?
  4. Read good things in a 2015 FWW review about the Porter Cable PCB660DP. Seems it was changed a bit in 2017 with an increased price tag and less than stellar reviews. Found one of the old ones for $220 that is supposed to work well. Seem like a good deal? Anyone have any experience with the Porter Cable drill press? Think I’ll add a woodpecker table to mine. @curlyoak which package did you put on yours and why?
  5. Love reading this thread. Hoping that one or multiple of my kids will have the same interest in the next few years.
  6. Have that one myself. It’s a joy to use, as much as sanding is ever a joy
  7. Having trouble finding that one. Looks like it might be a 30-217 now?
  8. Yeah, meant to include that in the list of ones that were too pricey but couldn’t remember the name at that moment
  9. Hey everyone, been awhile since I’ve been on here. Life has been a bit crazy, and I’m getting back into the game a bit. Getting prepped to build a Roubo, using Wood Whisperer/Benchcrafted build and feel like I need to add a drill press to my shop in order to accurately place all of those dog holes. Would like to purchase a floor standing model but not the high end ones like Delta 18-900 or PM as I’m not sure how much I will actually use it over time. Curious if you all have any thoughts. Had responded to MJC on another thread about his Grizzly, but seems he’s disappeared from the forums for the time being. Saw a good FWW review from 2015 about the Porter Cable model, but then saw some reviews about them changing it in 2019 and the quality being lower. Not sure what to believe, but have come to trust the thoughts of the woodworkers on this forum, so would love to hear what you have to say.
  10. Really nice looking drill press setup. Looking to purchase a DP myself as I’m thinking about starting my Roubo build and need a way to drill lots of dog holes. Thinking about something similar to yours, floor model, with an upgraded table. Which of the three Woodpecker packages did you purchase? Now that you’ve had it a few months, are you pretty happy with the setup?
  11. Very nice. F150 guy myself, but that’s a nice looking truck
  12. Getting tired of sharpening with my scary sharp sandpaper method, which works well, but frustrates me every time I have to change out the paper. Strongly considering a change to diamond stones. My current tools requiring sharpening are chisels, plane blades, spokeshave, and card scraper. Based on my understanding of stones, diamond stones should work well for these tools, particularly the card scraper because it won’t wear a groove in the stone (unlike water stones). Seems that DMT is a good quality brand in diamond stones and I’m looking at purchasing 3 DiaSharp Bench stones, 600, 1200, 2200. Will those grits be adequate for what I’m wanting to use? Would you add a strop to this for polishing? The stones I’m looking at are 8x3 in size, which seems like it would be adequate, but do you all prefer bigger than that? Anything else I should be considering? I really appreciate your wisdom in helping me with this.
  13. Beautiful piece. Sculptures furniture has intimidated me since I started woodworking, but you made it look simple. May have to remember this journal for a future project.