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  1. 1 hour ago, wdwerker said:

    Yep, nails have high shear strength. Drywall screws are too brittle.  Construction screws do not have a bugle head. If it's getting inspected just use bolts & nails. Nails are cheap so you can use plenty, especially if you have a nail gun !

    and it is really fun to pincushion the daylights out of a beam with a nail gun

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  2. 11 hours ago, shaneymack said:

    There is one thing in my shop doesn't belong to the shop. One of the central vaccuum hoses. There is a closet at the top of the landing in my shop and it lives in there. I gave my wife a hard time and told her no way, that's gotta go. Since the previous owners had it in there I let it slide. Other than that, if the shed can't hold it, it lives outside. All the kids bikes stay outside. I have to defend my space like its war over here. If I'm off my guard all of a sudden there will be crap everywhere lol. They have 6000 sq ft, I have 400, I don't feel bad !!


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    Awesome house and nice job on getting that shop setup!

    I HATED our central vac, lugging that damn hose out was far more trouble than it was ever worth. I might end up using it as a bandsaw vac but for now I just took it offline and we run a normal upright vac.

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  3. If you are just talking about bowls, the tried and true method of stuffing them in a paper bag with shavings from the bowl should work just fine. 


    Also, for what it is worth, the guy who taught me how to turn kept the blanks he wanted to keep "green" in a big chest freezer (without a "frost free" system)

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  4. I thought this was suppost to be about Brain's house?



    Wife and I put in a Vermont Castings Merrimack wood burning insert to get rid of the open front waste of heat crappy original one and it was the best money we ever spent on the house.

  5. 50 minutes ago, shaneymack said:

    That gauge looks pretty similar to the veritas. I dont find my wheel gauge to be all that. I took a class at Fww live with Bob Van Dyke and he showed the marking gauge that he designed and made and I found that one to be far superior to a wheel gauge. This woodpeckers one seemed a little more like Bobs gauge in that it had more reference surface and a bigger shaft that you could get a better grip on.



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    The cover article of the most recent FWW issue was this cutting gauge and how to make one.

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  6. 1 minute ago, Mike. said:

    What do people normally say? 


    Building face frames first was not intuitive to me either, until I took a visit to my cousin's cabinet shop.  The entire process goes so fast when you have the face frame done.  


    All intensive purposes is the common "eggcorn"