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  1. Military guy living in Killeen currently. Really enjoy being here so hoping to stay for awhile.
  2. I have a dewalt 735, so I have 13 inches of width. Most of the stock I have is currently around 7.5 inches wide, so not sure I'll be able to get even 2 boards through the planer. Will likely get them as smooth as possible prior to glue-up, trying to align them as stable as I can (hence the thread) and then just finish the top with hand planes/sander. Black walnut I appreciate the suggestion on a track saw for the long edge jointing. My jointer is only 56in long, so probably will need to use something else to put a nice edge on the boards before glue-up.
  3. Bought 150 board feet of rough black walnut for a planned trestle table. Has been drying longer than I expected. Still needs to acclimate to my shop, but I can hardly wait to get started milling it.
  4. Expecting the top to be somewhere around 40" x 96"
  5. Starting to contemplate how I might ensure alignment of my tabletop during glue-up. Have seen multiple suggestions for use of biscuits and had one suggestion from a friend to use beadlocks. It seems that some woodworkers won't use anything other than their glueline and clamps, but I'm not sure that I'm quite so optimistic about my ability to maintain alignment. Unfortunately, I don't have a biscuit jointer or beadlock system and am curious if you all have any other suggestions before buying a new tool. Thanks.
  6. Fairly new to the forum, so happy to introduce myself. I’m a physician who specializes in the care of premature or ill newborns (fancy word is neonatologist). Love my job and the fact that I am able to do this work as a member of the US Army. Woodworking has been a wonderful hobby experience for me thus far and I always feel I have more to learn. I appreciate all of the input some of you have provided me thus far and hope that in the future, I will have the knowledge to help new woodworkers out as well.
  7. Building for my home. Wife has wanted a new table since I started woodworking about 6 years ago. I live in central Texas and work out of my garage. Might be a bit humid at times but also should get a bit more dry as we move into winter.
  8. Planning to use it for a table top that I want to be close to 2” and some thick trestle style legs. I think 8/4 should work fine.
  9. Based on the information I have, the boards have been roughly milled to 8/4. I’ll do final milling in my shop at the jointer and planer
  10. Going out tomorrow to get a large load of walnut cut fresh from the tree. Until now I’ve always bought my lumber kiln dried, so this will be my first experience with non-dried wood. I understand that it will need to dry for quite awhile before use, but how should I store it until then? Do I sticker it and stack? And do I then need to buy a device to measure the moisture content so that I know when it’s ready to use? Just looking for some tips. Thanks.
  11. Here are the pictures. The gibs have 4 screw holes which are supposed to go through the quick set knife and attach directly into the cutter head. I’m trying to install knives that aren’t quick set however, which is why I’m having the difficulty.
  12. Just bought a used Jointer and am switching out the blades. This Jointer is designed for quick set knives, however, I picked up some Freud non-quick set knives which I was led to believe could also work in this cutter head. These traditional knives doesn’t have machined holes which is giving me difficulty in understanding how to install them. If anyone has some experience with this anc can explain it to me, I’d really appreciate it. Excited to start using my tool and would rather not have to get another set of knives.
  13. Recently received $500 that was set aside in a savings bond for me by my great grandparents who I was very close to before their passing. I want to use this money in way that will allow me to continue to remember them every time I use the tool and was thinking about an heirloom quality hand tool, like a Lie Nielsen that I could eventually pass down to my children as well. I already have a nice low-angle block plane and a Stanley #5, so was looking for any suggestions about hand tools that might be functional for me in the shop but also survive for multiple generations as a reminder of my gre
  14. Looking to purchase my first planer and jointer and I think I’ve settled on the DeWalt 735x planer and the Grizzly G0814 6” jointer. Both of those fit my price point and the mobility that I require. My question is what the opinion of seasoned woodworkers regarding the blades that are included with these tools. Should I purchase a different set of blades to go with those? I know I purchased a new blade for my table Saw and never used the factory included one, but didn’t know if this was necessary for the jointer and planer. I appreciate your thoughts.