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  1. Wait, you mean to tell me you two are related!?!?! I NEVER would have guessed ;p GREAT build Shane, congrats on an awesome gift
  2. and it is really fun to pincushion the daylights out of a beam with a nail gun
  3. Welcome! My aunt lives up around Trescott/Lubec, beautiful area
  4. Awesome house and nice job on getting that shop setup! I HATED our central vac, lugging that damn hose out was far more trouble than it was ever worth. I might end up using it as a bandsaw vac but for now I just took it offline and we run a normal upright vac.
  5. Nice! Saw it on IG this morning and was hoping to see the full pics on here
  6. Welcome, I am in eastern Howard County and also do some milling, have an 20" on a MS291 for general home use, started milling with a 32" 038mag and recently acquired a 33" 075AV that I hope to run up to 72" soon
  7. Yeah, sorry, that was in reference to your question if you would be ok bringing them inside
  8. If you are just talking about bowls, the tried and true method of stuffing them in a paper bag with shavings from the bowl should work just fine. Also, for what it is worth, the guy who taught me how to turn kept the blanks he wanted to keep "green" in a big chest freezer (without a "frost free" system)
  9. Haha, no, just messing with Ben, Mel and I (mostly Mel) herded him here
  10. This guy has no place here, plz ban him
  11. I hate how careless people are with history just to save a few bucks to get it done faster. The flip side is, I always love to see people willing to restore it, do you have anyone you trust to do it instead?
  12. My narrowest chisel is a regular Irwin Marples 1/8" so I just don't make pins any narrower than about 5/32" but I haven't made that many
  13. Not sure if I should feel sorry for him, you or everyone else?
  14. When I lost the depth setting in my mortiser and made a nice round 3/8" hole on the face of my leg, you bet your arse I clocked that
  15. Does your vac double as a blower? Pro Tip: If it does, try to unclog it outside
  16. I try to use my TS as little as possible since it doesn't have a splitter or riving knife and the kickback would go into a sliding glass door. When I do use it, I will put a sheet of plywood on an angle to hopefully deflect any issues I have into a wall. It likely will be replaced soon.
  17. I thought this was suppost to be about Brain's house? Wife and I put in a Vermont Castings Merrimack wood burning insert to get rid of the open front waste of heat crappy original one and it was the best money we ever spent on the house.
  18. The cover article of the most recent FWW issue was this cutting gauge and how to make one. If you're an online member:
  19. Living outside the city, I can tell you that the city is becoming even worse than even the show could have predicted.
  20. All intensive purposes is the common "eggcorn"
  21. The grammar nazi in me wants to hug you for getting this right
  22. Stupid firewall, I don't want to do this thread the injustice of looking at the pictures on my phone so I will refrain until I get home but man does it sound cool hah