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  1. I bought a program for the computer called Cutting Board Designer or something like that and played with a bunch of different designs, but my wife liked this one best (and it’s really her opinion that matters most). Was a nice program though. Gives you a picture of what the board would look like based on your wood selection, size of the cut strips and how you choose to configure the strips. Then it will give you a printout plan of how to build it. Not completely necessary for building a board like this, but I was having trouble visualizing what it would look like in the end.
  2. I’ve got my Jet jointer on a Portamate 2500 with two swivels in the front and fixed in the rear. Makes for some difficulty maneuvering occasionally when I’m moving it, but haven’t had any issue with it moving during use. I could see it potentially being a problem on a lighter tool, but my jointer is fairly heavy (250lbs or so). Just bought another of these bases for my drum sander. We’ll see how well it works for that.
  3. Haven’t posted on here for awhile. Progress has been slow due to real life priorities (holiday gatherings, putting up Christmas lights on the house, etc.) and getting my new conveyor belt installed, tracking and tensioning figured out, and drum sander set up. Working now on gluing up end grain and running through the sander. Alignment isn’t perfect but close enough that my family won’t notice. Probably will even up the long edges with router and then run a 1/4” round over all the way around. Need to also add some hand holds on the underside. Should still be done with all 4 of them before Ch
  4. Got this set for Christmas a couple of years back. It’s served me well to this point, although I don’t use at least half of them
  5. Yep, got in on their deal for the smaller clamps today. 2 6” and 2 12” for $24. Excited to try them out. Haven’t had Jorgensens before
  6. I’m wanting to put a mobile base on it. Trying to decide if the Portamate 2500 will get big enough for this 36.5x20.5 base. What kind of base did you put on it?
  7. I mentioned in my project journal that I had picked up a free delta 18-36 drum sander that just needed a new conveyor belt. Got the belt and put it on today and after a long period of patience, got it tracking correctly. I’ve still got one side of the belt that is not tensioned tight to the table though, and I’m afraid that I will mess the tracking up if I’m trying to pull more tension. The opposite side of the belt is very tight against the table, so I can’t really put more tension on both sides. How tight should the belt be? Just enough to not slip on the rollers or tight to the table so
  8. Great work. I love all of the tips and step-by-step instruction that you provide. I was actually thinking about the basketball commentator Clark Kellogg when I saw the title.
  9. I’ve got the 4512 and have been quite happy with it. Have to pay extra attention to fence at both ends as the outfeed side does occasionally want to deflect one direction or the other, but it can be overcome with a bit of patience and diligence. Hoping to have mine for many years to come, until I can get out of my garage and into a stable shop.
  10. No Rockler nearby for me but I do frequent the Woodcraft in Austin (about an hour drive) when I get down there. Don’t typically buy wood from them though as they are more expensive than the other hardwood dealers in the area
  11. Love the idea of adding width for breaking down sheet goods. Would be nice to do some of that off the floor, especially as I get older. Does your bench have casters for movement?
  12. I’m a bit ahead of the game in starting this topic, as I have a couple of other projects in the line up before this one, but I’m hoping to build a woodworking bench next year. Right now, I just have a general purpose garage bench that was my first woodworking project 6 years ago, and now that I know what I’m wanting to do in this hobby (hybrid style work), I’m wanting to build a bench that will better support that work. I’ve been following this guy on YouTube for awhile and like his work, but was curious about your thoughts on his bench. I like the fact that it is hybrid and maybe a bit more
  13. Not as familiar with the 734, but the 735 ejects its own waste, so I’ve just put a dust right DC bag onto the ejection port. A possible way to save some money here, if the 734 blows out it’s own chips like the 735 does.
  14. Just looking at this thread for the first time. Like what you’ve done so far. I too recently built a flip top based on the Wood article that multiple people have mentioned. Ended up a bit bigger than I wanted, but I’m also planning to extend the infeed and outfeed support on both tools in the future. Cart is on casters which is necessary for nearly everything on the floor in my small shop. Finished it by spraying shellac.
  15. I have that one and absolutely love it. Did some work around my church today, nothing too exciting. No shop time, but hoping to get back in there early this week.
  16. I’d be interested to hear what your research is telling you. I understand that budget constraints can be difficult but I’m not sure that you can find much better advice than what you are getting from these very seasoned woodworkers. Working with low quality tools will often make this hobby quite miserable and in the long run, I think the strategies mentioned above, buying tools periodically when budget allows turn out to be the best. I started out with a circular saw and jigsaw and over the past 5 years have added the router, table saw, planer, and finally the jointer in the past month. Yes
  17. Agree with this entirely. Grr-ripper block is a great safety investment if you’re cutting small pieces and would like to keep all of your fingers
  18. I generally spray my shellac just outside my garage on the driveway. Never have had any issues with it.
  19. That looks like what I need. Thanks David!
  20. Wish that I could have but no. I’ve already got two shop vacs and a 1hp DC in my small garage shop, so don’t have room for another. Seems I need to get a Festool hose to connect in for dust collection though
  21. Not originally. Currently live here but move around a decent bit with the military
  22. So, in the case of the Delta, there is a difference between the drive belt and the conveyor belt. Looking at the link that Gee-Dub posted, it says that it is a drive belt but looks more like a conveyor belt to me. Just trying to determine if that’s the correct part to order for this
  23. Is there a difference between a drive belt and conveyor belt, or are they the same thing?
  24. I’ve got the cast iron conveyor, had just taken it off to move the machine out of my truck. How challenging is getting a new belt set?
  25. Yeah, agree with all of you. Bought my 500 last night and am super eager to put it to use