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  1. Chest of Drawers

    Real good videos with good explanations.
  2. Not My Ad. Quite a Deal!

    A 20' diameter. blade would be over 60' long. That pic doesn't do it justice.
  3. Straightline Gangrip

    That's why I ordered the 725 feed controller. Infinite speeds up to 46 fpm.
  4. Straightline Gangrip

    The fences are what made it cut straight. The solid outfeed fence extended through the machine to within a 1/4" of the saw blade. I had 10 blades, but the most I had on the shaft at one time was 8. Three of them were grinding the scrap into sawdust. I've watched other shops making blanks with a regular straight line rip saw. What would take them 3 or 4 passes, I did in 1 pass. The baby feeders were only there to keep the board against the fences. The Woodmaster feeder didn't need any help pulling a board through because I ordered serrated steel feed rollers for absolutely no slip. Set a board on the table, set the fence, start it into the baby feeder, then go for the next board. You were feeding an 8' board about every 8 seconds. You really needed 2 people on the outfeed side. One person couldn't keep that pace very long. Pic 4 and 5 shows the adjustable infeed fence. The left side of the straight walnut board shown in the pics is where the laser line shined down from above. Pic 4 shows the fence opened wide for a really crooked board. Pic 5 shows it closed for a nearly straight board. This machine cut skip planed blanks to feed through a 4 head mouder. I sold random length drawer box material with the bottom grooved and top rounded over to several cabinet shops. I also made some flooring and other things.
  5. Straightline Gangrip

    I built this for my last woodworking business. It was one of, if not the best machines I've ever used. If I ever needed a steady supply of blanks, I would build it again. I disassembled it when I had to shut down. It was a custom ordered Woodmaster 718 with 10 hp motor and 725 46 fpm feed controller, two 46 fpm mini feeders, shop built adjustable fence infeed table with laser line, and stationary fence outfeed table. The scrap was ground up and removed by the dust cyclone leaving the finished blanks and 1 off fall to be used in glue ups later. It could keep 2 men running to keep up with it.
  6. Shop Cleanup

    I wasn't using the shop much for a long time and that's when I tend to let things pile up. Hopefully, when I'm in the shop more, I'll keep things cleaned up as I go. We'll see.
  7. Shop Cleanup

    Did some work on the "wood" side of the shop today. Added some short and long board storage under the chop saw. Doubled the sawdust capacity under the cyclone. Dug out my old Craftsman TS and put on a Shop Fox fence I had on a shelf. Had to drill new mounting holes and fix the broken handle to make it usable.
  8. My shop overhaul

    Your "after" shop will be unbelievably nicer to work in than the "before" shop. Looks good!
  9. Shop Cleanup

    It's unused right now, but this side of the shop is where I pull vehicles in to work on them. Lots of vehicle parts and tools in these pics. I had such a mess before that I couldn't fit anything bigger than my lawn mower in.
  10. Shop Cleanup

    I got the cleanup done. I still have to build some lumber and small pieces storage. The top shelf in the first pic is 2 1/2", 3", 4", and 6" hose and connectors and the 3" blower on the left. I have a 34' x 48' shop and don't have enough room. I don't know how you guys with small shops can do anything.
  11. Big for half blind dove tails

    There are people on this forum that know a lot more than me. Maybe they can help. I don't understand where you want to put dovetails.
  12. Big for half blind dove tails

    Do you mean you want drawers 45" to 48" deep? I've never seen one that deep. The length of the drawer has nothing to do with your dovetails.
  13. Thickness lost in jointing/ planing

    I had to look at a conversion chart to be sure. 4 mm is about 5/32. I have planed a 1" board smooth at 7/8" But you can't count on it very often. You have a decent chance of getting 47 mm out of 51 mm if you have very flat and not too rough boards. Any twist, cup, or stray sawtooth marks will kill your chances.
  14. Shop Tour - Post Move

    Lots of good storage ideas to keep in mind while I'm straightening up my shop. I bet mine was worse before I started cleaning up.
  15. Planer-If it was only a little wider

    I think I'm related to Tim Taylor. I'd like to have that thing.