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  1. Yeah, meant to include that in the list of ones that were too pricey but couldn’t remember the name at that moment
  2. Hey everyone, been awhile since I’ve been on here. Life has been a bit crazy, and I’m getting back into the game a bit. Getting prepped to build a Roubo, using Wood Whisperer/Benchcrafted build and feel like I need to add a drill press to my shop in order to accurately place all of those dog holes. Would like to purchase a floor standing model but not the high end ones like Delta 18-900 or PM as I’m not sure how much I will actually use it over time. Curious if you all have any thoughts. Had responded to MJC on another thread about his Grizzly, but seems he’s disappeared from the for
  3. Really nice looking drill press setup. Looking to purchase a DP myself as I’m thinking about starting my Roubo build and need a way to drill lots of dog holes. Thinking about something similar to yours, floor model, with an upgraded table. Which of the three Woodpecker packages did you purchase? Now that you’ve had it a few months, are you pretty happy with the setup?
  4. Very nice. F150 guy myself, but that’s a nice looking truck
  5. Getting tired of sharpening with my scary sharp sandpaper method, which works well, but frustrates me every time I have to change out the paper. Strongly considering a change to diamond stones. My current tools requiring sharpening are chisels, plane blades, spokeshave, and card scraper. Based on my understanding of stones, diamond stones should work well for these tools, particularly the card scraper because it won’t wear a groove in the stone (unlike water stones). Seems that DMT is a good quality brand in diamond stones and I’m looking at purchasing 3 DiaSharp Bench stones, 600, 1200, 2200.
  6. Beautiful piece. Sculptures furniture has intimidated me since I started woodworking, but you made it look simple. May have to remember this journal for a future project.
  7. Agree with all of these comments as well. I’ve got a Bosch router that included both a fixed and plunge base and it’s been so helpful to have both. Based on what you’ve mentioned that you want to do, sounds like you need both.
  8. Love this idea! And guarantee that my wife would love to have something like this as well. May have to steal this idea for a future gift. Thanks for the journal.
  9. Incredible work Ronn and thank you for walking us through your process. Your attention to detail with grain matching is superb. As a novice at this craft, I see things like this and aspire to them one day, but don’t feel like I’ll ever quite get there. And I think a table like this will leave a far better legacy for your family than any novel that might be written.
  10. That’s actually really helpful. Didn’t know that.
  11. Got the four boards finished yesterday, just in time for leaving to head home for the holidays. Ran a 1/4” roundover around all the edges and put a recess on either end for hand holds. Finished them off with a mineral oil-beeswax mixture. Pretty happy with the result of the project and expect that my family will be too.
  12. Beautifully done. I'm a huge coffee nut. Will have to put this on my list of future projects and possibly gifts. Love the mitered drawer, hides it nicely in the bottom. Great idea.
  13. What size dominos did you use on yours and were your stretchers that large? i definitely have some hefty mortises to cut and do plan to use a spiral upcut bit, but also have a domino. Didn’t expect the dominos to be enough for this though and was expecting to cut these out Your description makes sense by the way. I wasn’t thinking entirely clearly last evening and was somehow picturing a 3” x3” stretcher with a 3” tenon as well. Not sure why my mind jumped there but it did. Thanks for the help
  14. This may sound like a silly question, but would that essentially mean that the mortise would be open on the top and bottom right? Kinda like a large dado (except it’s not running with the grain)? Again, I know it’s a strange question, but I’ve only ever done a traditional M&T and this seems a bit different.
  15. Is this kinda what you were suggesting Ronn? I appreciate all of the suggestions you both have been giving me btw. Really helpful as I think through this.
  16. Sorry, misunderstood you. And I know what you mean about hitting your legs. I’m always stretching my legs out (I’m 6’3”), but I think the width should be enough to keep people from hitting knees.
  17. Here are a couple more of my drawings which may help visualization of what I’m describing. My current plan is to do the entire build without hardware, so my thought is to attach the top to the base with through dowels on the top support and anchor blocks attached to the bottom of the table top. That’s what the larger circles theough the top support are for.
  18. I understand that I didn’t include all of my drawings. I have a single stretcher planned between the two legs about halfway up that will M&T into the open section of the leg between where the knees are joined (if that makes any sense). I’m not sure that this stretcher will provide much structural help, much like what Nut was saying. i actually have two stretchers across the top planned and was questioning if a third might be beneficial for such a wide tabletop. Ill definitely keep a thinner top in mind. I’m not sure all of my wood is exactly 8/4 anyway and will lose some thicknes
  19. Thanks for the assist Nut. I’ve already secured the wood and have it stickered in my shop. I’ll include a picture of it when I start my journal for this build. The plan is to do this in two pieces, the top and the base with either some knockdown hardware or through dowels to hold the two pieces together. And yes, all of those circles are for drawbores. The legs and feet are planned 4”x4”. i agree with your concern about the style of table, however, this is what my wife wants after quite a bit of research, so I’m happy to oblige. Big question is, will this style support the table top
  20. I know that this isn’t a new topic per se, as people are frequently posting about their trestle table builds, but I didn’t want to hijack someone’s project journal in order to ask my question. I’m going to build a trestle style table after the first of the year out of air dried walnut. Plan is for a 45” width for the table top and 96” length. My hope is to build this with one solid leg on either end according to the plans I’ve attached. The legs would be laminated 8/4 walnut, so around 4” in thickness and I would have two 4” wide top stretchers and a center stretcher between the two legs that
  21. Sounds like I don’t need to spend exorbant amounts of money here, although I really like that Blue Spruce cocobollo one and the fact that you can buy additional blades of varying sizes to switch in and out of that one
  22. I’m putting together a wish list for Christmas and feel like I could potentially benefit from having a marking knife in my shop. Based on the research I’ve done, it seems that most of the selection is based on personal preference, but I thought I’d see what you all have and if you have any tips on selecting one. Thanks.
  23. I definitely get nervous about getting startled as well. I work in the garage attached to the house, so there are two means of entry and I have 4 small children (6 and under) who don’t always listen when I tell them to stay out. I like the suggestions about having someone circle around into your peripheral vision as I’m not sure I’d hear a yell over the tool, DC, and my hearing protection
  24. Should be able to. Most newer printers can connect to devices over the WiFi network. I’m pretty sure you can also buy an adaptor for the iPad that will allow you to connect a USB to it. If it’s an old dot matrix though, not sure you can make that work