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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. Hadn't considered two doors that slide to the same direction, in either configuration that you mentioned. Will have to pass those along to my wife (the boss on all things decor) to see what she thinks. Yes, I will have a means of keeping the door from swinging. We have a barn door in our bedroom into the master bath that the builder installed that has an V groove routed into the bottom that runs on a short, 6 in piece of track to keep it in line. I'll either do something like that or have a couple of floor guides like this.
  2. Thanks for that suggestion as well Coop. I do think those dimensions will work well, and still planning to use boards rather than ply as I think it will provide a much better look to the door in the end. Would you still suggest using the Lexel on the dominos to allow for that movement, or would the additional side-to-side width of the mortise that I typically add with the domino alleviate that need?
  3. I love these suggestions Coop. Really appreciate you laying this out for me. I had toyed with the idea of using boards for the center panels but felt it might be a bit too heavy, although I think I’d prefer that look to plywood panels. Can you explain how you would use the silicon agent to secure the center boards? Would you use that on the end tenons into the groove of the rails or along between the center panel boards? I had thought about using my domino for the joinery as well, but I’ve only got a 500 and wasn’t sure that would provide the strength in the joint that I needed, even if I used a couple of dominos.
  4. I like that design a lot as well. The question that I would have about this is how can I make it look finished from both sides? I want it to be pleasing to the eye from both sides of the door. Unfortunately, I only have space on one side of the opening to slide the door onto. I’ve attached a picture to help everyone understand better what I’m working with. The blue tape is marking where the door would slide out to based on the size of the opening.
  5. Those are some really beautiful shutters Ross. I’ve envisioned a mitered tenon joint in my head before, but until now, I’m not sure I’ be ever seen one actually done. I’m leaning toward using the half-lap joints with the dowel at this point.
  6. I like the half-lap idea with a dowel, perhaps in a different species to add a different look to it. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a door with miters, but was trying to think outside the box a bit, something I’m not very good at yet when it comes to woodworking and design. That’s why I appreciate all of you so much.
  7. As it’s a barn door for the interior of my home, the hinges will hang on top and it will run on a track
  8. Hoping you guys can give me some pointers/help with this upcoming project. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’ve just moved into a new home, and my wife is wanting me to build a barn door for our entryway in order to cover over the door of the office space right off the entry. She would like it to be a natural wood door that catches the attention of people walking through the front door. It’s a fairly oversized door and I’ve determined that my dimensions need to be 64 5/8” x 96 3/4.” She feels that cherry would provide the best coloring to match the decor of the rest of the home. I’ve sketched out a plan which I included below. The scale is 2.5” per box. I think I’d like to try to do this like a frame and panel door so that it isn’t quite so heavy. I’d also like it to look nice on both sides of the door. I’m thinking about creating the outer frame and center rail with 6/4 and putting a rabbit down the middle of the length in order to slot in sheets of cherry veneer ply. The accent angled pieces would be in 4/4. The joinery on the outer frame could be done in either M&T or perhaps miters? I’ve never built a door before, and while this one will be sliding instead of pulling, I’m not sure if I’ve designed it well to withstand the forces that will be imposed upon it. Hoping you all can give me some pointers. Thanks.
  9. That looks fantastic. Really love the color of the walnut. I may have missed it, but what did you finish it with?
  10. Fantastic work @Chet. I'm hopeful that someday I'll be able to say that the vast majority of the furniture in my home was made by me.
  11. I love that look Ken. I actually really like the Mahogany as an accent. Don't think anyone would see that as a needed leg extension unless you told them. I'm hoping to use those plans eventually to build a porch swing for my new home. I have a beautiful view of Signal Peak (~10k ft mountain in SW Utah) from my front porch and want a swing or bench to sit in and enjoy. How were Cremona's videos? I've not ever used one of his projects.
  12. Finished building a set of storage shelves for my garage. Just moved into a new home, the first one we’ve actually purchased now that I’m out of the military and hoping to stay in one place for awhile. So, of course, I need to put in some permanent built-ins. Started with these shelves in the garage. I have an RV garage with a 14’ ceiling and wanted to really use all of that storage space. Built from construction 2x4 and 1/2 plywood. Nothing too fancy. The one thing I learned was that once I had the stretchers fastened to the wall in the studs, I attached another 2x4 to each and then the vertical supports. After this, I removed the screws from the second 2x4s and had a complete front frame that matched up to the rear frame perfectly. The next built-ins will be much more complicated (Murphy bed with bookcases, Large bookcase for my office, Window seat with storage), but it sure was good to get back to building a project with wood again after not building anything for nearly 18 months.
  13. That looks like an awesome list of training videos Mark. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Not planning to chunk it, but it will definitely be a bit more neglected now
  15. I got the TS55 on recon a number of months ago, right before our move, so haven’t had a chance to get it out and use it, and didn’t have the track until now. Really appreciate having it and definitely expect it to replace my circular for most things. Will be hard to let go of my old Ridgid circular saw though as that was my first tool purchase when I decided to delve into woodworking in 2012.