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  1. Looks like Klingspoor has like 7 different paper types. Any recommendations on which to use?
  2. Nicely done Drew. Can't believe I never thought about doing through tenons in this way with dominos. Glad to see that it came out as sturdy as you wanted it to.
  3. I’m a sucker for anything Blue Spruce. Bought their coping saw about a year ago and still haven’t used it
  4. The old version used to jump to the newest post in a thread that I hadn’t read yet. Seems I now have to go looking for that in this new version. Anyone else notice this change? Or do I need to modify a setting somewhere?
  5. Welcome! Always nice to have new people to join us and motivate us with their amazing projects.
  6. Looks really nice Tom. Will have to keep that in mind if and when I need a new one. Never have liked how clippings get left behind even when bagging
  7. I really love my Grripers as well. I don’t particularly like my blade guard and it has no dust collection functionality, so I typically leave it off, so I love the Grrrripers for when I’m cutting small parts or ripping a thin strip off of one side when I’m finishing my milling.
  8. Ugh, no love for love bugs from me
  9. Model trains is a hobby I’d always thought would be fun to get into but never had the space to create the layout that I’d want
  10. What do you typically use it for?
  11. Would love to take my wife and do Kilimanjaro followed by a safari. Thought about it many times, now that I’m done having babies, maybe we can make it happen.
  12. What climbs have you done @pkinneb? I did Rainier back in 2013. Haven’t done any big ones since (little kids, too busy) but would love to do more
  13. Thanks for the info @Mick S. Hadn’t ever heard of Harvey until you started throwing out their sales last week. I’m always a bit leery of brands that I don’t recognize, do they have a good reputation among woodworkers? Seems like those two saws are nearly identical except for price and even look nearly identical. And it says on their website that they had sold 15k of their previous 14” model under different branding.
  14. I’m planning to buy the 220V 14bx bandsaw once I get moved in to my new shop. It’s seemed to have reviewed really well and should hopefully be big enough for anything that I ever would need to do.