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  1. It's turns your Dremel into a mini planer.. I will post pics so you can see it.. I only sell guitars.. Just sharing the info.. I looked high and low for the Dremel version and stumbled across this.. The Dremel version is larger and designed for planing door edges.. It's not very diverse.. The Guidematic is better for intricate work.. I use it to shape headstock edges and to give pieces a "ledge". I'll put up pics of some of my work and you'll see. It saves me a ton of time... I'll have to take pictures of the attachment and post in a few.. I'm looking forward to learning and sharing.. Cheers!! Here ya go.. Guidematic in first two pics. Dremel version in third
  2. I was looking for a planer attachment for the Dremel and the one Dremel produced was discontinued.. I came across the Guidematic on EBay and at first I was skeptical.. Im glad I purchased it! It comes with two attachment heads for different angles and is easy to use. It's easily the best planing attachment I've found. I eventually got the Dremel version (it's still available if you can find a used xpr kit) and it's cumbersome and can't get into tight spots like the guidematic.. Great product for a fair price