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  1. Plywood often comes in 1/32" less than the actual number it says so 23/32" for "3/4 inch" and 15/32" for "1/2 inch" That would be my first guess as to the culprit
  2. That looks awesome, great figure in those pieces!
  3. LOL, you even have a micro car! The wife had one, a 2009, it would have been cheaper to buy a boat and sink it. Very glad to see it go.
  4. DOH! Sounds like a good save though
  5. Thanks again, he moved in yesterday and has been doing well, I picked up a 40lb cabinet latch magnet for the door since he has been a bit more pushy than we expected and was able to push the doors open
  6. The glass panels are about 20"x20" so the total view area is about the same as a 43" tv lol
  7. Thanks, he and I were really impressed with how well his paint colors complimented the sapele.
  8. Thanks guys! Glad to be able to move onto something else finally!
  9. The lighting was not good at all so I will get better pics later but delivered and installed! @Brendon_t It is running hot for now but it really isn't too bad so he is switching the bulbs out for some lower wattage one and we hope to have the man himself move in sometime in the next day or two
  10. oh, Robertson is square, got it, I do like them and they do stick to the bit really really well
  11. but how did it get there?!!??!?!?!?!? WAS IT ALIENS?!?!?!??!
  12. Errr.... I don't have any exp with Robertsons and I normally use magnetic drivers so everything sticks soooooo I can't compare them.
  13. The Spax star drive screws are like heaven to use Fun Fact: Mr. Phillips didn't invent the screw, just patented it
  14. Oh, I don't use the damn thing, I take care of myself at home, I don't need it once I am here, I just hate how low quality the whole coffee process is allowed to be. I have a pour over for emergencies but that also requires me to use pre ground beans so it is a catch 22.....
  15. They are used in red oak project that get slathered in Polyshades.
  16. Heresy! Fruit roll ups are a delicious part of my "wife is out of town, I can act more like a child than I normally do" diet
  17. I just got one as a gift from my wife so I have no idea what the process was but I am pleased with it. Dumb that they wouldn't at least look into it.
  18. CandorLush


    oh crap! Sorry to hear that! Best of luck to both her for healing and you for not beating yourself up over it lol
  19. CandorLush


    Only time I have *knocks on wood* broken a bone, was slipping on carpeted stairs. My pinky toe brushed up on the baseboard and dragged enough to shear the bone at about 60* towards me and 35* towards the next toe. Same set of stairs, a few years prior, my cat tripped me (in revenge for stepping on her a few weeks prior) at the top and I slid the whole way down, face first, getting rug burn down my whole right upper arm. Couldn't wear sleeves for a few days
  20. Dang, we don't even get Coffeemate, just some no name in a cardboard tube "non dairy powdered creamer"
  21. It really is all about mitigating your losses by making sure your balances are protected in case of a breach, it has stopped being an "if" question and has become a "when" question. Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the fraud
  22. Welcome! My dad moved to Anderson two years ago, pretty area.
  23. Thank you, and that does bother me a bit, I scaled up the dimensions of the case but neglected to do the same on the legs, probably because I had blinders set on following the template that came with the article. Good lesson learned and, hopefully, it will only be an issue of looks. If I had to venture a guess, another 3/8" in thickness each way would have evened it back out.