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  1. Almost There

    Thanks for all the comments. I would like to get a pic of me working in the shop. As far as pics of my work, I would like to have a page showing my work, but my first set of cabinets is still in my shop because my friend isn't ready for them yet. I'll work on more pics in the future. I've been self-employed for the last 2 1/2 years, as well as about half of my working life and had good and bad employees. At least this countries business environment is headed the right direction these days.
  2. Almost There

    I thought I would be at this point almost a year ago. I added on to my shop to have (barely) enough room to work. Built my first set of cabinets and learned a lot while doing it. I built a website from scratch using Wix site builder (planning to add one more page). My business cards are supposed to arrive tomorrow. Still wondering if I'm really ready for this. Sitting here with the flu at the moment, the only thing I'm ready for is wrestling a kitten, and it might win.
  3. The Woodworking Shows

    I forgot you lived near there. We went up Friday morning and came back Saturday afternoon. I got bored before we came home. There would be a market for it there. LOTS of Amish were there.
  4. The Woodworking Shows

    Last weekend, I took some Amish and some big, used machines to the Midwest Tool Expo and Auction in Shipshewana, IN; a 5-hour drive. It was interesting, but there is no way I would go that far without being paid unless I was looking for some big, high dollar machines.
  5. Pancake compressor under pressure

    I don't use my pancake compressor very often. I drain the water when I'm done using it, but not all of the air. On my big compressor, I plumbed in two junk air conditioner condensers (pinholes) out of a semi and a water separator between the compressor and the tank. That removes 99% of the water from the air before it goes in the tank. I added a drain pull valve (pic below) to easily drain the tiny amount of moisture that does get in the 60 gallon tank. I have ball valves to shut off the air to the hoses when I'm not using them.
  6. Stocking My Shop With Tools

    Thanks. My biggest problem on many days is trying to get myself motivated. My progress is so slow, it isn't much fun yet.
  7. Stocking My Shop With Tools

    I'm started, but that's all. I have the face frames put together. I'm really slow because I'm learning as I go, making mistakes, and doing it when I'm not working elsewhere. I'm not a "woodworker" yet. Maybe someday. That's good to hear. I'm building a set out of hickory. One wall and no island.
  8. TS Kickback

    I was trying to make a cut in the lengthwise center of a 2-foot board. I placed the end of the board on the far side of the blade and held it with my left thumb while I lowered it into the blade with my right hand. I thought if the board kicked it would yank it away from my thumb. It didn't. The board and 2 fingers came through the blade and hit me in the chest. That was 10 years ago. They look a little funny, but I have full use of them.
  9. Cabinet construction book

    This isn't a book, but this is how I'm building a set now.'s+tools+for+wood+-+cabinetmaking+made+easy+with+marc+sommerfeld+
  10. Didn't Think This all The Way Through

    I can just take it out in a few weeks. Making it easily movable sounds like a good plan for next spring.
  11. Stocking My Shop With Tools

    I have a homemade fence on it now. The "accurate" stops part might have to wait till some money comes in.
  12. Stocking My Shop With Tools

    Pics were too big. First pic is using my laser to get my chop saw table straight. My shop looks pathetic compared to many of yours. Maybe someday I can have a nice setup.
  13. Peachtree Woodworking has a sale going - This is their description of Stone Mountain bits - Stone Mountain Router Bits are good quality router bits for those not looking for the best and just need something to get the job done. 66 bits for $160 Are they worth it?
  14. New house and new shop !

    That was a lot of work in a short time. Looks great!
  15. Didn't Think This all The Way Through