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  1. I want to get started on this right away. I would have to order online and wait.
  2. Anyone have experience using tape other than "Veneer Tape"? Would traditional masking or painters tape work? thanks
  3. It was there and the price was right. I'm a bit of a collector of odd tools. I didn't have one like it.
  4. I recently picked up what I believe to be a Zenith 24" jointer plane at an estate auction. It has a corrugated bottom and is 3" wide. The only makers mark I can find is on the blade. Other Zenith plane pictures I found online had a makers mark on the side of the body. Is anyone familiar with this make? Some sources indicate it was made by Sargent. Any additional info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for you help, Scott
  5. Thanks to all who responded. I appreciate the ideas.
  6. Looking for recommendations for Philips screwdrivers for Chinese screws. I repair and restore vintage stereo gear. A lot of the small screw seem to have a different style of Philips head. The #1 philips driver has too long of a point. It bottoms out before getting deep enough to seat properly. The #2 is too large. I have one that I have ground the tip to fit better, but it still isn't a great fit. Wondering if there is a "Correct" driver for this. Any help is appreciated
  7. I just gave up messing with it and exchanged it at HF. They are good about that. The new one is still in the box. Very busy today, bought a vintage drum set to restore. Will get the lathe set up this weekend. Thanks for all the suggestions. I belong to several forums, Vintage Drums, High End Audio Equipment, Guitar restoration and the people here are by far the best and most helpful.
  8. Gotta take the spur center w/MT out first. I'll try some ATF tomorrow to loosen things up
  9. Yes a rod is correct. I found a Youtube vid showing it being used. I am just concerned about using too much force and breaking something.
  10. I just bought a HF 10 x 18 lathe. I am having trouble getting the morse taper out of the headstock. The tailstock MT came out like I expected, with just a few light taps. The headstock is not budging. Before I get a bigger hammer and destroy something, thought I would ask if anyone is familiar with this.The manual mentions a tool. "Not Included" and that is all the info they give. Hope someone can suggest something. Thanks
  11. I get scraps of carpet pad from flooring stores for free. Make my own push pads and glue them on. Make them any size you need and the price can't be beat.
  12. Yeah, it holds an edge pretty good. LOL
  13. Damn fumble fingers! Where did that extra zero come from? My Bad