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  1. Well poop, thank goodness for Amazon and one day shipping. The down side of going from 6/4 to 8/4.
  2. Agreed, nothing but the inner box and the top has any glue and I won't be gluing it up until we are finished with the inner box so we have all of the wiring and lighting located and I can adjust as needed.
  3. Thanks a lot for taking the time, i really appreciate the insight. I have been expecting to have some good sized vents but, with your concerns, I am certainly going to insist we run it, Sans lizard, for awhile to make sure we don't cook/freeze the beardie
  4. The inside of the structure is going to be 1/2cdx with 1" polystyrene all around. There will be at least one top vent and one side vent that we will be creating ourselves like the ones I posted earlier. Since he is the lizard guy and I'm the wood guy, I made the inner cage so he is getting rolling with the foam and grout now. Once he gets it further along, we plan to meet up to better decide how to get his Reptisun, CHE and other fixtures run through the terrarium. The picture is of the test fit before he picked up the box.
  5. I paused for a few weeks to get ready for, go on and recover from vacation but I have been getting back into the shop now. I was able to get the top glued up and prepped, the ends just need to be trimmed to the right side before I add the edge profile but I will hold off on that until I am about to install it. However, my buddy/client wasn't quite happy with how much (not enough) storage it was going to have on the bottom so he is having me increase the height by 7" so the sides have to get redone. He isn't expecting me to do it for free and it will give me a chance to hopefully not make
  6. Thanks, good point, to be more accurate I should have said that they are more likely to have issue with barked woods but I certainly would expect some, hopefully minor, increased level of scrutiny. Ugh, and now I am thinking about looking for antique hand tools while there as well.......
  7. I checked with USCBP and they are really only concerned with bark and endangered species. I appreciate the reminder on sand, I will be visiting the Normandy beaches and wanted to check if I could bring sand from there.
  8. All good points, many hardwood trees we have were brought from Europe so I figured there wouldn't be much that would be worth the effort. However, just in case there is......... I wanted to be able to activate my wood hoarder powers.
  9. I have 9 days in Northern France coming up soon and was thinking about trying to get some harder to get species while I'm there. Has anyone here done this before? How would I go about finding places to go? We're not taking a ton of luggage but I would assume there are good ones like olive that work well in sizes for pens/knifes/peppermills etc Am I crazy? Thanks!
  10. I wasn't happy with the mortises on the legs so I filled them with some scrap pieces cut to size (with matched grain direction), moved them in another ~1/16" and went over to a local guild members house to recut them on his hollow chisel mortiser. After those were done, I cut a 3/8" grove in the legs and rails and cut a rabbet on the back of some 1/2" sapele ply for the panels to ride in the groove. I blew out the back of one of the legs when I got a catch in the router bit as I cut the groove but it won't affect it in any visible or structural way so I am just leaving it. Next step is t
  11. From a total layman/neanderthal perspective, I read the two patents listed in the judges decision and they seem extraordinarily vague and broad. I feel that the whole situation has become a bunch of kids building forts and kicking sand at each other in a sandbox , all while people are still losing fingers.
  12. My problem is that all of my boxes point to buy it.......
  13. Yup! Epoxy would have been my go-to so that's good to hear. I'll probably just check the joint again once I do the final dry fit and make the call then
  14. Tonight's progress isn't much, I screwed up the first rail by cutting the tail on the top side on one end and the front side on the other (perpendicular to each other). Then I cut the gap between the pins too far so I CA glued some thin strips onto the tail and fit the tail to the pins. This was my first attempt at this fix and I'm pleased with how well it went. Also, I should have haunched my tenons because I blew into the mortise when I cut the pins. I'm not terribly worried about it as it is maybe .3"x.5" but if I should be worried, I'd love to know so I can fix it. Thank
  15. Finished the other side last night and I have moved onto cutting the tails for the dovetailed cross bars.
  16. Not until you asked, lol. We are planning on venting the cage with custom formed vents like in the attached photo I snagged from another build. ( Might be really cool as a 12" tall side vent with a red LED strip inside. Thanks! Thanks, we aren't sure what we will end up with yet but thanks for the info on the flex watt. He has the normal heat bulbs now so we will probably stick with those to start. The bottom of cage will be tile with the insert "pond" area so it should keep enough heat but he plans
  17. This was actually my first project, some "honeycomb" shelves for the nursery of my wife's godson. #1 pine 1x6's, 30 degree mitered, end grain glued and brad nailed. I used two coats of the Marigold Yellow milk paint from the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co and wiped on a coat of watco danish oil to darken it up a little. They came out great in the end and they wont be holding much weight so the joints won't have much stress on them. The paint went on really well and was light enough that you can still see some of the cathedral grain come through.
  18. So my friend has commissioned me to make him a new cage for his bearded dragon, Thrall (named after the Horde Warchief) but, rather than just a cage, he wanted it to look like a piece of furniture that happened to house a lizard, not just some out-of-place cage in his living room. Most of his furniture has a mahogany look to it so we settled on sapele for both cost and plywood availability and the final dimensions are going to be in the area of 38" high, 24" deep and 48" wide. I am taking some inspiration from the article in FWW#152, An Everyday Cabinet located here but I am having the main do
  19. Thanks all, glad to be here, I have my second project rolling (large sapele cabinet to house a bearded dragon) and I will get something tossed up in the journal section soon
  20. Figured I should drop in here since I finally joined up, my name is Carl, I got bit by the bug about a year ago and have gone off the deep end. I joined the Howard County WW Guild here and have taken a few classes at the School at Annapolis Woodworks. I have gotten a bunch of info from them but am always looking to consume more and have been increasing my portfolio of websites. Hope everyone is having a sawdusty week!
  21. Thanks for the insight Mike and Eric, I certainly wasn't looking for like trying to get the ten commandments from the ark of the covenant, just as a curiosity since they mentioned it and then I couldn't find it. I totally forgot about the wayback machine, thanks, Immortan,
  22. I have just started with the podcast and in episode 78(give or take 1) the guys mentioned a ecourse turned pdf that Adam King put together called "Woodworking can pay your bills." I see that he has since gone a different direction and it isn't on his site but does anyone know where it might be lurking on the interwebs somewhere? Thanks Carl