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  1. It sure does look good all golden like that haha
  2. i wish the 102 wasn't cracked. i probably just find another one on eBay or just buy a brand new one
  3. it was in a toolbox on shelf, the rust in only surface rust and the blade is actually pretty sharp, i put a chamfer on a piece of cypress just messing around and it actually cut really good. I'm gonna get it back up and going at least for the sentimental value
  4. looks to be just a cheap plane, think its worth the time to fix up?
  5. So my grandfather gave me a couple of block planes because he knows I want to get into woodworking. They haven't been used in quite a long time. They are both Stanley block planes, one has the number 102 on it but sadly has a crack on one side of the mouth. The other is a very small, like palm of my hand small. I've never seen one in videos or anything, seems like a very useful tool. The only number I can see on the body is what I believe to be "C 7". The blade says Stanley made in USA. Can anyone help me date it or at least tell me a little something about it? Thank all For some reason this is the only photo it will let me upload. It says upload failed
  6. It's by no means a robou or anything just a really sturdy work bench that spans one wall of the shop, has 6x6 legs and true 2x6 butted together to form the top with a regular vice on one end. I don't have an x in my last name lol, my grandpa is of Irish heritage and my grandma is Cajun.
  7. I have all the basics, drills, Circ saw, smaller older model craftsman table saw, sliding compound miter saw, no router yet, I have a massive tool box filled with all the mechanic tools you could need, I was a refrigeration mechanic for a while (don't know how useful they will be for woodworking) I'm currently working out of the mechanic shop we have on the farm, have a very sturdy work bench that my grandpa built out of oak in the 60s, it's not a permanent solution, but until I get my shop built in a few months then I have no room for the bigger tools. Just trying to get my feet wet in finer work. I have made a few projects already that really got me wanting to do more. Very simple stuff like a computer desk and a matching bed made out of box store pine and held together with pocket screws and glue.
  8. I've been keeping my eye on eBay and Craigslist for a no 4 that's in decent shape
  9. I paid right at 100 for the 3 and 5 with shipping, both are in pretty good shape, just a little paint touch up and sharpening. I ended up canceling the 5 1/4, it was 40 bucks and in a little worse shape then the other ones I bought
  10. thanks for the help Im going to find a no 4 that I can tune up and look for a no 7.
  11. That what I figured, I'm hoping to find a decent no 4 as well, my grandpa gave me and old Stanley block plane that I plan on fixing up as well, I guess I should look for a no 7 as well? From what i read on here, most people seem to have a no 4 for smoothing, a no 5 for flattening and a no 7 for jointing or flattening really big boards, also a block plane for little tasks like flushing edge banding or rounding corners. Am I in the ballpark with this thinking?
  12. Thanks for the reply so it just a little shorter and narrower than a regular no 5. From what I could tell
  13. So I decided to buy some old stanley bailey planes off eBay, I bought a no 3 to restore and then bought what I thought was a no 5 but realized it was a 5 1/4. Not knowing the difference, I cancelled the order and bought a no 5. Did I make a good choice as I am new to woodworking. What is the difference in these two planes? Thanks
  14. Do you prefer the 4 or 6 in better, or do you use both? Hahah
  15. howdy, new woodworker from the acadiana area. don't even have any tools yet, just hopes and dreams. just finished remodeling my new house, gonna have a shop around the end of this year or beginning of next, then the tool hunt begins. glad to know there are a few people close to me on here.