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  1. Model trains is a hobby I’d always thought would be fun to get into but never had the space to create the layout that I’d want
  2. What do you typically use it for?
  3. Would love to take my wife and do Kilimanjaro followed by a safari. Thought about it many times, now that I’m done having babies, maybe we can make it happen.
  4. What climbs have you done @pkinneb? I did Rainier back in 2013. Haven’t done any big ones since (little kids, too busy) but would love to do more
  5. Thanks for the info @Mick S. Hadn’t ever heard of Harvey until you started throwing out their sales last week. I’m always a bit leery of brands that I don’t recognize, do they have a good reputation among woodworkers? Seems like those two saws are nearly identical except for price and even look nearly identical. And it says on their website that they had sold 15k of their previous 14” model under different branding.
  6. I’m planning to buy the 220V 14bx bandsaw once I get moved in to my new shop. It’s seemed to have reviewed really well and should hopefully be big enough for anything that I ever would need to do.
  7. May need to get one of these myself. Was talking about these with my wife and now she wants me to make her some candlesticks. Sounds like a good enough reason to buy a lathe and get turning
  8. Wow, looks like a really well made kit. Not something I’ve ever thought about building but if I do, I’ll definitely have to remember that company
  9. Got my Bosch Colt router that @pkinneb sent to me. Stuck in an air bnb while I wait to move but excited to put it to use once I get in my new shop
  10. I'll have to remember those. I hate the cheap foam brushes and the price for a big box of those seems really reasonable.
  11. Really excited to watch this come together
  12. I’m with you there Mick. I have five kids and I’m really hopeful that just one will want to learn from me in the shop. If not, I’ll just wait for grandkids like Chet did.
  13. I love Blue Spruce. Totally a splurge tool, but I’ve got their coping saw and a marking knife. Really want one of their bevel gauges.
  14. Thanks for the reply and the great explanation. Haven’t done any twin tenons before, will have to try that.
  15. Really nice work nut. Just finished reading the whole thread for the first time. May be an ignorant question, but why put in twin tenons rather than one single one if it isn’t a through tenon and won’t be seen? Or maybe I missed that it was a through tenon?
  16. Woodworking, board games, traveling to national parks and hiking
  17. I’m getting ready to set up a garage shop as well and contemplated wood flooring, but ultimately abandoned the idea because I don’t know how long I’ll be in the house and don’t think wood flooring would be something someone else would want if they needed a garage for vehicles. So I guess I would ask how long do you plan to live in that space?
  18. I’d be interested in one too, unless @Chestnut wants them both.
  19. Yes, still in Texas. Moving down toward San Antonio.
  20. It is, was hoping for a full 3 car garage, but this turned out to be our favorite home and 2.5 should work (~540sq ft). Haven’t ever had a full garage to myself before, so I’m excited to get it all set up
  21. Made an offer on our first home. Sign says “Sold” but offer hasn’t been accepted yet, but builder’s agent seems to think it will be. Have lived in 7 different homes in the last 13 years with the military and are hoping we can finish my last 5 years of service in this one. Really excited to have a home that is our own.
  22. Not expecting to move tools around much on them, but with my movement, I don’t want to risk tripping going from concrete to tile or vice versa. I noticed in Mark’s most recent shop tour that he has them everywhere except for under the tools. Would that make a big difference?
  23. That’s helpful. I think if I do rubber tiles, I’d likely do the whole floor for ease of movement, and my next question was how hard it is to sweep them
  24. Preparing to move into a new 3 car garage, and my amazing wife is going to let me use all of it to serve as my woodshop. As such, I’m thinking of covering the existing concrete flooring with something a bit more hardy and aesthetically pleasing. I’ve thought about an epoxy or polyaspartic floor covering, but also looking at vinyl tiling. I want something durable but that will allow the space to be resold (if necessary) as a garage someday, so hardwood flooring is out of the question. Was wondering if any of you have finished your garage floors for use as your shop and what you have liked/disliked about what you chose.