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  1. I need a 1 1/4" auger bit to drill holes for legs in a stool. I bought one but it didn't have "Lips" on the end so there was a lot of tear out on the surface of the cut. Does anyone know of a good brand or type of bit to use to get nice clean holes bored. I'm using a power drill not a brace. Thanks.
  2. Hey thanks guys. I just bought an old one and it looks like someone thought it was a cold chisel.
  3. Looks like you have had plenty of replies but I'll just add a few things that may be helpful. Many years back I began making James Krenov style planes for my own use. Some worked out and some did not. Out of the many planes I made two turned out to be exceptional. What I learned from making all those planes cannot be written down. Its something you end up sensing. I don't mean that to sound as esoteric as it does but my point is this. The more planes you handle and use the more you learn about what you like and don't like. I suppose its like the old conundrum of how do I get a job wi
  4. What is the correct angle to sharpen a "Pig Sticker" mortise Chisel? Should it have a dual bevel?