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  1. This is our gourmet machine at work Delicious right? How about these quality looking beans?
  2. I started with the grey pads and love them, I recently was in a bind and got the pink ones and it was a rude awakening. I will be using the 2297 from here on out
  3. Sorry it has been so long since my last update, the cage is done and just waiting for delivery! Good news! The top was saved! We had enough room for some low profile blower fans to sit above the lights but below the top and exhaust it out the back so we don't have to cut into anything visible. We added a 3/4" steel square tube to the top to fix the sag in the second picture and the fans are mounted just behind the bar. The glass in the doors is the museum glass from Hobby Lobby, with 40% off coupons they ended up at $48 each so it really stung when I nicked one with a pin nail
  4. You sound like my wife, she loves when she has to go to wound centers for tech support because it is "so cool!"
  5. I would love to do that, just to be a dick
  6. My wife ends up in Badger country occasionally and brings some curds back with her. I don't get it, why do you hate cheese?
  7. I do the same, we have these "fancy" machines filled with 3lb bags of cheaper-than-8oclock whole beans that go in a grinder that is never truly cleaned and these powdered flavorings. The whole thing looks like an ebola factory. I have roasted my own beans with the popcorn popper but I don't have the time to get it right and to keep it up so I have a local place (Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company) ship me their beans because I would rather not get them from a store that could have had them laying around for 8 months.
  8. CandorLush


    Where should I send my self addressed stamped cooler box so you can fill it with pork?
  9. Sorry @Eric, haha, I couldn't resist, I have a half dozen maple logs waiting to be turned into my "real" bench. I do think that, if I was putting as much work as you need to do for a Roubo, I would want to go with a more traditional, harder wood but I live on the east coast surrounded by maple cherry birch and walnut. Weight wise, SYP, especially if you can get Longleaf would be far better than the alder, almost twice as heavy and more than twice the hardness. Could you do it, sure, but I do have to agree with Eric, although maybe more gently, that you should give yourself a little
  10. I guess my 80lb solid core door has no business doing anything more than pocket screws and red oak
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    I have heard that old woodworkers poop their pants....
  12. IE if your blank is 10 inches, make the walls of the rough bowl 1 inch so you still have enough "meat" to get a round bowl when it dries because it isn't a question of if it warp, it is how much it will warp.
  13. Sounds more like a raft. Or a dinghy
  14. It isn't a huge difference with just the gray but I added a clear gloss top coat and that helped reflect more light around. Mostly, however, I just didn't want to be staring at bare concrete all day.
  15. Agree with Shep, definitely want to insulate and don't forget about the garage door. I just did the same in my basement, did 2x6 walls with R19, outlets every 4' and covered with drywall painted bright white. I also did a light gray epoxy on the floor to brighten that up and protect it a bit better but that would be a fair amount of work if you need to clean oil off of the concrete first. Another thought that you probably have already been planning on is, like clamps, you can never have enough lighting.
  16. Looks like you would be fine
  17. Maybe it's just me but my nervous would be asking permission to take every single step so I didn't touch a piece of floor he didn't want me to touch lol. I ran out of Wood Talk and started listening to Shop Talk and, while he does this quite often with everyone, Asa was extra irritating in the episode I listened to this morning. They had Brian Boggs on when he was the FWWLive keynote speaker and Asa was constantly talking all over and continually interrupting him. That was episode 38 and he doesn't leave his position till like ep95... sigh Sorry, derailed a bit, I love Nick Offerman,
  18. I would like to go but can't swing it this year, class budget is still limited so I would rather spend the money on one large one than a bunch of few hour long ones. I was able to see Steve Latta do a demo locally on inlay/banding/sandshading/bell flowers for about 3 hours and I agree with you Shane, he is awesome (and super mellow)
  19. That 2011 video is exhibit #1 I can't stand Asa. Drives me crazy watching him put his hands all over the shop and using Nick's lumber as a footstool
  20. woodcraft has free shipping now too
  21. This is how I work, any time there is dust or fumes, I want that respirator on. I have the HF DC and really like it. The only issue I have had with it was nothing to do with the collector and everything to do with how I had it hooked to my HF lunchbox planer(don't design a system with the last leg going to the planer through a 2.5" pvc set up with leaky gates and tight curves).
  22. Haha, I think your work speaks for itself, I know it means less than nothing but I give you a free pass on this
  23. I liked Jay's video a lot because he was taking his own personal WR plane that he had spent the time tuning and compared it to a fresh out of the box LN. That said, I will still probably end up going with a LN 4 or 4.5 over the WR
  24. For the grip, I heard "That other Podcast" talking about adding hot dog handles for use on a shooting board. The link is a hot-to for a Veritas LA Jack but I am sure you can get one made up for the LA Smoother Hotdog for the LV LAJ1.html Just saw Eric above me, I don't have any plane that was worth more than $25 brand new in 2017 dollars but I fully plan on a No4 from LV/LN to be my first quality buy