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  1. Kintaro Yazama laughs at the simplicity
  2. High number of household heating days, no ground moisture seeping in and added fans means he has most of a dehumidification kiln down there
  3. I was just asking Matt Cremona about selling green wood and he mentioned doing the exact thing you're asking about and said that it was priced from $1-$2/bf - roughly half to a third the price it would be if it were dried.
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    Cricket matches take three days because no one understands the rules so they are just swatting around and running back and forth until one team gives up
  5. Haha, that is a hairy ass pony you got there Shane, sounds like a great new addition to your family.
  6. Quit............ coffee.........??????? I do not understand.....
  7. Yeah, I went ahead with dropped it too, I haven't done a guild project yet either but I spend most of my Facebookings there. Decent info and there are actually a bunch of quality posts
  8. I have left most of the FB groups about woodworking for this reason and spend 90% of my time on FB in the guild group for that reason. I have almost been spending more and more time on Instagram as I find I can keep it more "pure" to the woodworking content I want to see without news/viral/kardashian/reality tv/clickbait infecting the feed. Too many people excited over the moldy rock impregnated garbage they call pallet wood.
  9. I want dig up Harambe and shoot him again for how much people bitch about him being shot.
  10. Well, @shaneymack if you pop in for a minute, I'd love to keep following those Lowbacks.....
  11. Most of my sawdust gets dumped in the woods as a warning to the other trees, some jointer shavings are used to make wax firestarters in silicone baking molds to give as gifts but most scraps get burned.
  12. Only used a DS once but the only time we had dust was when we turned off the dust Collector to use the dust for an epoxy fill.
  13. I have this setup and really enjoy it, I started with just the table and fence and added the lift later. I had a freebie 42" wide base cabinet with a 48" laminate countertop that I routed out to inset the entire table into
  14. Perfect timing, it reminded me I have one of the second ones in my drawer and have some 1/2 BB ply drawers to make up
  16. I want more gear clamps! Those things are so awesome. Milwaukee has really stepped themselves up in my opinion in the last 5 years
  17. I use the same as Eric but I use prefer to use the 2297 filters instead, more expensive but they breathe easier and last a bit longer. Or just what Bon said, the slight Org filter is great
  18. Oh man. I turned some green cherry from a big limb that came down, shop smelled like cherries for 3 days
  19. I totally agree, there is also something about the smell that hits me walking into my local lumber place that elicits a giddy feeling. However, I have to admit, I also read the title as the scent of a beard and I was wondering why this wasn't in off topic or zebrawood
  20. The angle doesn't matter, even if you knew the exact angle they used, it would probably be wrong when you built yours. Just build the frame, lay the support board across and scribe your cut lines and it will fit right to the actual horses in your hands This is a non login look
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    haha, yes, yes it was.
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    Reminds me of the time I watched a guy tie a 20' board to his undercarriage by putting it on the ground and driving over it. I made sure I went the other direction.
  23. "And that was the best compliment Eric ever gave"