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  1. Picked up a Festool track saw from recon the other day. I’ve been wanting one of these for awhile. Contemplated the cordless one, but decided I don’t really want another set of batteries and chargers in the shop and liked the price tag on this one. Excited to put it to use.
  2. Have a couple of items from Blue Spruce. Always expensive but good quality and beautiful
  3. Outside of woodworking, I try to only add activities to my life that allow me to connect with my wife and kids or others. So, to that end, we do as much hiking as we can as well as visiting national park service sites. There are over 400 of them in the country and we are determined to visit them all. I am also a big board gamer, a hobby which exploded for me during the past year. I have close to 100 board games in my collection now. Hoping to get my kids into the shop more as they get older too.
  4. Thanks for the explanation. Thankfully, I happen to have the Sd208s set, so seems like I should be alright.
  5. Why is that? As someone moving from a Ridgid to a SawStop in the very near future and who owns the 8” Freud set, I’d be really curious to understand that a bit more. Does it affect the safety mechanism somehow, and can you use the Freud style set even though it’s not recommended?
  6. Looks great so far. Love watching people with more experience than I have design and build as they go. I’m hopeful my skill level will allow me that flexibility/creativity someday. Never would have thought to use a torsion box to give the top more stability without adding significant weight. Very clever and I’ll have to remember that.
  7. Thank you all for your advice. I'll hold off on the drill press table and buy a much cheaper bushing. Then, perhaps, someday I'll get around to building a table for the DP.
  8. Biggest thing I want my drill press for right now is to make all of the bench dog holes on my upcoming Roubo build. Just want to ensure I have accurate, 90 deg holes. The reason I’m looking to purchase rather than build is just to save time as I have a list of projects to complete that is a mile long. Not opposed to building one myself though if I can find a good plan.
  9. Looking to buy a drill press table and fence from Woodpecker. Seems they want to charge me $50 for the slowest and cheapest shipping option. Does Woodpecker ever offer free shipping or discounts?
  10. Beautiful table. Love the grain pattern on that cherry. One of my favorite woods to use. Nice job!
  11. Beautiful work. Just out of curiosity, how long did those carvings take you to do? I know nothing about wood carving, other than the pocketknife whitling I used to do as a kid.
  12. Looks like Klingspoor has like 7 different paper types. Any recommendations on which to use?
  13. Nicely done Drew. Can't believe I never thought about doing through tenons in this way with dominos. Glad to see that it came out as sturdy as you wanted it to.
  14. I’m a sucker for anything Blue Spruce. Bought their coping saw about a year ago and still haven’t used it
  15. The old version used to jump to the newest post in a thread that I hadn’t read yet. Seems I now have to go looking for that in this new version. Anyone else notice this change? Or do I need to modify a setting somewhere?